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ADGA PUREBRED NUBIAN BUCKLING Buckling born March 12. Great personality, very sweet. Has been disbudded, vaccinated, and wormed. Will come with ADGA registration application. Will make a great herd sire!... Tel:  | 42602 | KY | 04/27/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS YOUNG BUCKLING DOES show goats of all colors,also rabbits of all kinds... Tel: 928 978 4902 | 85541 | AZ | 04/27/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKS FOR SALE Two intact bucks, both tri colored. One bottle fed, super friendly and blue eyed. Both almost 1 year old. They were disbudded but have small skurs. One is registered with ADGA and the other can be reg... Tel:  | 54155 | WI | 04/27/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED ALPINE MILKER Two year old registered Alpine milker. She is a first freshener. Excellent show and milk bloodlines. She was several times Best in Show as a kid. Would make excellent show or 4-H prospect. $300... Tel: 765-376-1004 | 47967 | IN | 04/27/2015  | More Information

3 MULTI COLORED BLUE EYED NIGERIAN BUCKLINGS FOR SALE NO PAPERS VET CERTIFIED Soon to be dehorned and weither if no takers asking around $ 200 super small and super sweet great for pets... Tel:  | 48041 | MI | 04/26/2015  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED LAMANCHA BREEDING BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Gold colored Lamancha buckling, born March 26, 2015. Mother is 5* milker and father is 2011 AGS National Champion. Both parents are ADGA registered purebred Lamancha. Gopher ears. Disbudded. $350 with... Tel: 607-426-9773 | 16925 | PA | 04/26/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE NIGERIAN DWARF KIDS Purebred kids born April 22. Ready to go early July. Blue eyes!... Tel:  | 45140 | OH | 04/26/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED ALPINE BUCK I have a registered Alpine Buck for sale. I am asking for 200. He covered a dozen does first weekend out and is an easy keeper. He is a two-tone chamoise with horns. D.O.B. 6/23/13 Reg. AA1664953 ... Tel:  | 55807 | MN | 04/26/2015  | More Information

GREAT BUCKLING FOR SALE! NIGERIAN DWARF This is an excellent little buck to add to your herd. Born March 7th, 2015 he is showing great buck tendencies. Nice dark brown color.... Tel: 1-320-848-6528 | 55342 | MN | 04/26/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED LAMANCHA DOE IN MILK WITH DOELING ADGA Registered 2 yr. old Lamancha Doe in milk with her registerable doeling (born March 27, 2015). Mother has excellent milking bloodline. Both are disbudded. Doeling’s father has Ryan’s Ridge / ... Tel: 607-426-9773 | 16925 | PA | 04/26/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED OBERHASLI BUCK FOR SALE I have a yearling Oberhasli buck, he is very friendly and is registered with the ADGA. My herd including his parents tested NEGATIVE for CAE in 2013. $200. His registered name is Indigo Run TL Jamison... Tel:  | 45153 | OH | 04/26/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED 99% BOER BUCK Just over a year old. He has already sired some very well built kids. Asking $350. Call or text (715) 574-6259.... Tel:  | 54408 | WI | 04/25/2015  | More Information

HIGH MILKING SAANEN GOATS AND BOER GOATS FOR SALE We are a world wide distributor of live Sheep, Cattle, Lambs, pigs , piglet , goats , of all kinds.Send us your email address for more information and we will get back to you ASAP. Make sure you inc... Tel:  | 60061 | IL | 04/25/2015  | More Information

2 2 YR OLD OPEN PYGMY GOAT DOES 2 open Pygmy does, have never been bred. Asking $150 each... Tel: 7346574866 | 48118 | MI | 04/24/2015  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE 2 male goats for sale, 4-H project ??... Tel: 859-466-1919 | 41006 | KY | 04/24/2015  | More Information

POLLED BUCKLING, REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT, AND DISBUDDED WHITE DOELING How's about a POLLED young buck to give you that desired herd? Friendly, tri-colored, and nice genetics. AGS registered. His parents are blue eyed, granddaddy is moon spotted. Dam has teats la... Tel: 832 881 1548 | 77535 | TX | 04/24/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED DRY YEARLING GOATS FOR SALE! Due to an unforeseen milk pump purchase, I need to part with some of my goats. I am offering two nice dry yearlings that are growing very nicely. They are registered and from a herd free of CAE, Johne... Tel:  | 53168 | WI | 04/24/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED MILKING DOES FOR SALE Due to an unforeseen purchase of a new milk pump, I am offering some nice yearling milkers with great pedigrees. They are milking well and have nice quality, well attached udders. They are sure to mak... Tel:  | 53168 | WI | 04/24/2015  | More Information

WANTED: NIGERIAN DWARF I am looking for a female Nigerian Dwarf, registered, I have a pair and need another female for breeding.... Tel:  | 48895 | MI | 04/24/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE HERD OF NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS 4 adult does in milk, 1 dry yearling, 5 doe kids, 1 buck kid, 1 adult buck. asking $1200 for the herd.... Tel: 6086971198 | 53960 | WI | 04/23/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE SAVANNAH BUCKLING For sale beautiful 4 month old 100 % full blood Savannah buckling.... Tel: 205-495-4964 | 35563 | AL | 04/23/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 YR OLD BOER DOE GOAT WITH 2 MONTH OLD BUCKLING Sweet 2 yr old proven Boer doe goat and her 2 month old buckling. Excellent health. Located in Southfield, Michigan. Must be able to pickup. $250 for both. Call 313-608-9561.... Tel: 313-608-9561 | 48075 | MI | 04/23/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS We have two Nigerian Dwarf bucklings available for sale- one is eligible for ADGA registration. Both are on the bottle and will need to be bottle fed for at least 6 more weeks. Both boys are disbudd... Tel:  | 54002 | WI | 04/23/2015  | More Information

PIGMY NANNYS I have 4 small pigmy nannys... Tel:  | 41035 | KY | 04/23/2015  | More Information

ADGA LAMANCHA DOE Minny Meadows Tia is currently available. DOB: 08/18/2014 She has not freshened (and is not pregnant). Tia is very people friendly and has really nice confirmation along with a steller pedigree... Tel: 507-993-2943 | 55976 | MN | 04/22/2015  | More Information

BABY GOATS PYGMY BUCKS Healthy Goats, local available immediately. $ 75.00 per goat.... Tel: 908656 5618 | 07853 | NJ | 04/22/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF KIDDS FOR SALE We have 2015 Nigerian Dwarf Kidds ADGA and AGS registered Does, Bucks, weather for sale come from great milk lines both parents On site. Great Show, 4H, Milking goats , pets I will NOT sell for me... Tel: 8108693472 | 48418 | MI | 04/22/2015  | More Information


PUREBRED NUBIAN BUCKLINGS ADGA REGISTERABLE CAE FREE HERD These nice bucks are disbudded, CDT shot and currently bottle babies. Born 3/27/15 Their dam produces a good gallon a day of milk and sire is a proven milk producer. Their lines also show really well.... Tel: 231-823-2404 | 49346 | MI | 04/22/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED NUBIAN DOELINGS ADGA REGISTERABLE CAE FREE HERD These does are from excellent milk and show stock. Dam produces a good gallon per day. Sire is a proven milk and quality conformation producer. Bloodlines include Kastdemur's, Longman's, and Marshall'... Tel: 231-823-2404 | 49346 | MI | 04/22/2015  | More Information

QUALITY BOER GOATS ADULTS AND KIDS CAE FREE HERD These goats are being sold as we need to cut down. They are good quality stock no papers. Kids are disbudded, CDT shot, and parents are CAE negative. Adults have CDT shot and are all CAE negative. Kid... Tel: 231-823-2404 | 49346 | MI | 04/22/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED MILKING TOGG RECORDED GRADES The first doe pictured, Betty's-Acres Raylon Risqué, who is lighter in color is a two year old 2nd freshener. She is milking very well -350 The second doe picture, Crickets Hollow Mireda, who is a l... Tel:  | 17820 | PA | 04/22/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF DOELING This is Taffy, a Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe Kid born April,7 2015. She is white with brown/tan patches. She is a loving, friendly kid who loves to climb on your lap or be held. She is dis-budded an... Tel: 7177384793 | 17522 | PA | 04/22/2015  | More Information

SAVANNA KIKO DOELING FOR SALE I have 20 doeling that are 3 months old.they are $350.00 each phone 573 866 3267... Tel: 573 866 3267 | 63764 | MO | 04/22/2015  | More Information

TWO PURE BRED NUBIAN BUCKS One crème colored and the other dark brown both with black stripes up the back. They were born April 5th We are asking $200 Each they are registered. call 330-264-3903... Tel: 330-264-3903 | 44691 | OH | 04/22/2015  | More Information

WANTED: LA MANCHA MILKING GOATS I would like 1 or 2 GOOD dairy goats disease free, vaccinated, etc.... Tel: 7157609393 | 54016 | WI | 04/22/2015  | More Information

ABGA BOER GOATS DOES READY TO BRED I have several fullblood does ready to bred, show quality. Two are out of the 2008 Grande buck at Naile and the other doe is out of an ennobled buck.... Tel: 2174156038 | 62539 | IL | 04/21/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUKLING We are located in Eastern Kentucky. We have for sale a buckling. Asking $275.. Rustic Charm Farm Intrepid Sire: Little Tots Estate DB Bellisimo *B Sire Sire: GCH Little Tots State Dan'l Boon... Tel: (606)295-2048 | 41339 | KY | 04/21/2015  | More Information

WANTED.. FEMALE NIGERIAN DWARF Looking for a female, registered, Nigerian Dwarf, no bottle babies please, unless they are weaned.... Tel:  | 48895 | MI | 04/21/2015  | More Information

"FOR SALE" 8 BOER BUCKLINGS. Excellent Boer goat bucklings that come from good bloodlines. Would make wonderful pets or herd sires for a commercial operation. I am asking $300-$500 per buckling. Serious inquiries only please. You... Tel: 320-292-7173 | 56301 | MN | 04/20/2015  | More Information

ALPINE KID PUREBRED GOATS FOR SALE! These kids are all out of registered purebred Alpine milking does except one! I have one buckling and three doelings. They have been dehorned and will be ready to go on mid to end of May! Parents have... Tel: 605-480-3947 | 57048 | SD | 04/20/2015  | More Information

BUCK KID FOR SALE So cute and has great coloring. Born April 8th and healthy, playful, and energetic.... Tel: 1-320-848-6528 | 55342 | MN | 04/20/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE PUREBRED SAANEN DOE Vanilla 7/8 year old Dry this year Produced 1 1/2 gallons a day last year Purebred Tetanus toxoid vaccination Ready to go Disbudded Picture 1 buckling from last year Pic 2 doeling from... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60457 | IL | 04/20/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: ADGA NUBIAN BUCKLING I have 1 Nubian buckling left for sale that was born on 8 Feb 2015. He has been disbudded and has had CDT shot and wormed. He is eating well on his own, hay and grain and very healthy little guy. Come... Tel: 865-388-2430 | 37748 | TN | 04/20/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 MONTH OLD SANNEN OBERHASLI DOELING Marmalade🐐🐐🐐 Pure white Father saanen Mother oberhasli Disbudded Ready to go May 15th Tetanus toxoid vaccinated Straight ears UP Mother gave about 1 1/2 gallons a day Call/text/... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 04/20/2015  | More Information

MILKING DOE - 4 YEAR OLD Just kidded in March and is close to weening. If you want a milking goat act fast! She had one kid her first time, three the second, and two the third time. She is an awesome mom! She was shown in 4... Tel: 1-320-848-6528 | 55342 | MN | 04/20/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF MILKING GOAT FOR SALE. This doe is still milking so act fast! She kidded on April 8th. A great mom! She is 4 years old. She won Renville County Fair grand champion dairy doe in 2011. She has had 3 litters 5 kids total. ... Tel: 1-320-848-6528 | 55342 | MN | 04/20/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTRABLE KINDER DOE AND BUCKS GOATS One Registrable Yearling Kinder Doeling, listed for $275. Two Registrable Yearling Kinder Bucklings, listed for $175 each. The Kinder goat’s combination of compact size, excellent feed conver... Tel: 651-336-0879 | 55056 | MN | 04/19/2015  | More Information


MAY 2015 NIGERIAN DWARF KIDS, NIGERIAN DWARF WETHERS, NUBIAN WEATHERS Nubian Wethers 2,reddish brown w/black markings 5 years old, must stay together. $150 for both, tame, friendly Nigerian Dwarf Wethers 2, Tan & Cream 1 year old, brothers, must stay together, $150... Tel: 812 3439084 | 47201 | IN | 04/19/2015  | More Information

PYGMY/NUBIAN MIXED BUCKS FOR SALE (KINDER TYPE) $150. Two year old bucks.Father by a registered Pygmy buck to a registered grade moon spotted Nubian doe. Kinder type, unable to register because the mother is grade. Mother is a great milker out of the Mou... Tel: 518 321-4943 | 12838 | NY | 04/19/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: SAANEN/TOGG DOE - TWO WEEKS OLD See more GOATS Sweet Saanen/Toggenburg doe for sale. Two weeks old. She is disbudded. Comes from great lines. Unpapered. Please see pictures. Asking $200... Tel: 231-448-2067 | 49782 | MI | 04/18/2015  | More Information

KIKOS, SAVANNAS, AND NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Add alot of muscle, maternal instincts, and color to your herd of meat goats.Our top buckling weighed 38 lbs at weaning with no additional feed. We also raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats for 4H and Hobby Far... Tel: 8127844104 | 47640 | IN | 04/18/2015  | More Information

KINDER DOELING GOAT FOR SALE I have a kinder doeling born 4-17-15. she will be debudded at one week. she is very cute I am asking $200 if interested call or text kim @ 810-543-0296. Located in Memphis MI.... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 04/18/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLINGS FOR SALE I HAVE two Nubian Bucklings for sale they were born 3-24-15 they r debudded and friendly. I am asking $150 for the one and $100 for the other the one for 100 is for pet or meat only because he has an... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 04/18/2015  | More Information

UNREGISTERED LAMANCHA GOAT KIDS My friend has 3 lamancha goat kids for sale.All have been dehorned 1 black wether $65 ready to be weaned 4-29-15 1 brown wether $65 ready to be weaned 4-20-15 1 brown doe kid $100 ready to be wean... Tel:  | 49420 | MI | 04/18/2015  | More Information

***5 BUCKLINGS FOR SALE*** 4 dwarf ober/mix bucklings, mom dwarf, dad standard ober, has pedigree. Bottle raised, friendly, energetic. $75 per buckling. 1 ober/togg mix buckling, very handsome. $150. All available by the end ... Tel:  | 54447 | WI | 04/17/2015  | More Information

FAINTING BUCK FOR SALE Black myotonic buck, 2 yrs old, strong fainter, bred for meat production, friendly disposition, easy to handle, sires beautiful kids, Reg. top bloodlines. $125 OBO... Tel: 330-317-7708 | 44667 | OH | 04/17/2015  | More Information

PURE MALE AND FEMALE ANGORA GOAT FOR SALE Billy Goat for sale or hire. £ 180 for sale or £ 15 per week for hire. For details please call or text(702) 758-4814... Tel: (702) 758-4814 | 90002 | LA | 04/17/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOE AND HER 2 KIDS FOR SALE Registered ADGA & AGS Nigerian Dwarf Doe and her two kids (doe-ling & wether). Kids come with Application for Registration. Born 2/27/15 Friendly, tattooed, disbudded, Up to date on CDT &am... Tel: 319-478-8952 | 50675 | IA | 04/16/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Two Black and Brown bucklings $100 each and one beige Buckling $150. All from ADGA American Nubian DAMs and ADGA Registered black and white spotted buck. All Disbudded, dewormed and vaccinated. All ta... Tel: 931-359-8161 | 38451 | TN | 04/16/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED SABLE AND LAMANCHA DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE!! KIDS, MILKERS, DRY YEARLINGS Visit our website to see sale animals. We have a number of reasonably priced dry yearlings, yearling milkers, and 2 year old milkers. Also a few registrable Sable and Lamancha bu... Tel:  | 53168 | WI | 04/16/2015  | More Information

SAANEN BUCKLINGS FOR 85 SALE OR TRADE 5 week old Saanen Buckling’s for sale. These are hand raised bottle babies. They have great temperaments and will be sweet bucks. They have had probiotics in their milk daily for extra vitamins and ... Tel: 9198896184 | 27542 | NC | 04/16/2015  | More Information

BOER, SAANEN, AND ANGLO NUBIAN GOATS Anglo Nubian dairy goats for sale Goats for sale, bucks and does ready now for sale Other breeds include; Boer, Saanen, Alpine, and Pygmy Goats Leave email address when requesting a quotation so th... Tel:  | 21105 | MD | 04/15/2015  | More Information

BOER/MIX BUCK I have a 3 year old Boer mix Buck. Has an awesome temperament, likes being around people and being petted. Walks well on a lead. I have tethered him in the yard and he does well. He looks like a pure ... Tel: 614-205-4080 | 43140 | OH | 04/15/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: NUBIAN MIX BOTTLE BABY GOAT BUCKLING Friendly little buckling born April 3rd, dehorned, can be banded. 50% Nubian, 25% Alpine, and 25% Kiko. I can provide you with some fresh goat milk and the milk replacer he's been getting (Manna Pro... Tel: 2698616833 | 49022 | MI | 04/15/2015  | More Information

PYGMY WETHER 3year old pygmy wether. Eats his building, escapes my barn and will jump fencing (moves items to the fence in-order to get out). Very smart! Loves attention. Asking $150.00... Tel: 614-205-4080 | 43140 | OH | 04/15/2015  | More Information

TWIN PYGMY GOAT KIDS I have two lovely Pygmy goat kids for sale. One is a female and the other a wether. They are very friendly and used to being handled. They are currently five weeks old and will be ready to go once th... Tel: 7652680840 | 49254 | MI | 04/15/2015  | More Information

ALPINE BUCKS I have 2 Registered Alpine Bucks for sale. They were born in beginning of March and they come from good lines. Asking $350 each. Also have a yearling half boer half alpine buck cross for sale. Askig $... Tel:  | 12083 | NY | 04/14/2015  | More Information

BUCKLINGS 5- 100% Nubian Bucklings and one 80% Boer Buckling, all born between march 30 and April 9. 2 are being bottle fed. great for 4-H, or pet or whatever. Nice markings. Phone 231-347-6077... Tel: 231-347-6077 | 49770 | MI | 04/14/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: HIGH QUALITY BREEDING BUCKS We have a variety of Alpine buckling and one very nice Toggenburg buckling for sale. They will be ready to use this fall! Prices vary. For pictures check out our facebook page: Early Rise Acres Regist... Tel: 608-295-9390 | 53576 | WI | 04/14/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT BUCK KID FOR SALE. Very colorful and healthy!... Tel: 13208486528 | 55342 | MN | 04/14/2015  | More Information

ADGA AMERICAN NUBIAN BUCKLING Nubian buckling born on March 17. Very unique coloring. Has been disbudded and vaccinated. Will be ready to go when weaned. Will come with ADGA registration application.... Tel:  | 42602 | KY | 04/13/2015  | More Information

BOER DOE YEARLING one year old horned traditional doe last years bottle baby. asking $150 thanks txt is best... Tel: 269-547-7834 | 49009 | MI | 04/13/2015  | More Information

BREEDING STOCK BOERS I have 3 boer does for sale and their kids. First doe is a Fullblood. Her grandsire is Indian outlaw, I'm asking 550. She had two kids this spring a buck and a doe. They are beautiful kids. I'm keepin... Tel:  | 48421 | MI | 04/13/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE MALE GOATS 2-YEAR OLD BUCKS AND ONE YEAR OLD WHETHER The bucks are around 60lbs each and the whether is 70lbs. $150 each or all for $450.... Tel: 7175284410 | 17372 | PA | 04/13/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS 2 bucks Nigerian dwarfs, 1 doe Nigerian dwarf, and 1 doe Nigerian dwarf/ Pygmy. All over a year old. Looking for good homes only. Non regristried $75 each.... Tel: 573-837-7663 | 37329 | TN | 04/13/2015  | More Information

SHOW GOATS FOR SALE Show Goats For Sale $150.00 Pictures are on our website: Tel: 308.325.7146 | 68850 | NE | 04/13/2015  | More Information

TWO BUCK KIDS FOR SALE Two buck kids for sale born Febuary 2015. $75 each or $140 for both... Tel: 7175284410 | 17372 | PA | 04/13/2015  | More Information

BOER SHOW GOATS FOR SALE 4H/FFA SHOW GOATS FOR SALE- ONLINE AUCTION APRIL 10-12 BIDDING CLOSES AT 4PM LOG ON TO to place bid or log on to for more info... Tel: 3083257146 | 68850 | NE | 04/12/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED ALPINE/OBERHASLI DAIRY GOAT DOE DRY YEARLING I have a beautiful Registered Experimental doe yearling half Oberhasli/ half Alpine. I will not be keeping her until breeding season next year because I had lots of does born this year. She has been s... Tel: 2056628744 | 35576 | AL | 04/12/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLING Blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf Buckling Born Feb 6th Very sweet and playful... Tel: 352-625-0250 | 34488 | FL | 04/11/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE DWARF SAANEN BUCKLING Dwarf Saanen buckling For sale $150 born 03-22-15 will ween at 6 to 8 weeks... Tel: 2706815647 | 42025 | KY | 04/10/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE LAMANCHA AND ALPINE DOES We have several ADGA registered Lamancha and Alpine does and doe kids for sale. Also a few buck kids of both breeds. Excellent show and milk bloodlines. Prices vary. Can send pictures upon request.... Tel: 765-376-1005 | 47967 | IN | 04/10/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE. IN NORTHEAST MICHIGAN (ALPENA AREA) We’re thinning our herd so we're selling “Tinker” a 3 ½ year old doe in milk for $250.00 (price negotiable) and a buckling born March 11th for $75.00.These are all wonderful goats. I hate to se... Tel: 9894647306 | 49744-9793 | MI | 04/10/2015  | More Information

PYGMY GOATS - NOT FOR MEAT PLEASE We have decided to part with our pygmies. We have two mothers, a pure white one with twin kids, a buckling and a doe. The other mother is light brown and has a buckling that looks just like her. We... Tel: 7153477979 | 54482 | WI | 04/10/2015  | More Information

TWO YEAR OLD SAANEN BUCK Born March 10th 2013 His dam and sire are both registered with American Dairy Goat Association. His Dam is End 'O Lane's EV Velvet, reg# S001592865. His Sire is Des-Ruhigestelle Solar Eclipse, reg... Tel: 2706815647 | 42025 | KY | 04/10/2015  | More Information

ALPINE BUCK FOR SALE 2yr old alpine buck (unregistered) Must go ASAP, dispersing herd due to caretakers health issues.. make offer!!... Tel: 2698705898 | 49088 | MI | 04/09/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI-ALPINE DOE WITH KID(S) AVAILABLE MAY I have a MDGA registered 1st generation blue eyed mini-Alpine bred to a registered Nigerian Dwarf. She is expected to kid the beginning of May. I would like to sell her and her kids (she is too far ... Tel:  | 80908 | CO | 04/09/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED NIGERIAN BUCK AND NIGERIAN DOE Reg. Nigerian Buck; Blue eyes, Black and White Pinto, very friendly, UTD shots, proven, two years old. Asking $175. Also, Nigerian Doe: brown and pinto, UTD shots, two years old. Asking $75 Will d... Tel: 9064301824 | 49781 | MI | 04/09/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: TWO ALPINE BUCKLINGS $200 AND LAMANCHA WETHER $100 We have two excellent big alpine twin bucklings for sale. They come from excellent lines. Their mother received many Grand Champions at local fairs last year. She received at champion dry leg at an... Tel: 218-686-6661 | 56701 | MN | 04/09/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF WETHER/PET $125.00/75.00 AS BOTTLE BABY This is Donkey, sweet and excellent with children, 125.00/75.00 as bottle baby. He is the last one we have at this time, we do hope he finds a loving home. Tel: 7044387611 | 28001 | NC | 04/09/2015  | More Information

TRIPLE REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE We now have several Nigerian dwarf goat kids for sale. All are registered with the NDGA, ADGA and AGS. Please go to and click on sale page or Purebred Nigerians for pictures, pr... Tel: 5018819292 | 71929 | AR | 04/09/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE - FULLBLOOD BOER BUCK Ringo has been our herdsire since we brought him home from Mississippi in 2012. We love the does he has given us. Unfortunately, we have kept too many of his does and now need to move him to a good ho... Tel: 612-790-0649 | 55352 | MN | 04/08/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: PUREBRED ALPINE DOELINGS 2 Doelings born March 23, 2015. For sale $300 each. Disbudded and vaccinated. They come from excellent blood lines. Their mother, a first freshener, is already producing 1 gallon milk/day in the first... Tel: 937-681-4510 | 45459 | OH | 04/08/2015  | More Information

4H OR FFA SHOW BOER GOAT MARKET PROSPECTS I have Market Show goats for sale contact me today for a good deal on a competitive animal. prices from 250-400.... Tel: 270-634-1544 |  | KY | 04/07/2015  | More Information

ADGA AMERICAN NUBIAN BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Beautiful markings, very friendly. Have been disbudded, vaccinated, and wormed. Will be ready to go when weaned. Will come with ADGA registration application.... Tel:  | 42602 | KY | 04/07/2015  | More Information

ALPINE NUBIAN MIX BREED GOAT Alpine mix nubian breed wether male goat, 4 months, healthy happy only $155 or better offer.... Tel: 5592170413 | 93657 | CA | 04/07/2015  | More Information

DAIRY GOAT BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Unregistered dairy goat bucklings for sale $60. Please call 804-922-3342 for more information and availability.... Tel: 8049223342 | 23922 | VA | 04/07/2015  | More Information

PEER BOAR GOAT Male goat, too many males need to sale some, healthy we are asking $250 o.b.o... Tel: 5592170413 | 93657 | CA | 04/07/2015  | More Information

ALPINE DOE AND TWO BOER CROSS KIDS Selling a very hardy, easy-keeper Alpine doe with her two buck kids (now banded, so they are wethers) that were born March 20th. The kids are out of an ABGA registered, very well bred Boer buck, so th... Tel: 2484377354 | 48178 | MI | 04/06/2015  | More Information

BOER GOATS, HOLSTEIN HEIFERS, COWS, CAMELS, SHEEPS, HORSE, (530) 205-3714 vestock live cattle. Healthy animals fed with quality nutritious feed, mixing grazing and feedlot farming techniques.Boer Goats, Holstein heifers, Cows, Camels, Sheeps, Horse,Boer Goats for Sale ... Tel: 5302053714 | 73301 |  | 04/06/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE 2 SAANEN BUCKS 4 MONTHS OLD 1 dehorned and one with. Not brothers. Both very friendly. 100each or 175 for both. Also have a milking stand for 125. 250 for all or trade... Tel: 423-733-2933 | 37881 | TN | 04/05/2015  | More Information

GOATS 4-SALE 5 BUCKLING'S Twin buckling's with Kastdemur bloodlines born 3/17/15 they can not be registered but they are very friendly and have great spots $150 each 2 buckling's born 3/12/15 one brown with white spots, one b... Tel: 989-352-8371 | 48850 | MI | 04/05/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: TWO WHITE REGISTERED NIGORA BUCKS I have two Nigora bucks for sale. The have been CD/T vaccinated and disbudded. They are both docile and friendly. A Nigora is an Angora and Nigerian Dwarf goat. I am asking $150 for each or $200 for b... Tel: 4846617345 | 18235 | PA | 04/04/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED KIKO BUCK 2year old pure kiko buck ready to breed your herd nice temperment can text pictures to a number... Tel: 708-372-5009 | 60475 | IL | 04/04/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DOE 4months old nigerian... Tel: 6065107494 | 40484 | KY | 04/03/2015  | More Information

2 NIGERIAN DOES 1 BUCKLING AND A PYGMY DOE I have 2 2yr old Nigerian does and 1 7week old buckling both the does are in milk. Also have a 2 yr old pygmy call or text 231-420-9873 located in cheboygan... Tel: 231-420-9873 | 49721 | MI | 04/02/2015  | More Information

ALPINE BUCKLING Alpine buckling for sale great confirmation very friendly raised by his mother disbudded vaccinated dewormed. Could be registered native on appearance $125... Tel: 2622100218 | 53177 | WI | 04/02/2015  | More Information

AM OBERHASLI BUCKLING - BOTTLE FED $300 1 month old American Oberhasli Buckling that is currently on bottle for sale. Disbudded and comes with full registration. Line breeding on Grand Champion Doe. Tel:  | 48158 | MI | 04/02/2015  | More Information

BOER GOATS SHOW WETHERS AND DOES SALE APRIL 18TH 8TH ANNUAL Sale April 18th on the farm in pine island. We had 21 champions in 2014 30 champions in 2013 Who can say that. View website for more information and pictures of all the winners. www. northstarb... Tel: 507-261-0689 | 55901 | MN | 04/02/2015  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE I have a Nubian cross buckling for sale $60. Also I have a % boer buckling for sale $150. I also have a Saanen wether that is banded and discussed for $125. Born January 5. Please call or text (937)6... Tel: 937-638-9796 | 46050 | IN | 04/02/2015  | More Information

LOOKING TO BUY 1NIGERIAN DWARF DOE. Lost a doe and her babies in February trying to find another doe around 2 or 3 yrs old... Tel:  | 44601 | OH | 04/02/2015  | More Information

MINI SILKY FAINTING GOAT KIDS AND ADULTS I have one gorgeous Mini Silky Fainting buck for sale. Tri-color, blue eyes, extreme coat and extreme fainter. Easy to handle. Good proven buck. Just need new blood. He is registered with MSFGA. 350. ... Tel:  | 48348 | MI | 04/02/2015  | More Information

PREMIUM MEAT GOAT HERD FOR SALE Premium boer/kiko meat goat herd bucks does and kids will sell as a package or price individuals 12 years of breeding to produce fast growing heavy.bodied breeding stock most does have twin kids at th... Tel: 17082284462 | 60417 | IL | 04/02/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Purebred Registered Nigerian Dwarf kids - Both males and females available. Some kids have blue-eyes or polled. Kids are able to be reserved and will be ready for pick up the end of April unless on ... Tel: 708-899-2164 | 60401 | IL | 04/02/2015  | More Information

BABY BLUE EYED GOATS FOR SALE I have 4 Male baby blue eyed goats for sale. can be castrated or left intact. Tamed and gorgeous..come from great milk lines. 2 are Nigerian dwarf, 2 are mini mancha. Ready to go May 1 2015. Call... Tel:  | 70589 | LA | 04/01/2015  | More Information

DOUBLE REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS What so you want to do with your goats? We have a variety of babies available Show, Milk, or just pets... Tel: 815-403-1739 | 60033 | IL | 04/01/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE PUREBRED AND AMERICAN NUBIAN BUCKLINGS I have three purebred bucklings left and three american bucklings left for sale. All are out of CAE negative dams. I also have a purebred doelong for sale. If interested I can send pics and pedigree i... Tel:  | 40391 | KY | 04/01/2015  | More Information

KIKO GOATS FOR SALE Quality Kiko's for sale check out our website for availability.... Tel: 770 334-8608 | 30124 | GA | 03/31/2015  | More Information

OBERHASLI GOATS One Oberhasli doeling and one buckling for sale. Very healthy, sweet natured dairy goats! If bought weaned will be dehorned and have cdt shot. Call if interested please. 989-366-0255... Tel: 989-366-0255 | 48629 | MI | 03/31/2015  | More Information

WANTED BABY PGYMY OR OTHER SMALL GOAT Looking for pgymy or other small goat. I want one that is just born so i can bottle feed it... Tel: 6162184850 | 49331 | MI | 03/31/2015  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED AMERICAN ALPINE DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE We have bucklings and doelings available...bottle raised on heat treated milk, all from >1 gallon/day milkers. Born early March and ready to move to new homes! All of them can be registered with AD... Tel:  | 22066 | VA | 03/30/2015  | More Information

WANTED: SAANEN GOATS Looking to buy a few Saanen doe kids. Disbudded and prefer ADGA. Located in Northeast Michigan. Possibly interested in an ADGA buck kid too if I can buy a few more does.... Tel:  | 48740 | MI | 03/30/2015  | More Information

100% BOER GOATS FOR SALE 3 baby boer goats born March 19th. two girls and one boy. $300 for boy and $400 for each female. Mom and Dad bothpure bred boer goat.... Tel:  | 32720 | FL | 03/29/2015  | More Information

ADGA REGISTRABLE AMERICAN SAANEN BUCKLINGS I have a couple of solid Saanen bucklings for sale. Dam is SG Kapra Vista and the buck is Pleasant Grove. $500 each... Tel: 608-783-8181 | 54650 | WI | 03/29/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE MINI SILKY FAINTING GOATS Registered Mini Silky Fainting Goats for sale. We have a two year old polled doe (black) and a one year old disbudded doe (white) for sale. They are both very friendly and really enjoy being around ... Tel:  | 48836 | MI | 03/29/2015  | More Information

TENNESSEE FAINTING GOATS - REGISTERED (MYOTONICS) I have good, clean stock. Does are $250 each, all registered; and wethers are $90 each or two for $160. Good for pets, and to show; some qualify as minis, good to clean up acreage. If no answer leave ... Tel: 615-389-8345 | 37049 | TN | 03/29/2015  | More Information

BREEZY ACRES BOER GOATS SPRING SALE Top quality breeding stock and show prospects. Selling Sunday, April 12, 2015 on the farm. Viewing starts at 1:00 pm. Sale starts at 3:00 pm. Half the kids will be products of Embryo Transfer. Man... Tel: 507-236-1299 | 56031 | MN | 03/28/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: SOLID RED BOER BUCKLING FOR COMMERCIAL HERD SIRE OR 4H PROJECT I am selling a solid red buckling who is solid red and has been weaned. He would make a great commercial herd sire or 4H Project. His sire is a fullblood Boer and registered .Asking $125 for him.No em... Tel: 989-670-9939 | 48744 | MI | 03/28/2015  | More Information

ISO REGISTERED DAIRY GOAT BUCK I'm looking for a breeding age registered buck. Prefer a Nubian but will consider any dairy breeds from strong milk lines. Please no mini breeds.... Tel:  | 48049 | MI | 03/28/2015  | More Information

TENNESSEE FAINTING GOATS 5 month old red & white buckling $125.00 5 year old doe $150.00... Tel: 8654268161 | 37710 | TN | 03/28/2015  | More Information

FLASHY/COLORFUL NIGERIAN DWARF BABIES-BLUE EYES! Doelings and bucklings Handled daily-friendly. We show and milk. LOTS of color! Blue Eyes! Check out kkountryfarm nursery and sale pages... Tel:  | 38469 | TN | 03/27/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE REGISTERES ND GOATS I have a three month old female $350, A male 3 month old for $250, and a yearling doe for $350. These are double registered with AGS and NDGA. Go to my Face Book page to see pictures.... Tel: 6063034996 | 42539 | KY | 03/27/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE;;TOP QUALITY CROSSED MILK DOELINGS I have about 20 crossed doelings, more than I need for my milking herd. All kidded this Feb. and March, Disbudded first shots etc. From a HEAVY milk producing herd!... Tel: 843-709-0552 | 29455 | SC | 03/27/2015  | More Information

MINIATURE SILKIE FAINTING GOATS Mini fainting goats available in Augusta WV. These goats have strong fainting ability and hair down to the ground. I have male and female of all ages. Contact me for additional information... Tel: 7039325562 | 26704 | WV | 03/27/2015  | More Information

WANTED: A POLLED ALPINE Wanted: a polled alpine or polled large breed dairy buck... Tel: 9063224282 | 49774 | MI | 03/27/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE---REGISTERED SAVANNAS Full blood registered Savannas---we have a new web site so will take you to some of our breeder stock----Larry... Tel: 9407336018 | 76539 | TX | 03/26/2015  | More Information

ISO: GOATS I am in search of goats, for our small hobby farm and for my children. I am not looking at needing a prize winning goat, just a pair.... Tel: 218-382-0245 | 55707 | MN | 03/25/2015  | More Information

PYGMY/ALPINE CROSS GOATS FOR SALE-KIDS AND ADULTS I have 4 goats for sale: (1) FEMALE 3YEARS, GREAT MOM-$250 (1) INTACT MALE, 1 YEAR-$175 (1) FEMALE, 2 MONTH-$125 (1) INTACT MALE, 2 MONTH-$125 SEEN IN PICTURE IS THE 3 YEAR OLD FEMALE WITH THE TW... Tel:  | 12721 | NY | 03/25/2015  | More Information

YOUNG PURE NUBIAN BUCK For Sale Nubian buck, born in August. From good milking lines, not papered but lots of papers in background, ready to be useful at good home. $100.00. Located north-west of Cadillac, Mi. Please call :... Tel: 231-378-4895 | 49625 | MI | 03/25/2015  | More Information

ADGA AMERICAN OBERHASLI BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Bottle fed, one-three week old bucklings available for $150-160. At Grace Farm we maintain a small, well-loved herd of these hardy, calm and quiet dairy goats in Shepherd, Michigan. All new animals a... Tel: 989-400-1412 | 48883 | MI | 03/24/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE ADGA NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS ADGA Registerable Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings (Chilton County Alabama). We have 4 Handsome Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings for sale that come from excellent bloodlines. We have a closed herd that was last test... Tel: 334-259-9556 | 36750 | AL | 03/24/2015  | More Information

LOOKING FOR ANY SMALL/ MINATURE GOATS Looking for miniature goat for my niece for Easter.Any offer is good, don't be shy.... Tel: 5175252023 | 48827 | MI | 03/23/2015  | More Information

MINIATURE BABY GOATS FOR SALE! Hi there! Are you looking for a new addition to your family or farm? Well miniature goats are the solution! These kids will be friendly, winter hardy and adorable. The mother is a super sweet Lamancha... Tel: 517-260-9489 | 49286 | MI | 03/23/2015  | More Information

FAINTING GOATS Spring kids are here! We have several kids this year made up of bucks and does. Ranging in age from 4 weeks to 2 days old. All sorts of color combinations Silver, Black and Red. They will be ready for... Tel: 219-851-4170 | 46350 | IN | 03/22/2015  | More Information

GOAT nig. mix 8 months old call 810-569-5960 vassar mi. 48768 shes the brown one $100.00... Tel: 810-569-5960 | 48768 | MI | 03/22/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Rustic Charm Farm has two gorgeous bucklings for sale out of Little Tots Estate DB Bellissimo *B and CapraKoza Mel's Lollipop: Rustic Charm B Valiant and Rustic Charm B Intrepid. They have great milki... Tel: (606)295-2048 | 41339 | KY | 03/22/2015  | More Information

WANTED: NUBIAN MILKING GOATS Looking for several Nubian does and 1 buck. We're in North Dakota, please email prices, info and pics.... Tel:  | 58761 | ND | 03/22/2015  | More Information

100% BOER GOAT KIDS. An outstanding selection of 2015 kids. Probably my best goats to date. Males and Females available. They have tremendous strength, length and conformation. Solid and really chunky. From a ABGA Accredi... Tel:  | 77012 | TX | 03/21/2015  | More Information

PYGMY GOATS FOR SALE I have 2 pygmy goats for sale. Buck and doe Both need to go together. Both are 3years old and been together since we bought them. They are from 2 differnt herds. Can send pictures by email. Asking $20... Tel: 317-697-2900 | 46176 | IN | 03/21/2015  | More Information

100% ABGA BOER BUCK FOR SALE SJE Country View Rocket Man is a 3-year-old, full-blood, proven Boer buck. He is a rich red color with white feet. He has a nice horn set and has sired many nice kids. $300 Located in Ithaca, MI... Tel: (989) 466-3798 | 48801 | MI | 03/20/2015  | More Information

100%ABGA BOER BUCKLING Trade or sale: 100% ABGA Boer buckling. Black head with dapple on cheek, black feet, spot on hock. Born 2/27. Weighed 12 pounds at birth, weighed 21 pounds at 2 weeks. Is a twin. Teats 2x2. Dam and ... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 03/20/2015  | More Information

FIVE ALPINE KIDS FOR SALE. We have five kids available with registration upon request. One buck and four does . These are all French Alpines. The kids are being bottle fed at this time. Does 100 without registration, 150 wi... Tel: 231-287-2053 | 49631 | MI | 03/20/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN GOATS FOR SALE IN CENTRAL ILLINOIS I have spotted buck kids ready to go the end of March. They are all friendly and healthy. They are full blood Nubians from good milk lines, but are not registered. They have been disbudded and deworme... Tel: 217 469-7433 | 61873 | IL | 03/20/2015  | More Information

WANTED PYMGMY GOATS FOR THERAPY ANIMALS AND THERAPY FARM ... Tel: 802 879 4618 | 05452 | VT | 03/20/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: LAMANCHA TWIN BUCKLINGS FOR SALE. CLEAN I have 2 clean gopher ear Lamancha twin bucklings for sale. Both parents have been tested negative for CAE in October 2014. All does and bucks on our property have been tested and all our goats are ne... Tel: 2696215831 | 49064 | MI | 03/19/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED 99% BOER BUCK This Buck is about a year old. He is well built and has already sired some very nice kids. Asking $400. Call or text (715) 574-6259. I can send pictures if you're interested.... Tel:  | 54408 | WI | 03/19/2015  | More Information


FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT Male Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Born 02/01/2015. Just had his first vet visit and is dehorned. $250.... Tel:  | 16201 | PA | 03/18/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN DOES FOR SALE Nubian does for sale yrl to 5 yr old 6 total quarter mile blood lines great show an milkers call 586-222-9720... Tel: 5862239720 | 48096 | MI | 03/18/2015  | More Information

BEAUTIFUL BOER BUCK FOR SALE A 4 year old paint buck unregistered. Need new blood in our herd so he must go. Produces nice babies that have strongly shown his color consistently. Asking $400.... Tel: 1-479-577-2611 | 72926 | AR | 03/17/2015  | More Information

BLUE-EYED FAINTING GOAT DOE WITH MOONSPOT GENETICS MGR REGISTERED Over The Moon Fainting Goats has 2015 kids available! We are now accepting deposits until kids are weaned in mid April. All of our kids are 100% purebred Myotonic goats and are eligible for MGR regist... Tel: 443-504-3542 | 21057 | MD | 03/17/2015  | More Information

WANTED* NIGERIAN DWARF BABY Want to bottle feed our own baby we are looking for a male pet quality only please contact me with what you have and price we are located in west mi... Tel:  | 49319 | MI | 03/17/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED KIKO BUCK 100% registered kiko yearling buck, with good bloodlines. Asking $350 Contact me for more information.... Tel:  | 67042 | KS | 03/16/2015  | More Information

LAMANCHA WETHERS $25 Pure breed Lamancha wethers for sale asking 25 each(no paper).They are 2 to 4 weeks old and being bottle feed.Dehorned Please text... Tel: 2313436428 | 49448 | MI | 03/16/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOELINGS WANTED First-time goat buyer ready for 2 doelings to raise and milk - would like to purchase young - when can be safely separated from mother. Reside near Coldwater, MI.... Tel: 269-268-6949 | 49094 | MI | 03/16/2015  | More Information

PYGMY GOATS FOR SALE I'm selling my 2 female Pygmy goats mom is 2 years & baby just turned a year February 14th.. Need 2 have own way 2 pick them up.. Thanks.. They are great pets & great for clearing brush.. Fen... Tel: 919-718-0266 | 27330 | NC | 03/16/2015  | More Information

100% BOER GOATS FOR SALE We have a mature Boer doe, a mature Boer buck, and several dapple-headed kids available. All are full-blood (100%) Boers from nationally-recognized bloodlines. Prices range from $500 to $800. Mult... Tel: 989-466-3798 | 48801 | MI | 03/15/2015  | More Information

BOER CROSS BUCKLINGS Centerville PA 16404 area ***Will possibly deal on Multiple purchases*** CASH & PICK UP ONLY! All will be available for pick up at 8-9 wks of age [Apr 5th,8th,11th- Apr 12th,15th,18th] #... Tel:  | 16438 | PA | 03/15/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 HIGH QUALITY REGISTERED NUBIAN BUCKS 2 Registered Nubian Bucks from high milk producing bloodlines. 1.) GODDARD FARM PRAIRIE THUNDER - ADJA # N1617678 2.) FOREMOST PUTTIN ON THE RITZ - ADJA # N1617677 Text Randy at (405) 590-2562 fo... Tel: 405-590-2562 | 73003 | OK | 03/14/2015  | More Information

KIKO MEAT GOATS Here at Mill Creek Farms we raise purebred kiko and commercial meat goats. we only sell goats that we would keep and breed ourselves. We register with the National Kiko Goat Association. Below is a li... Tel:  | 61530 | IL | 03/14/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF MILKING GOATS FOR SALE We have a small herd of full blooded Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats for sale There is one Registered Buck and 3 does. The first doe, a rusty brown color is milking right now. This is her first time and sh... Tel: 320-328-9932 | 55385 | MN | 03/14/2015  | More Information

PET WETHERS & DOELINGS FOR SALE Two pet 1 year old wethers for sale. Oberhasli breed. Brown with black markings. Very friendly. Would love to go to good home. Wormed, vaccinated, and dehorned. $75 each. Also have two oberhasli/al... Tel: 304-839-2756 | 28114 | NC | 03/14/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED ALPINE BUCKS 1 YR & 2YR OLDS NO PAPERS These nice bucks produce wide, strong bone, good conformation on their kids. They are used to being with their girls and are gentle with them. They would be good herd sires. They are purebred but they... Tel: 231-823-8836 | 49346 | MI | 03/14/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED LAMANCHA AND AMERICAN TOGGENBURG BUCK KIDS FOR SALE Purebred LaMancha buck kid for sale. Located in Peotone, IL. Dam is Taylor Ridge ASK April and sire is Taylor Ridge Schlitz. Dam has two legs towards her permanent championship and sire comes from a h... Tel:  | 60468 | IL | 03/14/2015  | More Information

QUALITY FULLBLOOD SHOW BOER DOES FOR SALE - Registered 3 year old 99.7% Purebred American doe for sale with doe kid on side. A very nice paint colored doe for sale out of Rose Boom Boom Pow. Her pedigree is heavily Ennobled. Doe kid out of f... Tel:  | 60468 | IL | 03/14/2015  | More Information

GOAT HERD FOR SALE 15 breed does due late April, mostly Savanna & Kiko, $250; 1 registered Tennessee Meat Goat buck, $300; 1 DNA certified Savanna buck, $750. Transportation available.... Tel: 2316222337 | 49770 | MI | 03/13/2015  | More Information

WANTED BOTTLE FED MEAT GOAT KIDS looking for bottle fed meat goats... Tel: 641-420-3286 | 50440 | IA | 03/13/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: AGS REGISTERED/REGISTERABLE DWARF NIGERIAN BUCKLING This cute little tricolor buckling is AGS Registered/registera ble. Purchase price with papers is $150, without papers $75.00... Tel: 785-850-1070 | 66087 | KS | 03/12/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: AGS REGISTERED/REGISTERABLE DWARF NIGERIAN BUCKLING This little cutie is a white and brown pinto buckling. He is AGS registered/registerable. Price is $150.00 with papers or $75 without For more available bucklings go to Tel: 785-850-1070 | 66087 | KS | 03/12/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLING - SMR#3 For sale an adorable solid white buckling. No Papers $75.00... Tel: 785-850-1070 | 66087 | KS | 03/12/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLING-SMR#4 For sale a cute little black and white pinto buckling. No Papers $75.00... Tel: 785-850-1070 | 66087 | KS | 03/12/2015  | More Information

WANTED- A YOUNG GOAT TO RAISE AS A PET i want to keep a goat as a pet. Ill give it a good home... Tel:  | 11432 | NY | 03/12/2015  | More Information

WANTED: YOUNG PIGMY BILLY GOAT. EAST TEXAS AREA. Young pigmy billy goat.... Tel: 409-200-1722 | 75979 | TX | 03/12/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF DOELING Doeling for sale--Sire: Sycamore Springs Harrington *S (Sire: Little Tots Estate Oxytropis *B x Dam: CapraKoza AB Meg's Surprise *D *M) Dam: Sycamore Springs MG Fantasea (Sire: MCH/CH Lost Valley Z Ma... Tel:  | 40475 | KY | 03/11/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE We have several doe, doelings, and bucklings that are and will be for sale. We will also have a few wethers as well. Check out our website! We raise competitive show quality go... Tel: 2317504413 | 49455 | MI | 03/11/2015  | More Information

WANTED: PYGMIES OR NUBIANS GOATS Prefer Pygmies or Nubians, but will consider other breeds. Reasonably priced as these will be pets only.... Tel: 605 630 4741 | 57331 | SD | 03/11/2015  | More Information

LAMANCHA BUCK KID Lamancha Buckling DOB: 2/26/15 Dam: POH Lobo’s Oh My Goodness Sire: King-Farm Hustler Luxury Lorox Cream lamancha buck kid out of one of our up and coming does in the herd POH Lobo’s Oh My G... Tel: 651-982-4653 | 55330 | MN | 03/10/2015  | More Information

POLLED LAMANCHA BUCK KID Polled lamancha buck kid Born: 2/28/15 Dam: CH POH Everlasting Chaos Sire: King-Farm Hustler Luxury Lorox Black polled buck kid available out of CH POH Everlasting Chaos 04-04 88 VEEV. Check... Tel: 651-982-4653 | 55330 | MN | 03/10/2015  | More Information

BOER AND BOER/NUBIAN BUCKLINGS FOR SALE! Boer Purebred Buckling: Mama is a doe of Sugar Creek Farms. She throws spotted kids and is 99% Boer. She has had 3 kids total: 1 yearling with tiny spot or two (Dad is fullblood so she is 99%+), 1 doe... Tel: | 49021 | MI | 03/08/2015  | More Information

BOER AND PYGMY KIDS FOR SALE! Triplet Boer kids for sale. Website is *Kids for sale page. 765-346-2215... Tel: 765-346-2215 | 46470 | IN | 03/08/2015  | More Information

BOER DOELINGS FOR SALE I have two boer dolings for sale they were born 3-3-15 they r debuded from CAE free goats I am asking $200 I can transfer to the bottle if u are interested. call or text Kim@ I am located in Memph... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 03/08/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOE 1 Nigerian dwarf doe she is brown and black, just a little over one year old 75 dollars. We had intentions of breeding and milking but my wife found out she cannot have goat milk or cheese. Thanks for... Tel: 937-869-3031 | 43072 | OH | 03/08/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLING FOR SALE I have a Nubian buckling for sale he was born 3-3-15 he is debuded and friendly. comes from CAE free goat Asking $175 if interested call or text Kim @ 810-543-0296 located in Memphis MI... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 03/08/2015  | More Information

BOER DOE $250 one 50% ABGA registered boer doe. just turned 2 kidded in June 2014, exposed for April 2015 One commercial boer doe. 2 years old. traditional in color kidded in June 2014, exposed for April 201... Tel: 269-547-7834 | 49009 | MI | 03/07/2015  | More Information

OBERHASLI DAIRY GOATS In the next 1-3 weeks we will have goat kids. We have full blooded Oberhaslis we are currently getting the herd registered. Will sell as bottle fed or weaned. All goats are healthy and well fed and ca... Tel: (989)366-0255 | 48629 | MI | 03/07/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: ADGA AGS NDGA NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT KIDS Taking free reservations now on upcoming AGS ADGA NDGA Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids to be born in late March through May. All of our buck and doe kids are ADGA registered before leaving and are registerab... Tel:  | 98951 | WA | 03/05/2015  | More Information

URGENT!! FOR SALE: REGISTERED MYOTONIC (FAINTING) GOAT BUCK He is a 100% registered fainting goat and is going for $400 OBO. We are located near louisville Kentucky and could possibly meet halfway.... Tel:  | 40077 | KY | 03/05/2015  | More Information

WANTED DAIRY GOATS PREFER FROM CLOSED MILKING HERDS 200 HEAD APPROX.... Tel: 941-232-4759 | 34219 | FL | 03/05/2015  | More Information

WANTED: SAANEN BUCK FOR BORROW I need a purebred saanen buck to borrow for 1 month to breed my purebred saanen doe. we can discuss the price.... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 03/04/2015  | More Information

BOTTLE BABY 4-H DAIRY WETHERS $50 have two nice thick Nubians that will fill out well for market wethers or make great pets. they are $50 each pics on request... Tel: 269-547-7834 | 49009 | MI | 03/03/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE GOAT BUCKLING/WETHER For sale, buckling born on Feb 28. He is 3/4 Alpine and 1/4 Saanen. I can turn him into a wether for you, if wanted. He will be disbudded at approximately 7 days old. He is currently on his Dam, but c... Tel: 218-688-3203 | 56715 | MN | 03/03/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 MONTH OLD OBERHASLI SANNEN BUCKLING OR WETHER NOT FOR MEAT PROCESSES Mango🐐🐐🐐 Born February 12, 2015 Took after purebred saanen father Alpine or alpine mix doe Yellow green eyes Disbudded Can be wethered upon request Ready to ... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 03/03/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 MONTH OLD SAANEN ALPINE BUCKLING OR WETHER NOT FOR MEAT PURPOSES Sesame🐐🐐🐐 Sweet bottle baby Born February 5, 2015 Purebred saanen father and alpine or alpine mix mother Yellow/green eyes Disbudded Can be wethered upon request... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 03/03/2015  | More Information

HAPPY HEALTHY BABY GOATS We have purebred Oberhasli kids, both doelings and bucklings that are looking for good homes this spring/summer 2015. All our goats are disbudded unless buyer asks otherwise and will with their first ... Tel: 207-867-4962 | 04853 | ME | 03/03/2015  | More Information

MYOTONIC (FAINTING) GOATS FOR SALE BUCKLINGS I have one buckling fainter goat for sale born3-1-15 he is being bottle fed. he is debudded Asking $175 if interested call or text Kim @ 810-543-0296... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 03/03/2015  | More Information

BABY GOATS FOR SALE! RESERVE NOW! FEW BOTTLE BABIES TOO I have currently two mixed breed bucklings that will be for sale when weaned. Born 2/28. Big 9lb boys. Would be excellent prospects for future packers. Dam is Togg/Ober from awesome milking lines and ... Tel:  | 12029 | NY | 03/02/2015  | More Information

BOER AND NUBIAN GOATS FOR SALE Boer Goats: full-bloods: Senior Herd Sire (dehorned), junior herd sire. Proven Does. 2 Doelings, 2 yearlings, 1 elder doe (perfect for someone who just wants a grass eater, lawn ornament, or someone n... Tel:  | 49021 | MI | 03/02/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 MONTHS OLD SAANEN ALPINE BUCKLING OR WETHER NOT FOR MEAT PURPOSES Kodie🐐🐐🐐 Sweet bottle baby Born February 5 2015 Cream colored baby took after purebred saanen father Mother is alpine or alpine mix Yellow/green eyes Dusbudded... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 03/02/2015  | More Information

TWO NUBIAN BUCKLINGS, DEHORNED Two bucklings from our best gallon milker are being offered. They should make good breeders. Will only hold for this one week and then they will be castrated. Call 1-218-666-6086 starting Tuesday ... Tel: !218-666-6086 | 55771 | MN | 03/02/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: FOREMOST - PUREBRED NUBIAN DAIRY GOATS 15 milking does, 3 to deliver in 2 wks, 6 yearling does, 12 8 wk old doelings. Herd is CAE/CL Free - Tested in Fall 2014.... Tel: 405-590-2562 | 73003 | OK | 03/01/2015  | More Information

LOOKING FOR A DAIRY GOAT FARM IN NORTHERN ILLINOIS WITH HERD TO BUY ALSO looking for the whole deal dairy farm and 250 or so dairy goats to ship milk... Tel:  | 60051 | IL | 02/27/2015  | More Information

NKR REGISTERED KIKO BUCK AND TWO DOES Nice, NKR registered Kiko buck. Solid white. Will be a year old in March, 2015. Has bred two does already. $350 for him. Also, two NKR registered does. These two does have not been exposed to a buck. ... Tel: 502-275-1320 | 40004 | KY | 02/26/2015  | More Information

WTB: GOAT BUCKS, WHETHERS AND BUCK KIDS Anyone have any goat buck kids available or coming this spring? Buying all purpose breeds (dairy, meat or hair) Even pygmy and fainter goats. You can call or text me at 715-931-0732 Thank You! Als... Tel: 7159310732 | 54734 | WI | 02/26/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Now is the time to reserve your spring kids! Our registered Nigerian Dwarf goats will begin kidding in March. Neutered males are $75 and we always sell out so make sure to reserve yours early. Doeling... Tel:  | 55398 | MN | 02/25/2015  | More Information

WANT TO HIRE NUBIAN BUCK FOR BREEDING I'm looking for a buck to breed my Nubian Doe. I would keep the buck for one month and return him after the breeding period is over.... Tel:  | 97750 | OR | 02/25/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE FAINTING GOATS BABIES/BABY Babies are arriving!! All our goats are dis budded (no horns) unless buyer asks otherwise. We play with the kids daily to make sure they are healthy and happy. They will get CD&T,dewormed and h... Tel: 320-358-3991 | 55069 | MN | 02/24/2015  | More Information

ALPINE DOE ADGA REGISTERED I'm selling a dry yearling Alpine doe. ADGA registered. She was born 2/13/14. She has outstanding genetics and has won Best Jr. Doe in Show at the county fair. Her dam is a good milker, she gave more ... Tel:  | 16946 | PA | 02/23/2015  | More Information

QUALITY NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE - HERD DISPERSAL! We are getting out of the goat business and offering our whole herd for sale. We have 1 herd buck buck, 3 adult does, 1 yearling doe, and two bottle baby doelings. Some with blue eyes and lots of co... Tel: 717-639-4028 | 17038 | PA | 02/23/2015  | More Information

WANTED: BOER OR KIKO BUCKLING Looking for either a full Boer or Kiko buckling, about 2-9 months old. Looking to purchase one, preferably at a low price, to raise and breed with my 2 Pygmy/Boers and 1 full Boer does. Good conformat... Tel: (352-)215-6093 | 32608 | FL | 02/23/2015  | More Information

ADGA NUBIAN BUCKLINGS ADGA Nubian bucklings born 2/14. Bottle-fed their dam's milk, Dam and sire (and rest of herd) CAE tested negative. Have never had CL on the farm. Disbudded, tattooed. Will sell with ADGA paperwor... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 02/22/2015  | More Information

ISO NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK FOR SALE OR LEASE Looking for a nigerian dwarf buck for sale or lease. Have a couple does to breed. Would like to try to get bred yet if possible. Prefer a registered buck. Thanks... Tel: 608 697 1198 | 53960 | WI | 02/22/2015  | More Information

ADGA REG. PB NUBIAN DOELINGS FOR SALE FOR SALE! 2 beautiful ADGA PB nubian doelings born on 1/29/15. Dam: DI RICH FARMS CECELIA   N15485333  Sire: M'S SAGEBRUSH MAXIM SPARTACUS N1630936 Both are from a CAE/CL/TB/BANGS FREE her... Tel: 6039443935 | 85354 | AZ | 02/19/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: FAINTING GOATS Babies are arriving at Playful Acres. Get your name on the waiting list. These babies will not last long. All will be registered with the American Fainting Goat Organization because they only register... Tel: 936 201 0907 | 75948 | TX | 02/19/2015  | More Information

ISO: FEMALE GOAT KIDS I'm looking to purchase 2 female goat kids. I don't want to spend obscene amounts for one. We aren't going to register them...they'll be for milk and pets. Email me with location and price. Thank you!... Tel:  | 12594 | NY | 02/19/2015  | More Information

SAANEN BABY GOATS FOR SALE IN CENTRAL LOUISIANA see for pictures and prices.... Tel:  | 71302 | LA | 02/19/2015  | More Information

ADGA AGS NIGERIAN DWARF KIDS AVAILABLE ADGA AGS Nigerian Dwarf Kids available three does, two bucks, and two wethers all kids have been disbudded and received their CDT Vaccinations. (256)605-0621... Tel: 256-605-0621 | 35765 | AL | 02/18/2015  | More Information

MINNESOTA DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION (MDGA) YOUTH DAIRY GOAT WORKSHOP Here is the flyer and registration form for our upcoming MDGA Youth Workshop. This is going to be a great educational event for anyone desiring to learn more about dairy goats! We have some excellen... Tel: 507-645-4368 | 55057 | MN | 02/18/2015  | More Information

TRI-COLORED BLUE-EYED MYOTONIC BUCKLING FOR SALE Beautiful mini 7 month old buckling with blue marbled eyes. $200. Pictures upon request. Serious inquiries only.... Tel:  | 49707 | MI | 02/18/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BABIES I have 5 beautiful babies for sale born February 6th and 8th 2015. Good milk lines.... Tel:  | 82721 | WY | 02/16/2015  | More Information

WANTED ANGORA GOATS Would ideally like a bred doe.... Tel:  | 03032 | NH | 02/15/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE -4H/FFA BOER KID GOATS Nice selection percentage kids. Born January and February. Black or red dappled, spotted, and traditionals. Disbudded and vaccinated. Come take a look.... Tel: 7409464255 | 43986 | OH | 02/14/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED ADGA NUBIAN GOATS Does $300 Bucks $400 wether $80 All kids are on the bottle (Born in Jan.) and disbudded. Good milking/show lines. Pruittville/Kastdemur/RW Please contact for more information!... Tel:  | 46947 | IN | 02/14/2015  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS We have had number of Nigerian Kids born in the last week or two. Currently there are 8 bucks and 4 does available. Does are $375, bucks are $250 and wethers are $75 each. A $75 deposit will hold unti... Tel: 256-657-6545 | 35978 | TN | 02/13/2015  | More Information

BUCKING KID FOR SALE For Sale: Accepting deposit on Alpine/Kiko/Oberhasli buckling. Dam is Alpine/Kiko and sire is Oberhasli. Born 2/7/15. Will be disbudded next week. Alpines and Oberhasli are valued milking goats. Ki... Tel: 814-827-7647 | 16354 | PA | 02/13/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS AND OLD PYGMY BUCK CHEAP PETS two wethers almost 2 yr old, 2 does middle aged If you are interested I can send a photo.... Tel: 7659947614 | 47355 | IN | 02/13/2015  | More Information

REGESTERED AMERICAN SAANEN YEARLING BUCK Located in Burlington, WI. Registered American Saanen yearling buck. Born 2/15/14. Good conformation, temperament, and milk lines. Dam milks 12+ pounds per day, and sire throws excellent milkers. Wou... Tel: (262)539-3015 | 53105 | WI | 02/13/2015  | More Information

8 MONTHS ABGA REGISTERED BUCK READY TO WORK Here is a really nice young buck with great genetics. I just need to make room for newborns coming soon! First 400.00 takes him home. Is a steal for this guy.... Tel: 2706341544 | 42718 | KY | 02/11/2015  | More Information

ADGA NUBIAN BUCKLING ADGA Nubian buckling for sale. Born 2/4. Will be disbudded and tattooed. Will sell with ADGA registration paperwork. Being bottle-fed his dam's milk. Sire and dam CAE negative. Dam is Goddard Farm lin... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 02/11/2015  | More Information

BOER GOAT PROSPECTS Venture to the Farm Day - April 18, 10:00-4:00. Tour the farm and if you like what you see, take home your 4-H & FFA Prospects that day! We’ve added new herd sires to bring you exciting new bloo... Tel:  | 56264 | MN | 02/11/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE LAMECHE GOATS I have Lameche goats (mixed breed)for sale . A mother with 1 girl and 1 boy. I am asking $200 each.... Tel: 864-809-0291 | 29301 | SC | 02/11/2015  | More Information

WANTED/LOOKING FOR: 1-2 PUREBRED ALPINE DOES OR DOELINGS AND A BUCKLING looking for 1 or 2 does or doelings 2months-3 years old (but i may take older does in consideration). Must be purebred alpines but i will take them without papers (pay less) i own a small family f... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 02/11/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: CABRIO KIDS FOR EASTER Order now for EASTER - Cabrio kids...(517)568-3129 Leave a message.... Tel: (517) 568-3129 | 49245 | MI | 02/10/2015  | More Information

WANTED YEARLING GOATS Looking for a female and male white or crème colored horned yearling goats. Female must be a milker.... Tel:  | 06489 | CT | 02/10/2015  | More Information

BOER KIDS I have boer kids born in jan and still coming in February for sale. 250$ for the Doelings and 200$ for the Billy's. They are full blood and have a lot of color. They have had there C D and T shots an... Tel: 5072739091 | 55983 | MN | 02/08/2015  | More Information

BOER/NUBIAN BUCK As the title states he is a Boer/Nubian Buck born 10-27-14 father is a purebred boer mother is a purebred Nubian... Tel: 5705066444 | 17771 | PA | 02/08/2015  | More Information

MSFG BUCK FOR SALE Registered MSFGA buck for sale - Thunderhead Lariat, born 3/31/13, asking $300, faints. Selling because we kept his siblings.... Tel: 5072510972 | 55935 | MN | 02/08/2015  | More Information

SAANEN KIDS WANTED I'm looking for a few american dairy goat association registerable Saanen doe kids. I would prefer Purebred but American registration is fine. They must be dehorned. I currently have a few goats and I... Tel:  | 48740 | MI | 02/08/2015  | More Information

BOAR GOAT WANTED Looking for a male boar goat for sale or lease for 2 months in the Glasgow KY area.... Tel:  | 42141 | KY | 02/06/2015  | More Information

BOTTLE BABY PYGMY GOATS FOR SALE I have several pygmy goats for sale Males & females available/. Please call 931-212-1211... Tel: 931-212-1211 | 37357 | TN | 02/06/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE BOER GOAT HERD I have a small herd of Boer goats for sale. One 3 year old billy white body with a light brown head, also have 3 does, 2 with white body's and brown head, the other doe is red. The does range in age ... Tel: 219-241-0637 | 47978 | IN | 02/06/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF We have two Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings born Jan 11, 2015. Both are Blue-Eyed bottle babies. One is Buckskin and horned, other is Black with White Star and polled. We can weather for pet or leave inta... Tel: (806) 676-9179 | 79119 | TX | 02/06/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Kids will be hitting the ground in late June. Get your reservations now. Bucklings are $150 and does are $200. Please visit our website for more info.... Tel: 8122697412 | 47117 | IN | 02/05/2015  | More Information

MDGA REGISTERABLE WHITE LAMANCHA WETHER Moose gets his name from just how big and stout he is. He is a miniature, but has some good solid bone. I had planned on keeping Moose as a pet, but I just do not have use for a wether and need to con... Tel:  | 83402 | ID | 02/05/2015  | More Information

SHADOWBROOK ACRES IS TAKING RESERVATIONS ON UPCOMING 2015 KIDS AND MILK DOES. JU Shadowbrook Acres is taking reservations on upcoming 2015 kids and milk does. Just send me your number or email and I will add you to our growing waiting list! Here at Shadowbrook Acres we are rap... Tel:  | 83402 | ID | 02/05/2015  | More Information

TMGR WHITE MINIATURE LAMANCHA BUCK TMGR Desertwinds Daze Registration # BL00164 (He can be double registered with MDGA). Dazed comes from the great breeders of The Geiser Ranch down in Pahrump, Nevada! He is a coming yearling and is a ... Tel:  | 83402 | ID | 02/05/2015  | More Information

WANTED BOER DOE GOATS Looking for some female boer goats to begin a herd. Would prefer 1-2 year old, will consider kids.... Tel: 423-460-1086 | 37683 | TN | 02/05/2015  | More Information

COMMERCIAL BOER BUCK $350 nice buck will be 2 in Feb. this will be my second round of kids so I need to change bucks. easy to handle (used to women) Currently in with my older bred does Is 100% & ABGA registered paperw... Tel: 269-547-7834 | 49009 | MI | 02/04/2015  | More Information

WANTED TO BUY 1-2 FULL SIZE NUBIAN NANNY GOATS Need nice NUBIAN Nanny Goats 6months old to 2 years old. Must be reasonably priced and nice looking Great Grand Daughter wants a pet goat to go with her minature horse.... Tel: 276-944-4661 | 24361 | VA | 02/04/2015  | More Information

OBERHASLI DAIRY DOE NEEDS BRED. Our little gal is not paper/registered. She gives great milk. Has a very pleasant attitude.... Tel: 260-385-9708 | 46703 | IN | 02/03/2015  | More Information

MALE PURE BREED PYGMY GOAT 4-H QUIALTY I have a male pure breed, agouti Pygmy goat. He was born January 27,2015 and will be ready for his forever home, just in time for 4-H. I'm able to band and de-horn him if needed. He will come with his... Tel:  | 47383 | IN | 02/01/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN AND LAMANCHA GOATS I have 4 nubian does, 4 lamancha does and 2 bucks ( one nubian and one lamancha). Pure breed. 1-3 years old.... Tel:  | 08535 | NJ | 01/31/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN KIDS FOR SALE born 1/14/14 2 females and 1 male pure bred no papers both parents on site on the bottle not mom asking 150.00or b/o call laura 231-587-4326... Tel: 2315874326 | 49659 | MI | 01/30/2015  | More Information

REG. GOOD PEDIGREE HERD SIRE BUCKLINGS Two Nigerian Dwarf bucklings from set of triplets. Multi brown black and white. Flashy and spunky little guys. One has blue eyes. Handled daily and will be gentle bucks. Show and milk bloodlines.... Tel:  | 38469 | TN | 01/30/2015  | More Information

WANTED TO BUY BOER KID DOE Wanted to buy 2 Boer kid doe 100%. Will bring home in March /April 2015. Have 4 year old grandkids that want to help grandma raise. Text or email... Tel: 231-942-9081 | 49651 | MI | 01/30/2015  | More Information

WANTED: MILKING NUBIAN OR NUBIAN X ALPINE DOE, MILK STAND BROKEN I am looking for a milking doe who is already milk stand broke. She need not be registered, but needs to be certified disease free. Horned is fine, as long as she is tame. If you are looking to decrea... Tel: 9858783901 | 70443 | LA | 01/30/2015  | More Information

2YEAR OLD ANGORA PROVEN DOE GOAT Proven, 2years old doe goat. Great mohair fleece, reverse badger, good milker. Asking $250 . Is in with fainting goat buck, on 11, 9, 13. Visit us FB Hart Homestead or Tel: 8103972342 | 48836 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

40 DAIRY GOAT DOELINGS 40 dairy doelings for sale. Born February through April. Mostly saanen with some alpine and oberhasli. All weaned. $150 each... Tel: 715-313-0637 | 54727 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED GOATS FOR SALE 1 dry yearling alpine $250 and 1 coming yearling experimental doe (alpine x togg cross) $200... Tel: 5176734902 | 49235 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

BOER GOAT KIDS FOR SALE ABGA FULLBLOOD, PERCENTAGE Boer Goats for sale ABGA full blood and percentage. Black and spotted genetics in all kids with Phantom of the Farm and League Ranch. Sept born kids will be ready to go soon. CAE and CL tested free he... Tel: 231-861-2677 231-206-4553 | 49446 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

BRED BOER DOE Four year old 50%Boer doe, bred to registered FB Boer buck for Jan/Feb kids. I have positive pregnancy test result from biotracking. She is dehorned and easy to handle. Her dam was a large Nubian/Alpi... Tel:  | 43567 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

DAIRY GOAT KIDS 2015 Dairy goat kids to be born from February to March and good to sell April to May Purebred Saanens Oberhasli saanen mixes Alpine saanen mixes Reserve quickly Also tell me if you want them de... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED BOER GOATS, PROVEN MOTHERS. Nice Boer does in SE KS. Fullblood, purebreds and percentage Boer does. Adults and kids available. Most have papers. Both traditional and colored, even some spots. Also have a few buck kids. Too many ... Tel:  | 66733 | KS | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: CAGBA REG. ANGORA BUCKLING Hi. I have one Buckling left from this Spring Kidding. He is one of a twin. with his parents about 80+pound each. has a nice start to a great set of horns. real nice curl in his Fleece comes from ... Tel:  | 45810 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: FAINTING GOAT/ REGISTERED BUCK For Sale: A MGR registered two year old fainting buck. Acres of Fun Raging Rampage is very friendly buck. Loves people. Has blue eyes, was a quad. A proven buck, 4 out of 5 of his kids had blue eyes f... Tel: 320-290-8482 | 16805 | MN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF BLUE EYED BUCKLING For Sale: Non-Registered Blue-Eyed (Buckling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $100.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF BLUE-EYES DOELING For Sale: Non-Registered (Doeling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $200.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy**... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF DOELING For Sale: Non-Registered (Doeling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $200.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy**... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT LOCAL FARM RESCUE Lowell Farm and Wildlife Center has a Christmas thru Lowell Fundraiser coming up on Feb. 15-17. Location is 12494 Vergennes Lowell MI 49331. Come visit us for great gifts, fun, and to support the an... Tel:  | 49331 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOAT MILK By the gallon fresh or frozen $10 or barter for hay/ eggs/feed... Tel: 5172506060 | 49201 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE I have a lot of goats and husband said I half to let some go. I have bore goats. Alpine oberhasli cross. Two reg Ober. Bucks. A And some yearlings. Priced to move please help he said he's goi... Tel: 9203750270 | 54937 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOATS MILK Goat milk for sale. We milk twice a day using clean technique and have a disease free herd. No CAE or other diseases. Our bucks are far away from our does so there is no "musty" taste or sme... Tel:  | 49201 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NIGERIAN STUD SERVICES OFFERED I have a tri colored, registered Nigerian dwarf buck up to date on all his shots and worming. Offering stud services. Doe must be up to date on her shots and worming as well and brought to us. $50 per... Tel:  | 54155 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

PUREBRED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS BORN JULY 5-9 These bucklings are from Ceasars villa and one with Ceasars villa and Rosasharn bloodlines. Ready to go @ 2 weeks as bottle babies to approved homes. These bucks would be great herd sires or pets. Ped... Tel: 919-623-0883 | 27523 | NC | 12/31/1969  | More Information

REGISTERED BABY NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE Moo Moo Meadows has a wonderful group of Doelings and Bucks that were Born In Jan. 2014 . They are exceptionally friendly-and the mothers are wonderful milkers and have beautiful dairy lines! They ... Tel:  | 01983 | MA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

SAANEN BUCK Saanen buck 8 months old and ready for breeding $200.00 Thor he is a very friendly goat we have two females and two buck s. Sadly one needs to go... Tel: 5678769034 | 43334 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

SAANEN GOATS 2 does both to kidd Feb.18-21 1 doe has partial horns 1 doe smaller ears from frost bite last year 1 wether that has horn Smaller sized Pasture and hay raised Located just outside Sandwich,IL $... Tel:  | 60545 | IL | 12/31/1969  | More Information

TRIO OF SAANEN GOATS 2 does one bred 1 whether has horns These 3 are small 1.5 yrs old Great pasture pals Sannen 60548 Sandwich IL area... Tel:  | 60545 | IL | 12/31/1969  | More Information

WANTED: REGISTERED PUREBRED NUBIAN OR SAANAN BRED DOES Will pay $150 to $300 per goat (Needs to be of show quality) Pictures needed!!!!!... Tel:  | 44878 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

WANTED; REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Looking for a very special buck.Bloodlines wanted are Gay Mor Kingwood,Little Rascals Black Dahlia,Twin Creeks Baywatch,Lost Valley close up in pedigree.Prefer parents that have been shown,LA,DHI.Must... Tel:  | 13830 | NY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

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