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Poultry - Ducks For Sale Or Wanted Classifieds

FOR SALE: 3 DUCKS $30 OBO FOR ALL THREE! We have 3 ducks for sale! All purchased as ducklings in April of this year. (1) White Pekin Duck (2) Black Cayuga Ducks $30 OBO for all three ducks. Just want them to go to a good home/farm!... Tel: (248) 505-5028 | 48326 | MI | 07/23/2016  | More Information

FREE PEKING DUCKLINGS We have 8, 4 week old ducklings. Hatched on our farm. Free to good home. Will only allow to go in groups of 3 or more. Prefer to go to a home with water available to swim in.... Tel:  | 21629 | MD | 07/14/2016  | More Information

ANCONA MALE DUCK (1) Black Ancona Male - 6 weeks old Healthy, Hand raised & very gentle with children Located in Lake Orion, MI 48362 $10... Tel:  | 48362 | MI | 07/12/2016  | More Information

2 PEKIN DRAKES FREE Free to a good home. Too beautiful 9 week old Pekin male ducks... Tel: 802-376-6262 | 05159 | VT | 07/04/2016  | More Information

FREE PEKING DUCKLINGS We have 8, 4 week old ducklings. Hatched on our farm. Free to good home. Will only allow to go in groups of 3 or more. Prefer to go to a home with water available to swim in.... Tel:  | 21629 | MD | 07/04/2016  | More Information

3 BLUE SWEDISH DUCKS NEED A HOME We have 3 blue Swedish ducks who need a new home with plenty of space. They currently live in Long Beach, CA. If you are a duck lover, and you want to keep them as PETS, please contact us.... Tel:  | 90807 | CA | 07/03/2016  | More Information

YOUNG DUCKS 7-10 WEEKS OLD young ducks all breeds from buff ducks ,welsh harlequins, cayuga, rouens, pekins, runners, all $12 each they are all ready for your ponds or if you don't have a pond they love eating bugs off your l... Tel:  | 12583 | NY | 07/03/2016  | More Information

MUSCOVY DUCKLINGS FOR SALE!!! We have 8 adorable Muscovy Ducklings available for sale! They are $10 each or 4 for $35 must purchase two or more at a time. Located in Vineland, NJ Pick-up only.... Tel:  | 08360 | NJ | 06/30/2016  | More Information

MUSCOVY DUCKS we have around 50 wild colored Muscovy ducks to sell . from babies to almost grown . priced from $5-$15depending on size. They are quite ,friendly , lay lots of good eating eggs, excellent mothers and... Tel: 325-642-6046 | 76801 | TX | 06/27/2016  | More Information

DUCKLINGS FREE TO GOOD HOME I have 8 ducklings I can't keep.... Tel: 2536539683 | 98030 | WA | 06/17/2016  | More Information

BLACK BIBBED CALL DUCK. BABIES STRAIGHT RUN Have 5 black bibbed ducklings for sale 20 each must take 2 will not sell 1 unless you can show me you have other ducklings there age... Tel: 2488208114 | 48210 | MI | 06/16/2016  | More Information

MUSCOVY DUCKS Pied black and white Muscovy ducklings for sale, they were hatched on May 20th, 2016. The father is a smart duck and very tamed, he is a pied black and white like these cute babies. Their mother is a ... Tel: 2487600751 | 48382 |  | 06/15/2016  | More Information

FREE: MY PRECIOUS PET DUCK SIBLINGS MONROE,NY WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPERATLEY MY PRECIOUS PET kaki campbell ducks FREE Only got them in march, 2016 as 5 day olds babies so they're about 3-4 months.*We will not sell to anyone wanting to kill them for their meat*... Tel: 7189096762 | 10950 | NY | 06/12/2016  | More Information

2 DUCKS FOR SALE TO GOOD HOME- $10 I have two healthy Pekin ducks, 6 weeks old. I have a male and female. They are the sweetest, friendliest little cuties. They must go as a pair. I'm moving and cannot take them with me.... Tel:  | 75043 | TX | 06/09/2016  | More Information

ADULT ROUEN DUCKS wanted a pair of adult Rouen ducks for our farm pond. we already have a drake. Rex Murphy, Gordonsville, VA 540-832-5978... Tel: 540-832-5978 | 22942 | VA | 06/07/2016  | More Information

SWEET DOMESTIC DUCK NEEDS A HOME Short story, we found a baby duckling at the park. We tried to take him to a rescue but they would not take him because he is a domestic duck. He is super cute and really sweet. He needs a home ASAP... Tel: 267-349-7828 | 08033 | NJ | 06/07/2016  | More Information

DUCKLINGS Ducklings for sale, black and blue Swedish. k Campbell, white or butf runners. $4.00 each. Pair of white runners 30.00. Pair of k Campbell's 30.00. Pair of buff runners 35.00. All pairs still laying w... Tel: 517-252-1624 | 49253 | MI | 06/05/2016  | More Information

FREE DUCKS Looking for a farm to take two 4 week old brown ducks. They were hatched in a Biology classroom and are getting too big for our home.... Tel: 3309959521 | 44202 | OH | 06/03/2016  | More Information

FREE DUCKS TO A GOOD HOME I have two 12-week-old Khaki Campbell drakes and one Pekin drake also 12 weeks, that need loving homes, not for meat please! I acquired ducks and requested females but 3 boys were in the mix. I also... Tel:  | 80816 | CO | 05/30/2016  | More Information

DUCKLINGS Cash & Pick Ups Only Straight Runs Only NO HOLDS Union City PA 16438 area 26 Muscovy available $2ea (under 2wks old) We are no longer hatching ducklings out, so will have whateve... Tel:  | 16438 | PA | 05/24/2016  | More Information

WILL BUY ADOULT DUCKS will buy adoult ducks ready for pond 5 or six. live in Orlando florida... Tel: 407-221-8195 | 32765 | FL | 05/19/2016  | More Information

DUCKS NEED A HOME I have 6 domesticated ducklings and I was looking for a home for them once they reach about 3 -4 weeks. I am not giving them up to be used for meat, I am located in depew,NY I could bring ducks to you... Tel: 7166045601 | 14227 | NY | 04/24/2016  | More Information

PURE ANCONA DUCKLINGS FOR SALE We have healthy and happy Ancona Duckings in all the possible colors. Our breeding stock came from 2 of the top breeders in the U.S. We have a great flock that enjoys running around amusing everyone... Tel:  | 45152 | OH | 04/22/2016  | More Information

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