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Michigan Sheep Classifieds

ROMNEY-SHETLAND EWE AND JACOBS MIX EWE $200 EACH For Sale - White Romney/Shetland Ewe 1 1/2 years old excellent mother and her spring 2017 ewe, she is Jacobs/Romney/Shetland naturally polled. Both have Gorgeous fleeces, been well taken care of and a... Tel: 517-436-3469 | 49279 | MI | 11/02/2017  | More Information

NATURAL COLORED MERINO - STARTER FLOCK Starter flock of purebred Merino stock from Mendenhall lines available. Black, dark brown, and moorit. Proven animals with excellent lambing records. Flock tested OPP free. 4 ewes and a ram avai... Tel: 810 299 3417 | 48423 | MI | 10/31/2017  | More Information

TRADITIONAL BORDER CHEVIOT STARTER FLOCK Traditional Border Cheviot starter flock available. Registered with the ACSS, although these are not modern "show type" crossbreds. Flock has tested OPP free. $400 per head Yearlings a... Tel: 810 299 3417 | 48423 | MI | 10/31/2017  | More Information

KATAHDIN CROSS RAM Katahdin cross ram for sale. 2 yrs old. Not friendly but proven sire. Only 1week left for this Sale. $200 firm. You pick up.... Tel:  | 48401 | MI | 10/25/2017  | More Information

REGISTERED ST. CROIX LAMBS Purebred St. Croix Lambs, Ewes and Rams, born February through June 2017. Available now. St. Croix are a rare breed of hair sheep (no shearing!) that are used primarily for meat. 100% grass-fed. They ... Tel: 517-214-7848 | 48872 | MI | 10/17/2017  | More Information

CVM SHEEP FOR SALE 6 year old moorit cvm merino cross ram with 5 year old cvm moorit ewe for sale as pair 450.00 Ewe has been bred to black and white spotted cvm ram for 2018 lambing call 734-260-4350... Tel: 734-260-4350 | 49240 | MI | 10/12/2017  | More Information

2017 EWE LAMB FOR SALE "Mara" was born 1-21-17 out of a Black Merino X CVM Papa and a Black Merino X Corriedale Mama. She is a twin out of an excellent, protective Mama. Her wool is really BLACK, long staple wit... Tel: 2313502243 | 49622 | MI | 10/09/2017  | More Information

CORRIEDALE X ROMELDALE EWE LAMB "Domino", born 1-26-17 to a 1st time Ewe, was born black and white, thus her name. But her wool changed color to a multi-gray. Her Corriedale X Romeldale Mama has the most unusual wool als... Tel: 2313502243 | 49622 | MI | 10/09/2017  | More Information

GRAY RAM LAMB FOR SALE "Moses" is a gorgeous, friendly ram lamb who is a mirror image of his Merino X Corriedale X Dorset X CVM Daddy AND Purebred CVM Mommy. He was born long and tall and friendly and sees no rea... Tel: 2313502243 | 49622 | MI | 10/09/2017  | More Information

GREY CLOWN FACE EWE LAMB "Isabelle", with her friendly, first-at-the-gate personality, cute Clown Face Markings, and REALLY wooly body gets lots of attention. She was the 1st born, 1-12-17, to a ewe with the same p... Tel: 2313502243 | 49622 | MI | 10/09/2017  | More Information

LEICESTER LONG WOOL X ROMELDALE EWE FOR SALE With the shepherd downsizing a bit, Cherish drew a short straw and needs a new good home. Two Heritage Breeds join to give Cherish her gorgeous, white, curly wool with a long staple, bright eyes and ... Tel: 2313502243 | 49622 | MI | 10/09/2017  | More Information

MERINO X EWE FOR SALE "Raven" was born 3-3-15 of old line Merino and Corriedale blood lines. She has gorgeous, thick, fine BLACK wool. Has proven to be an excellent Mother. Is registered NCWGA. Ready for Fall... Tel: 2313502243 | 49622 | MI | 10/09/2017  | More Information

FOR SALE: BLACK WELSH/SHETLAND EWE LAMB. This lamb was a late arrival but has nearly caught up with her earlier siblings. She is a non-fading black and her Black Welsh Mt. Sheep heritage makes her equally able to produce excellent market la... Tel: 989-551-3053 | 48723 | MI | 10/07/2017  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI CHEVIOT YRLNG. RAM Ready to breed, well mannered, a triplet, nice fleece, correct build.... Tel: 989-551-3053 | 48723 | MI | 10/07/2017  | More Information

REG ROMNEY EWES I have 3 reg Romney ewes that had beautiful babies. One has 2-3 lambs and is a wonderful mother, shes 4 yrs old. The other two are 2 and both had a baby. Did great.I'm new to this and they were wonde... Tel:  | 48169 | MI | 10/05/2017  | More Information

NATURAL COLORED MERINO RAM LAMBS We have several twin natural colored pure Merino ram lambs available. Mendenhall genetics. These boys are well started and should be more than capable of breeding a group of ewes this fall. The... Tel: 810 299 3417 | 48423 | MI | 10/04/2017  | More Information

FOR SALE: PAINTED DESERT RAMS & KATAHDIN EWES 1 - black Painted Desert ram, registered, 1.5 years old 2 - white Painted Desert April ram lambs, registered 1 - white Katahdin ewe lamb 1 - white senior Katahdin ewe, would have one or two lambs... Tel: 5175253744 | 48892 | MI | 10/02/2017  | More Information

ICELANDIC SHEEP FOR SALE IN ANN ARBOR/DEXTER AREA: Sheep for sale in Ann Arbor/Dexter Area: We have 12 ewes and one older but effective ram, grassfed purebred Icelandic Sheep Ewes for Sale Managed in a rotational pasture setting. The fleeces vary... Tel: 7347179188 | 48105 | MI | 09/27/2017  | More Information

OLDE ENGLISH BABYDOLLS LAMBS FOR SALE IN MICHIGAN Babydoll lambs for sale. Mock registered and adorable. Brown ewe lambs $500. each Brown Ram lambs $250. each... Tel:  | 49640 | MI | 09/23/2017  | More Information

HAIR LAMBS -- MIXED We have three beautiful ram lambs available. They are approximately 45-60 pounds. Breed is Kathadin mixed with some St. Croix and Barbados. They are weaned and have now transitioned to grass well. The... Tel: 517-256-2308 | 48895 | MI | 09/04/2017  | More Information

EWES FOR SALE -- ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED 3 available. Daughter heading to college and needs to sell some of her Ewes. 2 are Dorset cross breeds, 3 years and 1.5 years, mother and daughter. Third ewe born this year is a suffolk cross. Al... Tel: 6168364576 | 49464 | MI | 08/22/2017  | More Information

REGISTERED FINNSHEEP RAMS Fabio is 5 years old, proven, and relatively easy to handle. His dense fleece has some luster. He is a big boy. The brown ram is his son and has been spoken for. FBA registered, $200. One fawn ram an... Tel:  | 49616 | MI | 08/16/2017  | More Information

MERINO CROSS SHEEP FOR SALE! a group of 5 ewes for $750 total or $135.00 per ewe.... Tel: 810 990 5982 | 48063 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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