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Posh Baby Bunny Boutique Featuring Holland Lops, Lionlops, Dwarf Bunnies ( Rabbits )

Posted: 03/26/2021

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♡ Purebred Holland Lops ♡ Miniature Lion Lops ♡ Quality Dwarf Rabbits

Indoor rabbitry registered with the NJ Rabbit Breeders Association and the American Rabbit Breeders Association.
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We carefully breed for health, type and friendly personality. Our breeding stock has been carefully selected from top breeders; we have invested in the best to avoid issues that come with poor genetics. Our baby kits begin to be held at 4 days of age and begin their litter training at 2 weeks. Our rabbitry is completely indoors and once they begin being held they are handled and loved every day.

Price of each bunny is available on our website. Bunnies can be held with a $75 deposit through venmo, paypal, cashapp, or zelle. You are welcome to come pick out your bunny and also come back to visit before the big day. Full home/food set ups available for sale upon request, see website for details.

Holland Lop General Information
The Holland Lop is a dwarf rabbit, which means that it should weigh about 4 lbs. once fully grown. While their stocky body and fluffy round head would have been more than enough to make these bunnies cute, it’s their floppy ears that make this breed district and endlessly lovable. Without a doubt, the Holland Lop’s most famous feature is their large fur-covered ears which fall on either side of their heads. The ears are well-furred and thick and they are in the shape of a teaspoon (rounded tips and wider at the bottom). The slack ears that frame their adorable faces only add to the appeal these bunnies have for prospective owners. A Holland Lops ears drop at 4-12 weeks, so in many of our pictures the ears won’t have dropped yet. These rabbits were bred to be as adorable as possible, so you can expect them to worm their way into your heart at first site.The Holland Lop is one of the most popular rabbit breeds, both in the United States and around the world. And it’s not merely their lovely appearance that charms people! Easy-going, sweet, and friendly, the Holland Lop will win you over with its wonderful personality. These bunnies will love you right back and bring joy to any home. That’s certainly not true of any breed of rabbit and it is what has kept this particular breed so beloved for generations.
Things to Watch For: The safety of our bunnies comes first so we don’t sell them under 8 weeks. Watch for places that claim to have 8 week old bunnies every day because when bunnies are sold too young they have a well documented increased chance of health problems, in fact it is illegal to sell under 8 weeks in NJ unless it is for agricultural or scientific purposes, which is definitely not our bunnies. Our bunnies are meant to live in someone’s home and be loved. Also another issue buyers are seeing in NJ is that when they get to the breeder the price given was the lowest possible price and many bunnies are double, triple or more. This should be a positive experience for you and your family so it is simple, do a quick google check of a place you might work with and make sure there are not negative reviews!

Posted by: BELLE SCOTT    State: NY   Zip: 10013

Posted in NEW YORK>>    Category RABBITS>>   Posted 03/26/2021

Posh Baby Bunny Boutique Featuring Holland Lops, Lionlops, Dwarf Bunn

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