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Poultry - Ducks For Sale Or Wanted Classifieds

HEALTHY ADULT MUSCOVY DUCKS We have some nice spring Muscovys that are full grown now. Too many on the farm! They can be sold in breeding trios. 2 hens, 1 drake. $25 for a trio. Or, drakes for butcher. Nice quiet addition ... Tel: (605)471-9977 | 57058 | SD | 09/23/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE: PAIR OF DUCKS Have a pair of ducks that need to be placed in a new home. One is a pekin drake and the other is a khaki Campbell duck. The pekin is older and the khaki is this year's hatch. Will not separate. $12.00... Tel: (419) 733-6779 | 45822 | OH | 09/15/2016  | More Information

FREE DUCKLINGS We have five ducklings that are about 3 weeks old. They are very tame as my daughter hatched them in an incubator, however, we can not keep them. We are looking for a new home. We live in the St Peter... Tel: 727-403-6844 | 33705 | FL | 09/04/2016  | More Information

CAYUGA DUCKS AND DUCKLINGS FOR SALE Cayuga ducklings for sale, from hatches in May, June, and July. $10 and $15 each, depending on age. Also a limited number of adult pairs. $50 per pair. Cayuga ducks are a heritage breed, dual pu... Tel:  | 60098 | IL | 09/01/2016  | More Information

3 MALE PEKING DUCKS, FREE TO A GOOD HOME We have 3 male grown Peking ducks that we need to re-home. We decided to add ducks to our little farm this past March, but they all ended up being male. They unfortunately bully the chickens out of th... Tel: 8106181500 | 48451 | MI | 08/28/2016  | More Information

WANTED 1 FEMALE PEKIN PLEASE I have 2:1 ratio on my poor female Pekin and need another female asap please contact via email Tel:  | 17754 | PA | 08/23/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE EXHIBITION TYPE CALL DUCKS, ROUENS, RUNNERS, EAST INDIES Fancy Ducks For Sale Grey,White Call Ducks, White Indian Runner Ducks. Deep Keeled Rouens and Black East Indies. Brown Chinese Geese Please call for prices and details.My flock id NPIP Approved. Great... Tel: 708-828-7973 | 60010 | IL | 08/17/2016  | More Information

16 PEKIN DUCKS 16 Pekin duck 1 year old $5 each or all for $50... Tel: 407-948-1234 | 37724 | TN | 08/12/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE: DUCKS I have 7 ducks for sale, 3 hens and 4 drakes. Hens: 1 Pekin 1 Rouen 1 Crested Black Drakes: 1 Crested Buff (nice large crest) 2 Crested crosses with small crests 1 crested cross with no cres... Tel: 260-410-4056 | 46785 | IN | 08/11/2016  | More Information

WANTED BLUE OR GREEN DUCK EGGS MIchigan Artist looking for several dozen blue/green duck eggs. Infertile or eating eggs are best. No hatching eggs. Will pay $7 per doz with shipping; or close to that within reason. No problem ... Tel: 5864537718 | 48042 | MI | 08/02/2016  | More Information

FLYING MALLARD DUCKS NOT MIXED BREAD FOR SALE 100% MALLARD DUCKS (FLYING) babys.... Babys. $6.00 each....... Tel: 608-718-8926 | 71647 | AR | 07/30/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE: 3 DUCKS $30 OBO FOR ALL THREE! We have 3 ducks for sale! All purchased as ducklings in April of this year. (1) White Pekin Duck (2) Black Cayuga Ducks $30 OBO for all three ducks. Just want them to go to a good home/farm!... Tel: (248) 505-5028 | 48326 | MI | 07/23/2016  | More Information

FREE PEKING DUCKLINGS We have 8, 4 week old ducklings. Hatched on our farm. Free to good home. Will only allow to go in groups of 3 or more. Prefer to go to a home with water available to swim in.... Tel:  | 21629 | MD | 07/14/2016  | More Information

2 PEKIN DRAKES FREE Free to a good home. Too beautiful 9 week old Pekin male ducks... Tel: 802-376-6262 | 05159 | VT | 07/04/2016  | More Information

FREE PEKING DUCKLINGS We have 8, 4 week old ducklings. Hatched on our farm. Free to good home. Will only allow to go in groups of 3 or more. Prefer to go to a home with water available to swim in.... Tel:  | 21629 | MD | 07/04/2016  | More Information

3 BLUE SWEDISH DUCKS NEED A HOME We have 3 blue Swedish ducks who need a new home with plenty of space. They currently live in Long Beach, CA. If you are a duck lover, and you want to keep them as PETS, please contact us.... Tel:  | 90807 | CA | 07/03/2016  | More Information

YOUNG DUCKS 7-10 WEEKS OLD young ducks all breeds from buff ducks ,welsh harlequins, cayuga, rouens, pekins, runners, all $12 each they are all ready for your ponds or if you don't have a pond they love eating bugs off your l... Tel:  | 12583 | NY | 07/03/2016  | More Information

MUSCOVY DUCKLINGS FOR SALE!!! We have adorable Muscovy Ducklings available for sale! They are $5 each must purchase two or more. Located in Vineland, NJ Pick-up only.... Tel:  | 08360 | NJ | 06/30/2016  | More Information

MUSCOVY DUCKS we have around 50 wild colored Muscovy ducks to sell . from babies to almost grown . priced from $5-$15depending on size. They are quite ,friendly , lay lots of good eating eggs, excellent mothers and... Tel: 325-642-6046 | 76801 | TX | 06/27/2016  | More Information

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