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Poultry - Chickens For Sale Or Wanted Classifieds

FRENCH MARANS (STARTED PULLETS AND COCKERALS) FOR SALE I am officially sold out for French Copper Marans and if you want any I can put you on my next year's list. But I do have some French Black, French Cuckoo, and a mix special for the French Black an... Tel:  | 67521 | MO | 03/22/2019  | More Information

(FRESH) FREE RANGE CHICKEN EGGS A DOZEN. $2. 336-491-3919 (Fresh) free range chicken eggs a dozen. $2. 336-491-3919... Tel: 3364913919 | 27317-7468 | NC | 03/21/2019  | More Information

(FRESH) FREE RANGE CHICKEN EGGS. (DOZEN). $2. GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH, ALL NATURAL (FRESH) Free Range Chicken Eggs. (DOZEN). $2. Great for your health, All natural Eggs. Dozen $2. Let me know ahead of time and you won't even have to get out of your car, I'll hand them to you through... Tel: 336-900-3211 | 27317-7468 | NC | 03/21/2019  | More Information

NPIP CERTIFIED FLOCK CHICKENS AND DUCKS We have Golden comets Rhode island Reds (Rare) Blue Black and Splash French copper marans. (RARE) Lavendar orpingtons we have bantams of different breeds Easter Eggers and mallard ducks as well as e... Tel: 13364257645 | 27292 | NC | 03/17/2019  | More Information

FREE TO A GOOD HOME MULTI-COLORED FREE RANGE CHICKENS FREE TO A GOOD HOME Multi-Colored Free Range Chickens FREE TO A GOOD HOME Multi-Colored Free Range Chickens FREE TO A GOOD HOME For more info call : 301-792-2510... Tel: 301-792-2510 | 17320 | PA | 03/15/2019  | More Information

GOLDEN COMET STARTED PULLETS Shook Poultry is currently accepting orders for Golden Comet Started Pullets for pick up on Saturday, March 23rd 18 Weeks Old $9.00 Per Pullet Call Now To Place Your Order *Beaks will not... Tel: 828-459-0571 | 28610 | NC | 03/09/2019  | More Information

YOUNG RUMPLESS ARAUCANA ROOSTER RARE BREED rumpless Araucana cockerel for sale, 7 months old, black with gold leakage in his saddle feathers. Has 2 small tufts. Bred from show stock. Very gentle and will eat out of your hand. $2... Tel:  | 46926 | IN | 03/09/2019  | More Information

CHICKS - PUREBRED Adorable Fluffy Chicks - Assorted colored Wyandottes - splash, blue and gold laced. Giant Gold Laced Cochins, Giant Silver Laced Cochins and Silkies. Straightrun. Day olds -3wks old. $8 and up cash. P... Tel:  | 55051 | MN | 03/07/2019  | More Information

NON GMO EGGS Non GMO, all natural, free range eggs available. Eggs are mixed colors from white to brown and to green. Majority of the eggs are jumbo to large. Discounted price on smaller eggs that are more medium ... Tel: 3203583036 | 55069 | MN | 03/03/2019  | More Information

WANTED Looking for young laying hens, in or around the Williamston area.... Tel:  | 48895 | MI | 02/28/2019  | More Information

GENDER GUARANTEED. BABY CHICKS FOR SALE. Guaranteed to be female or we will give you a female free. Easter Eggers, declines and Rhode Island reds buy can likely find other breeds upon request.... Tel:  | 98502 | WA | 02/20/2019  | More Information

MULTIPURPOSE CHICKENS Over 1000 chickens to choose from now and chickens are available all year! Golden Comets and a few other heritage or specialty breeds available. Brown egg layers that lay approximately 330 eggs a year... Tel: 4432442971 | 30263 | GA | 02/13/2019  | More Information

BUFF ROCK OR BLACK SEX LINK ROOSTER CHICKEN 6 MONTHS $15 APIECE. 336-491-3919 Buff rock or black sex link rooster chicken 6 months $15 apiece. 336-491-3919... Tel: 3364913919 | 27317-7468 | NC | 02/03/2019  | More Information

CHICKEN ROOSTERS $15. A PIECE. 336-491-3919 Chicken Roosters $15. A piece. 336-491-3919... Tel: 3364913919 | 27317-7468 | NC | 01/15/2019  | More Information

(FRESH) FREE RANGE CHICKEN EGGS. (DOZEN). $2. (FRESH) Free Range Chicken Eggs. (DOZEN). $2. Let me know ahead of time and you won't even have to get out of your car, I'll hand them to you through your window. 336-491-3919... Tel: 3364913919 | 27317-7468 | NC | 01/13/2019  | More Information

FOR SALE PERFECT AYAM CEMANI I believe we have created a near perfect breeding program through a heavy culling system that is not only base on color, but also stature and temperament. All of our chickens are black inside and out.... Tel: 2193633734 | 46341 | IN | 01/09/2019  | More Information

FOR SALE! 23 JERSEY GIANT HENS + 2 ROOSTERS. 1 YR OLD ALSO 16 WHITE LEGHORN HENS 2 YRS OLD. ALL GOOD LAYERS All healthy !!... Tel: 5862123726 | 48042 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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