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Ohio Poultry - Chickens Classifieds

LARGE BROWN CHICKEN EGGS FOR SALE. ALL NATURAL. NO HORMONES. NO MEDICATIONS. Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! Large Brown Chicken Eggs. All natural, no hormones or medications. Available daily. $2.50 Per dozen. Please call to place your order. (330) 547-3647 Berlin Center OH Like us on... Tel: (330) 547-3647 | 44401 | OH | 09/14/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE OR TRADE ICELANDIC (VIKING) CHICKENS, SPECKLED SUSSEX HENS, BUFF O HENS I am looking to thin my flock and reduce to Icelanics and a few bantams (wanted)… I have the following: Pairs only: Icelandic Cock and Hens (hatched May 2013) $75 per pair These came from an Ice... Tel: 937-371-7128 | 45342 | OH | 09/01/2014  | More Information

CREOLE OLD ENGLISH BANTAM ROOSTER Nice little bird. One year of age. $15... Tel:  | 43135 | OH | 08/24/2014  | More Information

SPITZHABEN ROOSTER One available. One year of age. White with black spots, nice looking rooster. $15... Tel:  | 43135 | OH | 08/24/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: 16 BANTAMS 3 1/2 MONTHS OLD Gold and Silver Sebrights (3 roosters 2 hens); Mottled, Porcelain, and Mille Fleur d'uccles (8 roosters), and possible leghorns (2 roosters 1 hen). $8 each to good homes. They are well cared for and g... Tel:  | 44047 | OH | 08/18/2014  | More Information

BANTAM HENS AND ROOSTERS FOR SALE $3.00 EACH Born end of May 2014 to end of June 2014. Call 419-209-2732. I work evenings alot so leave a message if no answer. Thank you... Tel: 4192092732 | 44882 | OH | 07/16/2014  | More Information

WANTED TO BUY HENS THAT ARE ALREADY LAYING, NO SPECIFIC BREED IN MIND. Would like to buy laying hens, ours have become old and have slowed production. We are kind of partial to Aricanas (sp)but aare open to any breeds as ong as they lay. If you have some hens to sell ple... Tel: 330-263-1754 | 44691 | OH | 07/12/2014  | More Information

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