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Indiana Goats Classifieds

ADGA PUREBRED NUBIAN DOELING Purebred, twin doe born 4/11/2015, she is still on a bottle twice a day, but is eating grain and hay as well. She has had her first CDT vaccination, has been wormed and has been on a coccidiosis preve... Tel:  | 47989 | IN | 06/22/2015  | More Information

WANTED 2 LAMANCHA DOES AND BUCKS! I love goats and I have been dying to get some dairy goats. So I chose Lamanchas!... Tel:  | 46104 | IN | 06/16/2015  | More Information

LAMANCHAS DOES, KIDS AND BUCK I am selling my herd of lamanchas. Great milkers, big kids from a great new buck. All animals will be sold 4 does and 3 doe kids and an amazing buck south eastern indiana... Tel: 8126897005 | 47037 | IN | 06/10/2015  | More Information

WANTED GOAT COMPANION FOR HORSE I'm looking for a gelded goat to purchase as a companion for a horse. Preferably a buck or a larger doe if no bucks are available. De-horned.... Tel:  | 46352 | IN | 06/01/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS I have two bucks(250), or wethers(100) available and two does (250). Bloodlines include OlsonAcres, Fairland Farm, Little Tots Estate, Kaapio Acres. Able to be triple registered, ADGA, AgS, Ndga.... Tel: 8123715353 | 47232 | IN | 05/14/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED LAMANCHA BUCK KID Registered Lamancha buck kid. Born in March. Excellent show and milk bloodlines including J-Havens, Kastdemurs, and Autumn Acres. $300.00... Tel: 765-376-6915 | 47967 | IN | 05/11/2015  | More Information

WANTED: REGISTERED GOAT IN MILK Hello, We are looking for some Registered Goats in Milk for our large family. 1-3 gallon milkers, any breed (except for Lamancha's) as long as they are registered and purebred. Thanks!... Tel:  | 46168 | IN | 05/09/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED LAMANCHA DOE FOR SALE. I have a registered lamancha doe for sale. She just freshened April 11. She two years old.... Tel: 8126311596 | 47542 | IN | 05/05/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED ALPINE MILKER Two year old registered Alpine milker. She is a first freshener. Excellent show and milk bloodlines. She was several times Best in Show as a kid. Would make excellent show or 4-H prospect. $300... Tel: 765-376-1004 | 47967 | IN | 04/27/2015  | More Information

MAY 2015 NIGERIAN DWARF KIDS, NIGERIAN DWARF WETHERS, NUBIAN WEATHERS Nubian Wethers 2,reddish brown w/black markings 5 years old, must stay together. $150 for both, tame, friendly Nigerian Dwarf Wethers 2, Tan & Cream 1 year old, brothers, must stay together, $150... Tel: 812 3439084 | 47201 | IN | 04/19/2015  | More Information

KIKOS, SAVANNAS, AND NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Add alot of muscle, maternal instincts, and color to your herd of meat goats.Our top buckling weighed 38 lbs at weaning with no additional feed. We also raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats for 4H and Hobby Far... Tel: 8127844104 | 47640 | IN | 04/18/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE LAMANCHA AND ALPINE DOES We have several ADGA registered Lamancha and Alpine does and doe kids for sale. Also a few buck kids of both breeds. Excellent show and milk bloodlines. Prices vary. Can send pictures upon request.... Tel: 765-376-1005 | 47967 | IN | 04/10/2015  | More Information

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