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Michigan Poultry - Chickens Classifieds

FOR SALE: 2 RARE ISBAR COCKERELS HATCHED 7/4/2016 The Isbar was developed in Sweden by Father Silverudd as a cold-hardy, dual purpose laying/meat breed. They lay pretty green eggs and were developed as a breed to be good foragers. We have 2 black ... Tel: 5176437368 | 48823 | MI | 09/23/2016  | More Information

FREE YOUNG AMERAUCANA/EASTER EGGER ROOSTER - MI - DELIVERY - 48167 Hatchdate July 29 2016 laid-back, Handleable, Great temperament. Will deliver or meet you halfway!! (up to 2 hour drive from 48167) Was really hoping this one would turn out female, due to outst... Tel: 5172850804 | 48167 | MI | 09/17/2016  | More Information

WANTED: SILKIE HENS I need a few Silkie Hens. I bought a bantam mix and only one silkie in the bunch. Poor little man is so lonely. He is a beautiful bearded bird and looks like a big snow ball. I don't care what colo... Tel: 906-573-3455 | 49895 | MI | 08/28/2016  | More Information

FREE Polish mix 4 hens 1 roo(free) must take all located in cedar springs. No pics please include a contact number if interested... Tel:  | 49319 | MI | 07/27/2016  | More Information

LAYING HEN FLOCK FOR SALE IN CHEBOYGAN 27 laying hens all 1 year old or less. Some of the hens will start laying in August or September. 12 Leghorns, 2 Jersey Giants and several mixed breed hens. 3 roosters are included (free). Call 231-26... Tel: 2312689088 | 49721 | MI | 07/26/2016  | More Information

DAY OLD BLACK AUSTRALORP CHICKS We are hatching Black Australorp chicks for sale. We sell straight run only. These are a duel purpose heavy breed chicken that lay light brown eggs. They do well in our northern winters and are consid... Tel:  | 49801 | MI | 07/18/2016  | More Information

DAY OLD SILVER-LACED WYANDOTTE CHICKS Silver-laced Wyandottes lay light brown eggs. They are a beautiful black & white laced chicken with a rose comb. The rose comb is perfect for our cold weather winters with less chance of frost bit... Tel:  | 49801 | MI | 07/18/2016  | More Information

DAY OLD WELSUMMER CHICKS Welsummer chicks for sale. Welsummer are a pretty bird with a sweet disposition. The males have a beautiful coloring and the females are elegant and lay dark brown eggs. Ours over-winter here in the U... Tel:  | 49801 | MI | 07/18/2016  | More Information

FRENCH BLACK COPPER MARANS CHICKS FOR SALE We have Marans chicks for sale! The Black Copper Marans are a rare dual purpose breed and lay dark chocolate brown eggs. They are a heavy breed and do well in our cold climate. The roosters are tall a... Tel:  | 49801 | MI | 07/18/2016  | More Information

SILKIE CHICKS 0-14 WEEKS OLD AND MORE! ***Full listing of all birds available is below*** Selling some of my white Silkie chicks, They are 14 weeks old and very healthy. Fully feathered - no heat lamp required and ready to go directly i... Tel: 2484106747 | 48362 | MI | 07/13/2016  | More Information

BARRED ROCKS AND LEGHORNS Putting in Processing Plant can't keep the chickens near the building. $4.00 Each... Tel: 231-287-2053 or 231-734-6620 | 49631 | MI | 07/06/2016  | More Information

COCHIN BANTIES 4 weeks old roos and hens assorted mix colors located just south of Saginaw $5ea. Also have newly hatched chicks $3ea.... Tel:  | 48457 | MI | 07/05/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE! 23 JERSEY GIANT HENS + 2 ROOSTERS. 1 YR OLD ALSO 16 WHITE LEGHORN HENS 2 YRS OLD. ALL GOOD LAYERS All healthy !!... Tel: 5862123726 | 48042 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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