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Goats For Sale Or Wanted Classifieds

BOER PAINTED BUCK FOR SALE Boer painted buck, 1 1/2 years old. His sire is Asteroid, his mom was never reistered but is full boer.It is our second breeding season using him, We will use a different buck for next year.... Tel:  | 46348 | IN | 10/23/2014  | More Information

WANTED : 2 NANNY GOATS THAT HAVE BEEN BRED Looking for 2 nanny goats that have been bred please contact me at Tel: 7062371741 | 30161 | GA | 10/23/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE FULL BLOODED ANGLO NUBIAN BUCK This is Scout! He is a beautiful full blooded Anglo Nubian Milk Goat! Hes around 4 yrs old. He would make a good herd buck. The herd he is in now are about to have his babies in November or December. ... Tel: 2564048370 | 35078 | AL | 10/22/2014  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE lamancha dairy goat 2 years old. $300 6 kids 5 months old. 2 males and 4 females. $150 each. Call text 6085475022... Tel: 6085475022 | 53948 | WI | 10/22/2014  | More Information

WANTED DAIRY GOATS Wanting to purchase dairy goats 200-400 head quality milkers or bred goats wanting saanens and alpines willing to pay top dollar... Tel: (559)301-6856 | 93725 | WI | 10/22/2014  | More Information

CREEP FEEDER FOR GOATS/LAMBS $500.00 Tarter 650lb Creep feeder for lambs/goats. $500.00 Located in Gallia County,Ohio... Tel: 614-645-4876 | 45678 | OH | 10/21/2014  | More Information

3 YEAR OLD ADGA TOGGENBURG DOE 3 year old Toggenburg doe for sale. She has freshened 3 times and gives a lot of milk. She has been both hand and machine milked. Exposed to Just-Hanging- Low Dakota. She is registered with the ADGA. ... Tel:  | 49424 | MI | 10/20/2014  | More Information

BOAR BUCK SERVICE Boar Buck Goat Stud Service - $30 (Newark) 5 month old boar buck. He is not registered and i will send pictures if you are interested. We offer driveway breeding or we can board your does for thre... Tel:  | 43055 | OH | 10/20/2014  | More Information

GOATS- BUCKS AND DOES 1 Boer Buck redistered-$350 OBO 1 Registered Nigerian Buck-$150 1 Registered Nigerian Doe ( Possibly bred to Nigerian Buck)-$200 1 non-registered Nigerian Doe-$100... Tel: 231 923 0626 | 49349 | MI | 10/20/2014  | More Information

PYGMY GOATS FOR SELL Wanting to sell my herd of Goats, Have 3 pygmy billies,3 nannies,one nanny had twin buckling kids aug 31 2014. sell the kids to.Live in Paris, mo... Tel: 5734732238 | 65275 | MO | 10/20/2014  | More Information

WANTED TO BUY GOATS ANY SHAPE SIZE OR COLOR Looking to buy goats, please call.... Tel: 5072596856 | 55957 | MN | 10/20/2014  | More Information

WANTED: BLUE EYED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK on the search for one or two blue eyed ND bucks. No horns please, but manageable scurs are fine. Need not be registered, however correct conformation a must. I have does in the ballpark of 18-21"... Tel:  | 49651 | MI | 10/20/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE REGISTERED SAANEN BUCK Registered Saanen buck 1 1/2 years old. Used two years. Done breeding for this year and will need new buck next year. Very tame and produces nice offspring. Comes from good milking lines. Photo upon... Tel: 712-754-3490 or 712-461-2427 | 51249 | IA | 10/19/2014  | More Information

MINI NUBIAN BUCK YEARLING Nice, blue eyed, tri-colored buck. Asking $90.00 OBO.... Tel: 7152133871 | 54495 | WI | 10/19/2014  | More Information

SAVNNA BUCKLINGS FOR SALE My name is Raymond, I have for sale 18 total Savanna bucklings that where born between April 1st-April 17th. They're big, long and wide, and seem to have swagger. There's five bucklings I'd want be... Tel: 320-743-2150 | 55377 | MN | 10/19/2014  | More Information

% BOER BUCKLING FOR SALE We have a 75% boer/25% Nubian buckling for sale. This boy would make a great addition to a commercial breeding program. He was large at birth and has continued to grow well. He is a twin. Dam is 50% b... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 10/18/2014  | More Information

100% ABGA BLACK-HEADED BUCKLING FOR SALE/TRADE We have a 100% ABGA boer buckling for sale/trade. He was born 7/7/14. Triplet. Teats 2x2. Bite good. He is black-headed. His littermate sisters are traditional red-head and a black paint. Dam is tradi... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 10/18/2014  | More Information

ADGA NUBIAN BUCK FOR SALE/TRADE We will need to replace our ADGA Nubian buck before next breeding season. We only breed a few does each year, and have kept his daughters from last year. This boy has Six-Point Farm and Copper Hill br... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 10/18/2014  | More Information

GOAT MILKING EQUIPMENT Looking for goat milking equipment, milking stnds and feeders.... Tel: 231-287-2053 | 49631 | MI | 10/18/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI MYOTONIC / FAINTING GOAT BUCK For Sale: HANDSOME All white, Blue eyed fainting goat buck. Born 04/26/14: Great conformation! Parents are minis and registered with MGR. Dam raised, disbudded, tagged, vaccinated, very friendly. Woul... Tel: 715-497-8103 | 54022 | WI | 10/17/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI MYOTONIC / FAINTING GOAT DOE For Sale: Mini Fainting Goat Doe: 3 years old. Beautiful tricolor with golden eyes. Great conformation! MGR registered ID B3662. Twins last spring. Disbudded, vaccinated, tagged. Dam raised. Follows o... Tel: 715-497-8103 | 54022 | WI | 10/17/2014  | More Information

PUREBRED NUBIAN BUCK (SPOTTED) Born 3/11/14. He is purebred. His mom was not registered but came from registered stock and dad was registered. He will throw moon-spotted kids. He is dehorned. He was bottle fed so he is extremely ea... Tel: 2319204695 | 49651 | MI | 10/17/2014  | More Information

ABGA FULL BLOOD BOER BUCK ABGA red paint boer buck for sale, 100% full blood with papers. This buck is easily handled by our children. He was a singlet born May 1 & was 12# at birth. Sire ABGA 1620647 is solid red (with ... Tel:  | 49242 | MI | 10/16/2014  | More Information

ALPINE BOAR-REGISTERED WITH ADGA Beautiful brown and black Boar Alpine Goat registered with the ADGA. Born in the spring of 2014 and is ready for service. Very friendly. He has been disbudded but seems to be growing small horns whic... Tel: 434-969-1178 | 23921 | VA | 10/16/2014  | More Information

REG. OBERHASLI BUCKLING I have a buckling for sale. He is a light bay color with correct black markings. He is not reg. in ADGA yet but I will get him reg. before he leaves my farm. He is out of my herd sire and his sire has... Tel: 815-275-2353 | 61007 | WI | 10/16/2014  | More Information

SABLE DAIRY GOAT BUCK KID FOR SALE Sundgau colored Sable dairy goat buck kid offered for sale. He can be registered with ADGA. His sire is from Kapra Vista and his dam has Flick's Acres bloodlines. Bred for milk production and the s... Tel: 262-285-7118 | 53004 | WI | 10/16/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE NUBIAN BUCK $200 I have for sale an 18 month old Nubian buck. He is friendly and was bottle fed from birth as per CAE prevention. I have not had him tested. I have a small herd with three main does. I need to find him... Tel:  | 44216 | OH | 10/15/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN DOELINGS AND BUCKLING FOR SALE! I have three Nubian doelings ($100 ea) approx 4 months old and a buckling 4 months old $75) All disbudded. I can whether buckling for $25 extra if that is what you desire. I am located in between A... Tel:  | 44216 | OH | 10/15/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: SAVANNA SPANISH BILLY Proven breeding billy.1.5 years old 1/2 savanna 1/2 Spanish $350 please call Tawny 612-669-9280... Tel: 612-669-9280 | 55372 | MN | 10/14/2014  | More Information

COMPANION GOAT KID FOR SALE I have a 7 month old Alpine Doe kid for sale. Bottle raised and in good condition. Up to date with worming. She gets along very well with other animals and loves following people around. She also gets... Tel: (608) 786-2437 |  | WI | 10/13/2014  | More Information

AMERICAN NUBIAN MILKING YEARLING American Nubian Milking Yearling registered with ADGA. Shown here at the Walworth Co. fair. Peaked at 5.5 lbs. now only milking once per day and giving about a quart. Would make a nice house milker. R... Tel: 262-347-9454 | 53189 | WI | 10/12/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 BOER GOAT DOELINGS We have a 100% ABGA registered red boer doeling born in March 2014. She comes from long stocky parents. Good looking pedigree with some Ennoblements. She is very easy to handle and friendly. She leads... Tel:  | 06279 | CT | 10/12/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI-NUBIAN F2 BUCK Mini-Nubian F2 Buck for sale,Born 2012. The only reason we're selling him is because I have 3 other bucks, one of which is Green Gables Freedom Fighter. Asking $200. We live in Cromwell, Mn... Tel:  | 55726 | MN | 10/12/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI-NUBIAN/PYGMY (KINDER) BUCKLINGS We have 3 wethers for sale, asking $50 and the white one is a buck for $100 or he can be wethered too for $50. We live in Cromwell, Mn... Tel:  | 55726 | MN | 10/12/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED LAMANCHA GOATS FOR SALE(DOE KIDS) We have 2 doe kids for sale both were born in Feb.2014 both go with an application of registry for the ADGA.They can be bred this fall or kept as dry yearlings. we have a recorded grade doe out of ... Tel: 231-873-4548 | 49420 | MI | 10/12/2014  | More Information

TWO PURE BRED NUBIAN BUCKLINS I have 2 beautiful purebred register able Nubian buckling with great superior genetics behind them. I have to many bucks but these guys are to good for meat, their sire and dam are on sight. Grand-dam... Tel:  | 53073 | WI | 10/12/2014  | More Information

3 BOER CROSS BILLYS READY FOR FALL BREEDING. 175.00 EACH 217 368 3026 These goats are very tame and would make good 4 H projects... Tel: 217-368-3026 | 62044 | IL | 10/11/2014  | More Information

4 REGISTERED GRASS RAISED NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE! Four Purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale. Very nice starter herd. 1 bred doe, "Cuckoo's Nest Ranch TM Joanna" $500 OBO; due February, 2015 1 bred blue-eyed doe, "Shepherd's Mead... Tel:  | 29730 | SC | 10/11/2014  | More Information

ABGA BOER BUCK FULL BLOOD - $400 ABGA Boer Buck for sale, 100% full blood with papers. This buck is big enough to start fall breeding. He is easily handled by our children. Sire ABGA 1620647 is solid red (with spotted sire) that thro... Tel:  | 49242 | MI | 10/11/2014  | More Information

BRED MINI SILKY FAINTING DOE FOR SALE We are offering Chippewa Acres Lily bred to Mulberry Meadow's Orion. She is 4 years old and is due March 3, 2015. We are asking $400. Both Lily and Orion are registered. We are located in Elwell, Mi.... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 10/11/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED LAMANCHA BUCK, POSSIBLE BREEDING PAIR/TRIO Very mellow, good looking, friendly buck with a milking star. He was hand bottle fed and raised on CAE prevention. No health issues. Open Prairie genetics. I've kept some of his daughters and sadly I ... Tel: 2182055966 | 56586 | MN | 10/10/2014  | More Information

TWO DOE GOATS, ONE ALPINE, ONE MINI-ALPINE We have two nice does for sale, both were born this spring and are ready to breed anytime now. The Alpine doe is out of our best milker, she is not dehorned but is mild-mannered. We can breed her to o... Tel: 248-437-7354 | 48178 | MI | 10/10/2014  | More Information

DWARF NIGERIAN DAIRY GOATS Dwarf Nigerian dairy goats for sale. From registered stock. Great low prices. Please call 318-263-9640 for pricing and availability.... Tel:  | 71275 | LA | 10/09/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED BOER DOES AND DOELINGS FOR SALE. I have 3 registered boer does for sale and 3 doelings that will come with registration applications all that has to be done is sent out. Very nice does just cant afford to keep them anymore right now.... Tel: 570-251-0362 | 18472 | PA | 10/09/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Nigerian Dwarf Goats born in 2014. Handled and tame. This should be called the goat walking farm here. 2 smaller doelings one black with white marking and white doeling(not sisters), the black one s... Tel: 6054494330 | 57311 | SD | 10/08/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKS I have Nubian buck for sale for $125.00. Their mom is my best milker. He was born 5/3/2014. If interested, please call 715-453-2552. NO MEAT BUYERS... Tel: 715-453-2552 | 54487 | WI | 10/08/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: 4 REGISTERED BOER GOATS I have 4 registered boer goats. 2 does and 2 bucks. ! doe is red she is also bred 98.6% on papers, other doe is a traditional 100% on papers. Both bucks are 50% on papers. One is traditional other is ... Tel:  | 47265 | IN | 10/07/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN BUCKLING Young buck born 6/20/14. Out of Rosasharn May Applejack, his dam is Rosasharn Cape May Warbler. I bred the buck back to his daughter and she had 2 bucklings. Am selling one of them for 250.00. If you ... Tel:  | 48872 | MI | 10/07/2014  | More Information

SAANEN Im looking for some saanen does, please let ne know,Thanks... Tel: 605 2164361 | 57456 | SD | 10/07/2014  | More Information

WANTED: NUBIAN STUD SERVICE Wanted nubian buck to service my nubian doe. Central MN preferably (I only have 1 doe (maybe 2) to be bred so I don't want to buy a buck)😉... Tel:  | 56358 | MN | 10/07/2014  | More Information

** BOER GOATS BEST SALE *** ** boer goats best sale ***... Tel: 567-989-9864 | 90001 | CA | 10/06/2014  | More Information

ALPINE BUCK FOR SALE i have a 4 year old alpine buck for sale. He is from a good milk line and has some nice looking daughters. We need to sell due to the fact we don't want to breed his daughters. Were asking $350.00 for... Tel: 715-509-0004 | 54107 | WI | 10/06/2014  | More Information

GRASSE ACRES THOR BUCK FOR SALE Grasse Acres Thor DOB 04/20/13 Blue Eyes ADGA Registered Proven sired 3 kids this Spring Janesville WI $ 250 obo... Tel: 6087519790 | 53534 | WI | 10/06/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED MILKING GOAT FOR SALE/TRADE 6 yr. Registered American Alpine Milking Goat for sale($225), she is pretty, nice teats for milking, disbudded, and currently milking. Can be bred to our Registered Sable/Saanen buck upon request of ... Tel:  | 55362 | MN | 10/06/2014  | More Information


FOR SALE: SAVANNA AND TOGGENBURG GOATS FOR SALE AND MEAT Hi my name is Raymond, I am selling 4 Savanna mixed with Toggenburg does. They're pasture raised and free foraging, no growth hormones or steroids and free to browse large rotated pastures and wood... Tel: 320-743-2150 | 55377 | MN | 10/04/2014  | More Information

LAMANCHAS AND NUBIANS Three purebred LaMancha bucks for sale; ages vary from one to six years old. Registered, Kastdemur bloodlines, CAE Negative. Accepting offers. One late April purebred Nubian doe kid. Registered, d... Tel:  | 56215 | MN | 10/04/2014  | More Information

2 PUREBRED BOER GOAT DOES FOR SALE Two purebred Female Boer goats for sale. the oldest is almost 2 years old born in March of 2013 and the younger doe was born in April 2014. asking $250 for the oldest and $175 for the youngest. They a... Tel: 502-417-7224 | 40022 | KY | 10/03/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE REGISTERED SAANEN HERD *GREAT MILKERS* Selling most of my Saanen heard. A lot to choose from from all ages. All goats are healthy and ready to make a great addition to your heard. Calls only please thank you Dave 269-303-1365 or 269-672-74... Tel: 269-303-1365 | 49344 | MI | 10/03/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED YOUNG BOER BUCKS FOR SALE Three, awesome, registered, 5 month old boer bucks for sale. One is a Fullblood...ABGA registered at 100%. Dam is on our property, and is a paint. Sire has Rawhide Cyrus in his pedigree. The other... Tel:  | 61873 | IL | 10/03/2014  | More Information

ADGA PUREBRED REGISTERED NUBIAN DOELINGS I have 3 ADGA Purebred Registered Nubian Goat Doelings For Sale for $350 each. They were all born in March 2014 and have been disbudded, tattooed, dewormed and vaccinated. They all have hard copy regi... Tel: 931-670-2346 | 37098 | TN | 10/02/2014  | More Information


FOR SALE: MGR FAINTING (MYOTONIC) GOAT KIDS Myotonic Bucklings for sale $150 for buckling, $125 for weathers 3 Healthy, Beautiful blue eyed kids Ready to go to new homes. Parents MGR registered & on site. Kids are eating hay, goat feed ... Tel: 309-723-6272 | 61728 | IL | 10/02/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED MINI SILKY BUCK FOR SALE I have a 3 year old registered mini silky buck for sale. We are located in Elwell, Mi. See my website for more pics. Asking $100 This is not a pet. He is a breeding buck. To see one of his kids, check... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 10/02/2014  | More Information

WISCONSIN DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION (ARLINGTON) Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association annual field day on October 11th @9:00am in Arlington WI... Tel:  | 53956 | WI | 10/02/2014  | More Information

ABGA BOER DOE I have a Registered doe. born this spring for sale. can call or test anytime, 715 574 6428... Tel: 715 574 6428 | 54408 | WI | 10/01/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: PUREBRED KIKO PERFORMANCE BUCKS Premier Kiko production meat goat bucks ready to go to work. Various ages and colors. Excellent genetics from Dr. An Pieschel, Goats Unlimited. Kiko goats are low maintenance and high parasite resi... Tel: 607-760-5660 | 13790 | NY | 10/01/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS, REGISTERED, ND's out of great bloodlines. Kaapio Acres, Little Tots Estate, Critter Croft. Please visit our website for more information. Also available is a possible doe in milk. pet only. Doe kids are out of ... Tel: 269-673-9411 | 49010 | MI | 10/01/2014  | More Information

WANTED BABY GOATS AND BOERS We are looking for any baby goats, will take any age. And boer does. you can call or text 7155746428... Tel: 715 574 6428 | 54408 | WI | 10/01/2014  | More Information

ADGA PUREBRED REGISTERED NUBIAN GOAT BUCK I have an ADGA Registered Purebred Nubian Buck for sale for $350. His name is Southern Bell Move Like Jagger ADGA #N1598060. He is 2 years old, he is CAE Negative, has hard copy papers, has been disbu... Tel: 931-670-2346 | 37098 | TN | 09/30/2014  | More Information

PB NUBIAN BUCK FOR SALE 18 month old buck. Been with the girls here and ready to move on.good dairy background. Kids on the ground from last year. He needs to go $300 or will consider trades or offers.... Tel: 309-331-3681 | 62326 | IL | 09/30/2014  | More Information

YEARLING NUBIAN FOR SALE Blonde yearling Nubian doe pet quality very friendly 100.00 Call 734/260/4350... Tel: 734/260/4350 | 49240 | MI | 09/30/2014  | More Information

2 DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE OR TRADE I have a black and white Alpine doe and her 3 year old son (wether). They are attached so they must go together. I am getting out of dairy goats and that is why I am letting them go, I am getting Boer... Tel:  | 45153 | OH | 09/29/2014  | More Information

ALPINE 2 YEAR OLD MILKER AND DRY YEARLING DAUGHTER - WINDR . We live in Baileyville, IL (close to Freeport-Rockfodr). However, we will be traveling to Terre Haute, IN on Friday, October 3rd (maybe the 4th instead), and October 10th. We could bring along for... Tel: 815-541-0916 | 61007 | IN | 09/29/2014  | More Information

ALPINE GOATS FOR SALE I have a couple 2014 alpine does and bucks for sale they are all ADGA reg. animals there dams and sires are proven winners please email or text 715-851-2130... Tel:  | 54929 | WI | 09/29/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLING W REG APPLICATION FOR SALE 6 month old Nubian buckling for sale. Paperwork for ADGA included. Sire and dam on site. Nice guy with great color. 309-331-3681 $150.00 location 62326... Tel: 309-331-3681 | 62326 | IL | 09/29/2014  | More Information

BOER DOE FOR SALE Proven Boer Doe, Commercial, Very Solid, Traditional Color, $225.00, Clearwater, MN... Tel: Cell 847-890-3433 Home 763-878-2649 | 55320 | MN | 09/28/2014  | More Information

LARGE SURGE MILK VEYOR FOR HONEY, MAPLE SYRUP (GLADWIN) I have a hard to find large surge stainless milk veyor (conveyor) on wheels for sale or trade It can be used for milk or making maple syrup or anything else for that matter... Tel:  | 48624 | MI | 09/28/2014  | More Information

MILKING GOATS WANTED Looking for 2-4 milking does, must be bred for next season, and disease free.... Tel: 231-287-2053 | 49631 | MI | 09/28/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN/ALPINE CROSS BUCK FOR SALE $80.00 Downsizing our herd! Nubian Alpine cross 3 year old buck. Large, but very friendly.Located in Sycamore,Illinois... Tel: 815-995-0542 | 60178 | IL | 09/28/2014  | More Information

PYGMY BUCK 3 year old Pygmy buck. Very friendly $40.00 Located in Sycamore,IL... Tel: 815-995-0542 | 60178 | IL | 09/28/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED ANGORA GOATS FOR SALE We have 14 angora does for sale ages 6 months to 18 months. All are registered with CAGBA.... Tel: 715-675-0784 | 54401 | WI | 09/28/2014  | More Information

EXTREME MINI SILKY DOE FOR SALE Sophie is a 2 year old registered doe. She gave birth to quadruplets this year. Only selling her because I only have one buck that I can breed her to. $600 bred to Ares, or $600 with her 2014 doeling.... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 09/27/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 SAANEN DOE KIDS AND 1 BUCKLING doe kid out of Irish Valley Common Satire, sire-Crouches CMA3 Jack (born 4-15-2014) doe kid out of Springfield-Oaks Doc's Annie, sire-Crouches CMCA3 Jack (born 4-24-2014) buckling out of Springfi... Tel: 586-530-7563 | 48446 | MI | 09/27/2014  | More Information

REG. MINI SILKY BUCK FOR SALE $100 Ares is a gorgeous 4 year old mini silky buck out of Flying J Fainters. We are located in Elwell, Mi. which is 15 min south of CMU. We are asking $100. This is not a pet. He's a breeding buck. If you ... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 09/27/2014  | More Information

WE HAVE 4 MINI SILKY KIDS LEFT. If you are looking for breeding stock, show animals or a sweet, friendly pet, check out our website. We have 4 doelings left. I am asking $400 each. I offer a discount if you purchase multiple kids. ... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 09/27/2014  | More Information

COLORFUL PUREBRED NIGERIAN BUCK KIDS AVAILABLE We have some cute Purebred Nigerian Dwarf buck kids available to loving homes. All out of registered stock. Selling for $75 cash each without registration. Lots of cute little ones to chose from. ... Tel:  | 55051 | MN | 09/26/2014  | More Information

WANTED 2 PYGMY BABY GOATS FOR PETS. would like to find 2 baby to bottle feed. boy or girl Pet Quality only.... Tel: 5074563414 | 55021 | MN | 09/26/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE PUREBRED REGISTERED NUBIAN BUCK ADGA registered buck, born April 8, 2014. Structurally correct, gentle personality & from good show/dairy lines. Dam is FSF Bold Kahlua & Cream. Sire is Pruitville's A/M Compass. For more info... Tel: 218-681-0323 | 56725 | MN | 09/24/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED AM ALPINE BUCK American Alpine buck born 02/09/14, ready for breeding season. Registered and from highly productive stock. $300... Tel:  | 22066 | VA | 09/24/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED AM ALPINE DAIRY GOAT We are reducing our herd and have one 4 year old second freshened doe left. She is currently fresh (02/09/14) and producing 1/2gallon per day, early season heavy producer. ADGA registered. Good udder ... Tel:  | 22066 | VA | 09/24/2014  | More Information

DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE I have two Alpine dry yearlings for sale ($100 each) and two Alpine/Saanen cross doelings born in April of this year for sale ($75 each). All come from good farm milkers. I can text pictures upon requ... Tel: 218-688-3203 | 56715 | MN | 09/23/2014  | More Information

BOER CROSS WEATHER BUCK This guy was born in February this year and was purchased by my daughter for a meat goat for fair. Well he turned out to be a cross and didn't make weight. He is super friendly and does good for showm... Tel: 517-548-2497 | 48855 | MI | 09/22/2014  | More Information

LIVESTOCK BOX FOR TRUCK BED Handy way to transport your small livestock, no need to drag the trailer out. Good for goats, sheep, pigs, calves, mini horses, what have you. Even large dogs could ride back here. Fits in full size p... Tel: 9513546195 | 92504 | CA | 09/22/2014  | More Information

LLAMA FOR TRADE We'd like to trade our male llama, who is 2 years old, for a different type of livestock. We just aren't able to take care of him like we should. He is a registered suri, and is a beautiful white with... Tel: 248-437-7354 | 48178 | MI | 09/22/2014  | More Information

WANTING TO BUY SAANEN DOES OR DOELINGS.PREFER WITHIN 150 MILES OF QUINCY,IL. Saanen can be cross don't have to be pure.... Tel:  | 62320 | IL | 09/22/2014  | More Information

YEARLING BOER DOES i have three yearling boer does for sale. all three have kidded one kid still on site. saanen/boer doe 50% abga reg. $250 firm unregistered boer doe $250 unregistered boer doe (one kid on ... Tel: 269-547-7834 | 49009 | MI | 09/22/2014  | More Information

YOUNG DAIRY GOATS 10 young does born the end of February. (1 Sannen, 3 lamanchas, 3 toggenbergs and 3 alpines) 1 alpine billy (unrelated) born the end of February, and a dairy breed wether that is about 1 year. Asking ... Tel: 715-533-5930 | 54813 | WI | 09/22/2014  | More Information

BOER DOES PUREBRED ABGA AND FULLBLOOD ABGA BUCK FOR SALE We have a group of ABGA registered boers for sale. Purebred does and percentage does exposed to our 100% fullblood ABGA registered show winning buck on his way to ennoblement! Get some sure to be NI... Tel:  | 61873 | IL | 09/21/2014  | More Information

BOER GOAT Looking to get a goat for my granddaughter for 4H for next year. Need a goat that is born after Jan 1, 2015.... Tel: 814 418 2905 | 15942 | PA | 09/21/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF WETHER "Buckeye" Purebred Nigerian Dwarf. Born April, 14, 2014 Non-Registered. Wethered. Dehorned. $100... Tel:  | 56714 | MN | 09/21/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED FRENCH ALPINE DAIRY GOAT FOR SALE Registered French Alpine Dairy Goat for Sale In milk. First lactation and kidded twins. We do not have internet at home, so please CALL. 740-506-2309 $200 OBO... Tel: 740-506-2309 | 43843 | OH | 09/20/2014  | More Information

3 YR OLD ALPINE BUCK skeeter is a 3yr old alpine 'blonde'alpine buck. He is structurally sound, good temperment and ready to be in his 'forever' home. He is not registered, therefore would be ideal for the small breeder... Tel:  | 49088 | MI | 09/19/2014  | More Information

DAIRY BUCK $125 Beautiful guy. 3/4Nubian,1/4Saanen We call him Buddy. If we were showing him we'd call him Handsome Devil. Lovely to work with- not aggressive to handle, usually comes willingly, trained to a chain ... Tel:  | 55398 | MN | 09/19/2014  | More Information

ABGA BOER DOES FOR SALE PERCENTAGES AND FULLBLOODS, SHOW QUALITY OUT OF ENNOBLED 1 Fullblood Brood Doe $800.00 ABGA #10392650 Broilermaker, Downen Design 19, Downen P177, FSE, PAR5 1 Fullblood Show Doe, CORRECT $350.00 ABGA # 10653235 Sire AFBG WHAT SHE NEEDS **ENNOBLED** 1 Perc... Tel:  | 62515 | IL | 09/17/2014  | More Information

ADGA AMERICAN NUBIAN DOES & BUCKS FOR SALE We have does in milk, doelings and bucks available now! CAE/Johnes/Brucellosis/CL negative herd, all G6S normal. Please visit the website for additional photos and prices.... Tel:  | 14805 | NY | 09/17/2014  | More Information

ADGA NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Gold with black mask white moon spots this Yrs Kid Ready For Does All Neg On Test Healthy Herd Pls Call 1-603-989-3213 or Text 1-603-348-3518 Askin 200.or Will Do Trades Also Can Send Pics To A Email ... Tel: 1-603-989-3213 | 03765 | NH | 09/17/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Must Sell: registered Two yr old Nigerian Dwarf Buck. Blue eyes ;Black and white pinto ; shots UTD; friendly $50 Two yr old Nigerian Dwarf Doe; shots UTD; $40 two nigerian wethers; 5 months old; sho... Tel:  | 49781 | MI | 09/17/2014  | More Information

KIKO BUCKS 2014 KIKO PUREBRED BUCKS STRONG AND HEALTHY ONLY A FEW OF OUR MALES MAKE IT TO BUCK STATUS... Tel: 316-747-2749 | 67039 | KS | 09/17/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DOE ADGA Chocklet with moon spots born this feb great doe asking 300. Or 250. With out papers pls call must puck up or have a luvestock truck pick up 1-603-989-3213... Tel: 1-603-989-3213 | 03765 | NH | 09/17/2014  | More Information

LOOKING TO BUY LA MANCHA (MINI) GOAT FEMALE I am looking to buy a mini la mancha doe I am in AZ please email me thank you.... Tel: (520)366-6082 | 85635 | AZ | 09/16/2014  | More Information

2 VERY FRIENDLY ALPINE GOATS BORN THIS PASS SPRING FOR SALE 2 alpine males born this pass spring and kept as pets free roaming the yard. Was told they are registerd when we bought them. $300obo for pair I do not want to separate them. Please contact if you h... Tel: (517) 425-0150 | 49242 | MI | 09/15/2014  | More Information

ABGA REG. HIGH PERCENTAGE DOES AND BUCKS FOR SALE We have a group of ABGA registered boers for sale. Purebred does... our of state fair and NAIL champion Rawhide Cyrus and Status Quo to our 100% fullblood ABGA show winning buck on his... Tel:  | 61873 | IL | 09/15/2014  | More Information

ANGORA GOATS FOR SALE Downsizing our goat herd 4 year old taupe buck 300.00 yearling white angora/ saanen doe 150.00 4 year old badger angora doe 200.00 Will sell all 3 as package for 600.00 Call 734/260/4350... Tel: 734/260/4350 | 49240 | MI | 09/15/2014  | More Information

WANTED MEAT GOAT DOES I am looking for at least 3 boer X does that will produce good babies. Willing to travel... Tel:  | 58018 | ND | 09/15/2014  | More Information

100% New Zealand Bucklings... Tel: 918-569-4413 | 74560 | OK | 09/14/2014  | More Information

DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE Eliminating small herd. Two adult does still milking 1/2 gal each. $100.00 ea. Two dry does.$75.00 ea. Buck $75.00 All goats are saaneen nubian cross. It would be best to call.since we... Tel: 1-218-666-6086 | 55771 | MN | 09/14/2014  | More Information

BOER MIXED GOATS FOR SALE For sale are two six month old Boer/Nubian bucks, Rocky is marked like a traditional South African Boer goat, he is well mannered, stocky, kid friendly, show quality buck and will make a wonderful stu... Tel:  | 37035 | TN | 09/13/2014  | More Information

PUREBRED PYGMY BUCK FOR SALE Purebred pygmy buck born 3/31/13. Not registered. $200 Located in Huntington, IN... Tel: 260-344-1637 | 46750 | IN | 09/13/2014  | More Information

BOER AND KIKO Beautiful boer and kiko goats for sale or rent, some are registered and non registered, contact Us at 706-594-1910, ask for Chris,... Tel:  | 30230 | GA | 09/11/2014  | More Information

KIKO BUCKS FOR SALE We have 4 beautiful boys available all update with there shots very easy to handle asking $200 and up.... Tel: 7703348608 | 30124 | GA | 09/11/2014  | More Information

SHOW BOER GOAT HERD DISPERSAL Boer Goat Herd Dispersal. I am going off to college and don't have the time to give them the attention they deserve. Does can be sold bred. Herd names include Wetherell, Lazy Raven, and Namchick Boer ... Tel:  | 60468 | IL | 09/11/2014  | More Information

2 NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLING GOATS Rascal is white with black frosting, born 3/18/14. He is registered IDGA, RGA 50%, mom is listed in foundation book, dad is purebred. Thumper is brown with white born 4/24/14. He is able to be regist... Tel: 317-270-8316 | 46180 | IN | 09/10/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: BLUE EYED MYOTONIC / FAINTING BUCK For Sale: All white, Blue eyed fainting buck. Born 0426/14: Great conformation! Parents are minis and registered with MGR. Dam raised, disbudded, tagged, vaccinated, very friendly. Would be great add... Tel: 715-425-8063 | 54022 | WI | 09/10/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI MYOTONIC / FAINTING GOAT DOE For Sale: Mini fainting goat: 3 year old doe: gorgeous tricolor with dramatic face mask and 4 brown socks. Nice Conformation. MGR registered. Delivered twins last spring. Dam raised, disbudded, vaccin... Tel: 715-425-8063 | 54022 | WI | 09/10/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE I have registered nigerians that I will sell with no papers for 150 for doelings, 200 for bred does. From excellent bloodlines.... Tel:  | 49455 | MI | 09/10/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN/ PYGMY CROSSED KIDS Three kids for sale one buck born 7/8/14 and two does one born 6/1/14 the other 6/22/14. The blue one is the buck. Asking $150.00 each. Up to date on CD/T and has been wormed. Was raised by mom for 3 ... Tel: 2566104575 | 36278 | AL | 09/10/2014  | More Information

ALPINE DOE 5 yo unregistered Alpine doe previously freshened, currently dry. UTD on CDT and recently dewormed.... Tel:  | 06351 | CT | 09/09/2014  | More Information

MINI ALPINE DOELING FOR SALE Windy is a very friendly doe. She was born this past March. She has blue eyes and is polled. She is available for $150.00 to a pet or dairy home only.... Tel: 708-769-0512 | 60417 | IL | 09/09/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKS 2 early born 2014 bucks 1 white/faint tan spots one reddish/brown both are acting like bucks ready to be put to work. Both were out of twins. $75 each... Tel: 2187591573 | 56601 | MN | 09/09/2014  | More Information

AMERICAN ALPINE DOE - REGISTERED We are downsizing our goat herd since the kids have decided not to show next year. W have a beautiful Sundgau American Alpine Doe. She's ADGA Registered. Tattooed. D.O.B 4/25/14. She's a beautiful... Tel: 517-927-8595 | 48895 | MI | 09/08/2014  | More Information

GREY AGOUTI PYGMY BUCK - PURE BRED, REGISTERED We have decided to sell our Pygmy Grey Agouti Buck: Registered. Tattooed. D.O.B. 5/1/25014. I'm hesitant to sell this buck because he's so nice. I don't have a doe to breed him too so I can't justify ... Tel: 517-927-8595 | 48895 | MI | 09/08/2014  | More Information

TOGGENBURG BUCKS FOR SALE -- ADGA REGISTERED & READY TO BREED It's breeding season and we have the bucks for you "on sale" -- several ADGA-registered young Toggenburg bucks need to find new work. Prices start at $300 for these quality bucks out of perm... Tel: 712-470-3289 | 51247 | IA | 09/08/2014  | More Information

BOER. PYGMY. AND A BOER/PYGMY Each is $75 unless u take them all.Then we can negotiate 1. pure pygmy Billy (male) no registration 2 mixed Billy mom is Boer dad is pygmy ready to kidd. Both parents were 3. Pure Boer billy... Tel:  | 95628 | CA | 09/07/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKS I have two Nubian bucks that were born May 3, 2014. Ready to breed this Fall. They are twins from my best milker.... Tel: 715-453-2552 | 54487 | WI | 09/07/2014  | More Information

WANTED: DAIRY GOAT OR 2 FOR SMALL FAMILY HOMESTEAD We are looking for a doe or two to raise for milk and cherish a s a pet. Looking for an animal that was raised with love and care but the family is ready to move on to something else. If you have lo... Tel: 4195511734 | 43567 | OH | 09/07/2014  | More Information

DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE I'm selling a small, CAE negative herd of Oberhasli and an Alpine for a friend, due to them moving. They are all registered/registerable with ADGA and are show quality. There are twin April-born doe... Tel:  | 16946 | PA | 09/06/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE 2 MINI-NUBIAN BUCKLINGS I have 2 MIni-Nubian Bucklings for sale. They were born May 29, 2014. Their Sire is Green Gables USG Freedom Fighter *B*V. Asking $200 each or best offer. You can go to my web site to see the Sires pe... Tel:  | 55726 | MN | 09/06/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: REG. NIGERIAN DWARF DOELING We have a Doeling for sale, asking $200 each or best offer. Very friendly. My Granddaughter has them walking on a leash. We live in Cromwell, Mn... Tel:  | 55726 | MN | 09/06/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 REG. NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS I have 2 bucklings for sale for $200 each or $75 if you would like them wethered for a pet. Just the 2 brown/white have blue eyes. Dam for the first pic is Shere Country Z Belita. The Dam for th... Tel:  | 55726 | MN | 09/06/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: PYGMY DOES I have 4 Pygmy Does for sale. Asking $50 each. #1 is Licorice(SOLD) #2 is Junebug, mother to Cuddlebug who is #3, #4 is Thelma & Louise, I'd like for these two to go together if they could, becaus... Tel:  | 55726 | MN | 09/06/2014  | More Information

GOAT FOR SALE BOER BILLY GOAT 15 week old boer billy goat for sale about 40 pounds or so healthy and well built asking 130 obo... Tel: 17172704182 | 17038 | PA | 09/06/2014  | More Information

SAVANNA BUCKS Full blooded registered Savanna Bucks for sale.... Tel: 859-428-3076 | 41035 | KY | 09/05/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE 2 REG. LAMANCHA BUCKLINGS Born early April $200 each Call Kris @ 612-578-9798 or email Tel: 612-578-9798 | 55033 | MN | 09/04/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE VERY NICE REG. NUBIAN YRLG BUCK Sire was Premiere sire 2011 Mn State Fair $400 Call Kris @ 612-578-9798 or email Tel: 612-578-9798 | 55033 | MN | 09/04/2014  | More Information

JUVENILE NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT HERD TWO DOES AND ONE BUCK ... Tel: 6789068208 | 30683 | GA | 09/04/2014  | More Information

YOUNG NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT HERD 2 TWIN DOES AND 1 BUCK BLUE EYES Does - Hugs and Kisses are their names. Hugs has the pink collar and has blue eyes. Kisses has the blue collar. They are 6 months old and super sweet. They are twin sisters. Absolutely beautiful gals.... Tel: 6789068208 | 30683 | GA | 09/04/2014  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED OBERHASLI FOR SALE 1st pic Indigo Run Towering Inferno AB1427069 - $250 2nd pic Indigo Run TL Jamison AB1672096 - $200 3rd pic Dairylicious BR Bentley AB1637884 - $300... Tel:  | 45153 | OH | 09/03/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE REGISTERED LAMANCHA DOE 2 YEARS OLD $100 2 year old black and white Lamancha doe. She is lactating now. She had her first kid this spring. $100.... Tel: 507-320-8048 | 56097 | MN | 09/03/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED PUREBRED LAMANCHA BREEDER MALE $150. 3 MONTHS OLD. 3 month old black and white intact male Lamancha with beautiful markings. He was born here on 5-28-14 and is pictured with his mother. $150.... Tel: 507-320-8048 | 56097 | MN | 09/03/2014  | More Information

WANTED: NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK STUD SERVICE Looking for nice buck, doesn't have to be registered, for my two does. Please call/email to discuss your price, logistics, etc. Thanks, Kristine... Tel: 608 697 3786 | 53954 | WI | 09/03/2014  | More Information

BEAUTIFUL WHITE LEGHORN ROOSTER I have a beautiful 1 yr old leghorn rooster for sale. he will make a nice addition to any flock and isn't aggressive.the only reason I'm selling him is because I have to many roosters!. asking $5 OBO... Tel:  | 49349 | MI | 09/02/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE REGISTERED LAMANCHA DOE 2 YEARS OLD $100 2 year old black and white Lamancha doe. She is lactating now. She had her first kid this spring. $100.... Tel: 507-320-8048 | 56097 | MN | 09/02/2014  | More Information

** HERD REDUCTION ** NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE ** HERD REDUCTION ** Junior Does, $125.00 and up. Brood does, $100.00 and up, Breeding packages available, buy 4 does and will throw in a buck. Blue eyes Brood does, $150 each, package price, buy 2, and will give 1/... Tel:  | 48822 | MI | 09/01/2014  | More Information

2015 DAIRY GOAT BREEDINGS Our breeding list is now set & breeding season is beginning. We will have some exceptionally nice & well bred kids for sale - both Lamancha and Alpine. All are tested negative for TB, Brucello... Tel: 8142852778 | 16650 | PA | 09/01/2014  | More Information


REGISTERED LAMANCHA BUCK Lamancha buck kid for sale.. he was raised on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk, current on vaccinations, and is disbudded. he will be ready for breeding this fall - he is already breeding. ... Tel: 8142852778 | 16650 | PA | 09/01/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE ALPINE MALE GOAT Beautiful , healthy Alpine pure breed Male excellent for breeding... Tel: 703-898-8820 | 20833 | MD | 08/31/2014  | More Information

KENSING SPANISH MEAT GOAT BUCKLING Full blood Kensing Spanish buckling, born 7/13/2014, $125.00.... Tel:  | 46901 | IN | 08/31/2014  | More Information

SAANEN GOAT KIDS Out of Registered Buck, good solid stock. One buck, well put together, and 4 females, all out of good production females. All about 4-1/2 months old, friendly and manageable. $125 for females, 100 for... Tel: 9898599236 | 48657 | MI | 08/31/2014  | More Information

2 NUBIAN BUCKLING I have two Nubian bucks for sale. Born May 3th, 2014. Should be ready for Fall breeding. They are twin from my best milker. One is black with wide white blaze with brown and white markings. The other... Tel: 715-453-2552 | 54487 | WI | 08/30/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: 100% ABGA REGISTERED BLACK BOER BUCK! CCR1 Havoc Static Relay ABGA Fullblood DOB: 01/18/13 SIRE: OH26 Static's Full Charge DAM: CCR1 Dancing Queen This buck is a proven sire with two kids on site. We are selling him due to room ne... Tel: 3305028746 | 44440 | OH | 08/30/2014  | More Information

GOAT BUCK-ADGA-REGISTERED (PUREBRED) FRENCH ALPINE - $100 PA1694024 - FELDPAUSCH FRENCH FEDISON 06/07/2014 - 40 pounds Edison is a brown chamoise French Alpine buck who was born on June 7th. He was disbudded at about a week old. We have a small (2 doe) clos... Tel: 989-640-7893 | 48873 | MI | 08/30/2014  | More Information

KIKO KID GOATS FOR SAVE High quality kilo goats available. For additional info go to http:/ Tel:  | 30124 | GA | 08/30/2014  | More Information


PUREBRED REGISTERED LAMANCHA DOELING Born Feb 2014 from excellent milking and show lines. Show all summer by 4-H kids and would make an excellent doe for a 4h er to show next year. Very quality bucks on site that she can be bred to if yo... Tel:  | 53168 | WI | 08/29/2014  | More Information

WANTED BUCK GOAT Looking for two Diary Buck Goats for breeding my Doe Goats. Would like yearlings or older. Looking for good Dam, sirer.... Tel: 920-070-7435 | 53010 |  | 08/29/2014  | More Information

2 ALPINE DOES + MILKSTAND 2 Alpine does. One is registered and in milk. The yearling was born 7/13. The adult doe has been milked through without rebreeding since 7/13. They aren't on commercial feed and are fed no GM crops (s... Tel: 231-882-9461 | 49616 | MI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

BOAR GOAT BUCK FOR SALE I have one boar goat buck he is about one in a half he is white with a brown head. he was one of our bottle babes. vary tame. the reason we are trying to sell him is because we don't have vary many do... Tel: 219-241-0637 | 47978 | IN | 08/28/2014  | More Information

BOAR GOATS FOR SALE I have two boar goats one buck one doe the male can be registered and the doe is registered they ate both tame the doe was a bottle baby she a year in a half the buck is two in a half. i would like 5... Tel: 219-241-0637 | 47978 | IN | 08/28/2014  | More Information

BOER BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Purebred Boer buckling and % bucklings for sale. Black-headed buckling: triplet, born 7/7, dam and sire ABGA registered, will sell with reg. paperwork. $250 at weaning. Tan paint: triplet... Tel: - |  | WI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

BOER DOES FULLBLOOD/UNREGISTERED Have several fullblood registered abga boer does and doelings and a unregistered long caped spotted doe and matching 6 month old doeling. Starting at $150 and up. Most does are out of my son of rrd ra... Tel:  | 42728 | KY | 08/28/2014  | More Information

FAINTING GOAT AND MINI SILKY FAINTING GOAT KIDS FOR SALE 4 fainting goat kids are left. Thor is a black and white buckling with bright blue eyes. MGR and MSFGA $150 Patch is a white buckling with black and brown around his eye. Brown eyes MRG and M... Tel:  | 53038 | WI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE HERD OF 4 GOATS ..PRICE REDUCED!!! Our Daughters has decided their not going to show the goats anymore, and moved their interest to Rabbit showing. Not fair for these goats to not get attention they so love. We have had these 4 for 2 y... Tel: 616-260-0821 | 48809 | MI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

PYGMY OR FAINTING Looking For Pygmy Or Fainting Does Or Doelings To Add To My Small Herd Of 5Goats.Let Me Know What You Have .... Tel:  | 45786 | OH | 08/28/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Kinder Korners Awesome Andy. He's very well mannered has beautiful kids but I want all my nigerians gone. I will drive an hour to meet you. I can send you registration information if you e-mail or tex... Tel: 7159656565 | 54470 | WI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF DOE FOR SALE Oak hollow acres black berry. She's a great mom and a good milker. I'm selling all my nigerians and she needs to go. I will drive an hour to meet you. I can send registration information and more pict... Tel: 7159656565 | 54470 | WI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: LAMANCHA WETHERS Twin bucklings born April 15, 2014; are weaned now so can go anytime. Not disbudded. For pets or meat; asking $60 each, $100 for both. Sale Pending...... Tel: 2318616703 | 49455 | MI | 08/27/2014  | More Information

POLLED BILLY GOAT Wanted: a polled billy goat... Tel: 19063224282 | 49774 | MI | 08/27/2014  | More Information

WANTED: SAANAN, TOGENBERG, AND NUBIAN DOES/ MINIATURE CATTLE/ FAT TAIL SHEEP restarting my dairy in central florida and i am currently seeking 3 of each of the animals listed above......... Tel: 386-279=2904 | 32738 | FL | 08/27/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKSKIN BUCK This gorgeous nigerian dwarf buck would make a great breeding buck or pet. Dehorned, buckskin paint with blue eyes. Born January 28, 2014. Very small. 570-673-3925.... Tel: 570-673-3925 | 16926 | PA | 08/25/2014  | More Information

PYGMY WETHERS! I have 5 pygmy wethers for sale. 2 older ones for $30 each(black and grey marbled), 2 younger ones for $25 each(Black and brown with white stripe), one even younger one for $20.(brown with white tuft)... Tel: 1-507-766-9825 | 55385 | MN | 08/25/2014  | More Information

WANTED: GOAT(S) FOR LAND CLEARING NEAR LANCASTER PA Looking for rental of goat or goat(s) to graze on our wooded lot and clear some poison ivy and other weeds. Have never done this before, but rent-a-goat sites are based too far away.... Tel: 717 823 3573 | 17543 | PA | 08/24/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: 2 ALPINE/NUBIAN CROSSES - DOE AND BUCK - $150 The black/tan is an intact buck and very sweet, he follows you around like a puppy dog. The white/black is a doe, also very friendly. Both are UTD on shots. Would like to see them go together for $150... Tel:  | 48059 | MI | 08/23/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOELING, ADGA REGISTERED ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf doeling 6 months old. Registered as Cabochon Appalachia. Dam goes back to Heidi's Mini Acres and scored an 85 on her linear appraisal as a 2 year old first freshene... Tel:  | 55398 | MN | 08/23/2014  | More Information

"FOR SALE: TWO MINATURE PYGMY GOATS" They are twin sister miniature pygmy goats. Cutie is light brown with grayish white points,feather and dorsal stripe. She has a beard and horns. Opie is slightly darker with black points and dorsal st... Tel: 685-10-19 | 24069 | VA | 08/22/2014  | More Information

4 ALPINE WETHER GOATS FOR SALE I have 4 alpine wether goats I need to sell, 2 were born in march and are twins and the other 2 were born in February of this year... Tel:  | 49021 | MI | 08/22/2014  | More Information

TWO COMMERCIAL GOATS FOR SALE- DOES I have two breeding age does for sale. Bambi is the brown doe, she's 4 years old. Had triplets the last two years... She's a alpine pygmy cross. Polly is a peacock colored doe. She's 2 years old and t... Tel: 320-290-8482 | 16805 | MN | 08/22/2014  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE Downsizing our herd 3 year old taupe angora buck $300.00 yearling white angora/ sanaan cross doe $150.00 5 month old black moon spotted nubian/ angora cross buck $ 125.00 Call Ramona at 734-260-43... Tel: 734-260-4350 | 49240 | MI | 08/21/2014  | More Information

TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR 2015 TOGG/SAANAN AND TOGG/ALPINE GOAT KIDS - $150 Taking Reservations For 2015 Togg/Saanan and Togg/Alpine goat kids - $150 (shiloh) I have three registered Toggenburgs bred to a registered Saanan buck and one Toggenburg bred to a registered Alpine ... Tel:  | 44878 | OH | 08/21/2014  | More Information

WANTED: LAMANCHA GOAT STUD SERVICE I'm looking for a ADGA registered LaMancha buck to breed my doe. Must be CAE neg. and CL and Soremouth free. He must come from superior show quality genetics. My doe is CAE Neg. and CL and Soremout... Tel: 570-418-0125 | 16946 | PA | 08/21/2014  | More Information

3 NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT BUCKS FOR SALE 3 Nigerian dwarf goat bucks for sale. One has blue eyes... Tel: 630-337-6252 | 60098 | IL | 08/20/2014  | More Information

DAIRY GOATS, 200 DAIRY ANIMALS TO SELL, $300.00 EACH FIRM Selling 200 goats in grouos of 100 or 200. 2nd and 3rd year animals... 608.542.0698... Tel: 608.542.0698 | 54618 | WI | 08/20/2014  | More Information

SHERMAN CT RESIDENT LOOKING TO PURCHASE GOATS Goat purchase... Tel: 845 416 5613 | 06784 | CT | 08/20/2014  | More Information

ADGA ALPINE & NUBIAN STUD SERVICE ADGA Alpine and Nubian standing at stud! MRKF Sliver Bullet (AM Alpine) *B Spitfire Strength of Samson (AM Nubian) Both these boys have fantastic pedigrees and champion lines behind them. The da... Tel: 3303918790 | 44235 | OH | 08/19/2014  | More Information

PUREBRED, REGISTERED DEHORNED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS ($100 EACH) Four months old, Good milk lines (Maple Ridge)and friendly; these Nigerian dwarf bucklings will enhance your dairy lines. Farm tested negative for CAE, Lyme, etc. this year. Up to date on shots, hoo... Tel: 248-651-8691 | 48306 | MI | 08/19/2014  | More Information

REG. NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Got Goats? WE Do! Walking Bear Farm has 2 doelings and 1 intact buckilng that are ready for their new home. Almost 4 months old. Weened, black and white, very friendly. $175.00 with papers, $125.00 ... Tel: 703-328-4471 | 20106 | VA | 08/19/2014  | More Information

MINIATURE NUBIAN BUCK For Sale! 5th generation miniature nubian buck. He threw great colored kids this year. he is 1 1/2 years old. registered with the MDGA.... Tel: 215-933-2708 | 18947 | PA | 08/18/2014  | More Information

NORTHERN LIGHTS BOER GOAT BREEDING STOCK SALE Some of the top Boer Goat breeders in the region will be offering Full-Blood and percentage ABGA registered Boer Goats for sale at the Northern Lights Breeding Stock Sale. This will be a great opportu... Tel:  | 56264 | MN | 08/18/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLING Emmett was born April 17th. He is purebred, brown in color with some beige and black frosting. He is out of Goddard Beatriz and Goldthwaite Blaze. He is a bottle baby and loves people. we are loca... Tel:  | 49724 | MI | 08/18/2014  | More Information

ADGA NUBIAN BUCKS FOR SALE We currently have a 3 yr old and (2) May 2014 bucks available. Herd is CAE/Johnes/Brucellosis test negative annually, no CL, all are G6S normal by testing or parentage. Please see the website for furt... Tel:  | 14805 | NY | 08/17/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: FOUR NUBIAN/BOER DOES We have four nubian/boer does for sale. They are 2 years old and very friendly. They have never been bred. We are asking $125 for each doe.... Tel: 517.449.7239 | 48872 | MI | 08/17/2014  | More Information

LOOKING TO BUY I am looking to buy 3 saanen does and a saanen buck,I would like to have papered ones if I could find them. up to 2 years old.... Tel: 1-606-679-3643 | 42503 | KY | 08/17/2014  | More Information

PURE BRED NUBIAN BUCKS I have 3 Nubian Bucks for sale. 1 was born nov. 18,2013. Asking $250. One was born march 2013. asking $350. one was born March 1, 2014. Asking $350. All are disbudded, wormed and up to date shots. The... Tel: 724-309-1075 | 15679 | PA | 08/17/2014  | More Information

PUREBRED, REGISTERED NUBIAN BUCKLING BORN APRIL 8, 2014 I have a purebred registered Nubian buckling for sale. I'm located in Northern Minnesota, near Thief River Falls (which is somewhat between Bemidji & Grand Forks, ND). For pictures and information... Tel: 218-681-0323 | 56725 | MN | 08/17/2014  | More Information

GOAT SHOW!! It's not too late to pre-enter for the Family Fun Goat Show!! It should be great fun for goat showmen of all ages! Check us out on Facebook: Tel:  | 49404 | MI | 08/15/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE WONDERFUL SAANEN BUCK GREAT FOR BREEDING Great proven buck 1 and 1/2 years old Has horns NOT FOR MEAT Named almond $200 Pic 1 side view Pic 2 side face Pic 3 profile Pic 4 3 of his offspring... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 08/14/2014  | More Information

LAMANCHA KID FOR SALE. Lamancha kid for sale it looks like a doe. But the judge said it is a hermapherdite. She is out of very nice lines. Would make someone a great pet. $150.... Tel: 570-251-0362 | 18472 | PA | 08/14/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOELING FOR SALE VERY TINY. I have a nigerian dwarf doe kid for sale. She is very tiny she was a triplet born the end of February. Very friendly can be held all day and doesnt care. $350.... Tel: 570-251-0362 | 18472 | PA | 08/14/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED LAMANCHA DOES KIDS, MILKERS, AND DRY YEARLINGS FOR SALE. I am downsizing my herd some. I have a dry yearling for sale for $400. I have a yearling milker for sale for $400. And i have 2 doe kids for sale for $225 each. All are registered threw adga. Need to ... Tel: 570-251-0362 | 18472 | PA | 08/14/2014  | More Information

ALPINE MILK GOATS We are selling our three Alpine milk goats. They are purebred and excellent milkers. Call/text/email for pictures and details. 320.296.9390... Tel: 320.296.9390 | 55325 | MN | 08/13/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE COLORED ANGORA GOATS Herd Dispersal of Colored Angora Goats priced from $200 - $450. Mature does, kid does, kid bucks and wethers. Browns, silvery browns, reds and whites. Discounts for multiples of three or more. Sustain... Tel: 570-998-2221 | 17771 | PA | 08/13/2014  | More Information

NIGORA GOATS FOR SALE N. ILLINOIS 3 Nigoras for sale, 1 strawberry blonde buck-proven many times. Has tons of soft. lustrous mohair. 1 black with red highlights doeling, some random white markings, has blue eyes, bottled from day on... Tel: 815-274-8058 | 61038 | IL | 08/13/2014  | More Information

SPANISH BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Spanish bucklings. Born end of May 2014. Ready to leave the farm. Excellent breeding stock. Bucks $200 Wethers $75... Tel:  | 24350 | VA | 08/13/2014  | More Information

1 YR OLD NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT Needs a pet home. She had kidding difficulties and should no be bred. Very sweet. Bottle baby.... Tel: 2623665087 | 53029 | WI | 08/12/2014  | More Information

FULLBLOOD BOER BUCK REGISTERED 3 year old Registered FB Boer Buck. Proven breeder, correct on feet, bite and has pigmentation. $400.00/OBO. Too many daughters are in the pasture to use him again, contact 507-251-8843.... Tel: 5072518843 | 55979 | MN | 08/12/2014  | More Information

FULLBLOOD BOER BUCKLING Boer buckling born in May 2014. Wide horn set, full pigment, 1x1 teat structure, mouth is correct and twist in the rump. Full sibling was a red. Price will go up as he ages. Mother is a 2x2 FB Boer ... Tel: 5072518843 | 55979 | MN | 08/12/2014  | More Information

MALE FULLBLOODED BOER GOAT FOR SALE We have two full-blooded males and we are down sizing on our breeding program so only keeping one Male, This male has produce some great looking babies for us here at the farm, he is very strong male ... Tel: 352-346-3504 | 34446 | FL | 08/12/2014  | More Information

% BOER DOES Seven % Boer does, ages 3-7 - traditional colors, some solid/belting. $175 each... Tel:  | 56215 | MN | 08/11/2014  | More Information

2 DAIRY BUCKS IN RUT FOR SALE $250 FOR BOTH Both were born on May 8th, 2013;they are 12 hours apart. They are worth more than I am asking but I need the room for some bucklings. These two bucks are not registered but their parents are. Thes... Tel: 920-615-0695 | 54311 | WI | 08/11/2014  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED NUBIAN BUCKLING FOR SALE $225 OBO 6 month old Nubian. Registered, great blood line, both parents on site. 317-691-8594... Tel: 3176918594 | 46158 | IN | 08/11/2014  | More Information

BOER WETHER FOR SALE $100 1yr old Boer weather for sale for pet, horse, companion or for butcher.... Tel: 5742251545 | 46960 | IN | 08/11/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE SMALL HERD OF BOER GOAT,DOES AND BUCKS, HIGH PERCENTAGE, NON-REGISTERED Selling our small herd of 4-H breeding goats ages 2 - 6 also some January does. All good mothers and have produced winning 4-H wethers at local county fairs. Our son is going to college and we must s... Tel: 740-367-7435t | 45631 | OH | 08/11/2014  | More Information

HERD REDUCTION: DOE'S BUCKS AND WETHERS FOR SALE (BABY GOATS DUE IN NOVEMBER) K&M Farm is Located in Chapmansboro which is 20 minutes from Clarksville and Ashland City. We are a small Hobby farm and we raise Goats (Nigerian & Mini LaMancha, ) We have lots Colors and Som... Tel: 615-448-8232 | 37035 | TN | 08/11/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOES Breeding does, Junior Does available for sale. HERD REDUCTION!! Look on sale pages on website. Tel:  | 48822 | MI | 08/11/2014  | More Information

MYOTONIC FAINTING GOATS FOR SALE we have myotonic fainting goats for sale 100%, all colors available, doelings, bucklings and bucks now available for sale here at the farm.... Tel: 740-547-7924 | 45678 | OH | 08/10/2014  | More Information

PYGMY GOAT FOR SALE $70 I'm looking to re-home my 6 month old female Pet Pygmy Goat, Lucy. Lucy is healthy, loving & friendly. Here diet consists of Alfalfa hay and yard weeds. She has no papers or vaccinations. ... Tel:  | 92595 | CA | 08/10/2014  | More Information

WANTED STUD SERVICE FOR MY 2 TWO YEAR OLD PYGMYS Hi I am looking for stud service for my 2 year old pygmys pics I can send if u have stud service. please call me 517-795-1907 it can be Nigerian too but I would like it to be a pygmy buck to breed wit... Tel: 517-795-1907 | 49201 | MI | 08/10/2014  | More Information

TWO PYGORA DOE GOATS Two Pygora doe's, neither are related. The white is two and the black is one yrs. old. I do not know their fiber type, I do not have papers for them, they are not wormed or vacc. yet. But are in good... Tel:  | 49683 | MI | 08/09/2014  | More Information

WANTED OR TRADE: KIKO OR SAVANNAH DOES 4. It is medically necessary for to continue Case Management, OPT, and Med Clinic services in order to treat and manage symptoms of       . Treatment will improve his level of functioning and incre... Tel: 810-288-9169 | 48744 | MI | 08/09/2014  | More Information

ADGA NUBIAN BUCK, CAE NEG. HERD He is 4 months old, CAE free herd, and comes with papers. has great show lines; his reg. number is N001683120. on coccidia prevention, he is for sale for 175.00. located in Campbellsville KY. May be a... Tel: 270- 849-2343 | 42718 | KY | 08/08/2014  | More Information

LAMANCHA WETHERS FOR SALE. We are selling two 4-H Lamancha wethers. They were born March 4, 2014. The solid color goat received a grand champion in the dairy market category and the belted goat received a reserve champion. They... Tel:  | 56701 | MN | 08/08/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: TWO YEAR OLD NUBIAN BUCK. Registered ADGA American Nubian. Black and white with frosted ears. Has Marshall's Maple Lane and Goldthwaite lines. $225. Keeping some of his daughters, so need to sell. Nice buck-has been very pro... Tel: 231-378-4895 | 49625 | MI | 08/07/2014  | More Information

BOER BUCKS Two 100% Boer bucks 250 each. Born this spring ready to sire this fall. Excellent quality. Can text pictures... Tel: 269-252-7588 | 49022 | MI | 08/06/2014  | More Information

BOER DOELING FOR SALE 90/10 Boer/Dairy commercial doeling for sale. DOB-3/21/14. Sweet and tame little thing. Lots of time spent with children. $150.... Tel: 9524611447 | 55020 | MN | 08/06/2014  | More Information

FREE BOER CROSS GOAT She is a rescue. Between two and three years old, never been bred. Very friendly and easy to handle. I need to re home her ASAP. She has been free to roam the farm and stays within our rock walls ... Tel: 845-302-0037 | 10509 | NY | 08/06/2014  | More Information

FULLBLOOD BOER BUCKLING FOR SALE DOB-3/19/14. CAN BE REGISTERED WITH ABGA. SIRE-RENOIR GENETICS. DAM-RED FALCON'S MOLLY. $250.00. 952-461-1447.... Tel: 9524611447 | 55020 | MN | 08/06/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOE Flame is a beautiful chamoisee Nigerian Dwarf doe. She is four years old and is very sweet. The reason for the low price is that she has never had kids. Since purchasing her at a year and a half old, ... Tel:  | 15066 | PA | 08/06/2014  | More Information

UNREGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARVES I have several Nigerians from well known showing lines that also have dams who have been LA'd. Herd is tested. No papers will be sold. $150 each.... Tel: 231-750-4413 | 49455 | MI | 08/06/2014  | More Information

WANTED FEMALE PYGMY GOATS FOR PETS We are looking for two pygmy goats to purchase for pets in SE Mi. Must be friendly and good with other animals.... Tel:  | 48111 | MI | 08/06/2014  | More Information

WANTED: LAMANCHA DOE Hello I am looking for a lamancha doe from good bloodlines. Preferably with Autumn-Acres, Oak-Hill, Or Kastdemer in its bloodline. Age range kid to 5 years old. Must be registerable or registered thru... Tel:  | 49450 | MI | 08/06/2014  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED GOAT(DOE) IN MILK I have 2 ADGA registered Alpine/Lamancha Goats for sale. The first one was born in March 2012 and is currently producing @ 3 to 3 1/2 qts per day. The second was born January 2014. These are very f... Tel: 6062561765 | 40456 | KY | 08/05/2014  | More Information

ALPINE CROSS GOATS FOR SALE-2 MALES, 3 FEMALES Downsizing family farm, all grass fed healthy pet quality goats for sale. All horned. Males OK for meat. 2 males: (1) proven breeder 2yrs old, grey with white socks, (1) born January 2014, son of th... Tel:  | 12721 | NY | 08/05/2014  | More Information

BOER GOAT HERD FOR SALE 20 - 28 goats for sale 100% boers - kids, does, and bucks (2 months to 7 year olds) $50 - $400 or great deal on all of them.... Tel: 540-852-3383 | 22820 | VA | 08/05/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE - HERD SIRE "BOLT" 100% traditional boer buck proven herd sire for sale: bargain price $400.00... Tel: 5408523383 | 22820 | VA | 08/05/2014  | More Information

GOATS WANTED Goats wanted for weed control in pasture. Prefer wethers. Breed doesn't matter - just looking for something inexpensive. Thanks.... Tel: 320-424-9840 | 56334 | MN | 08/05/2014  | More Information

TWO FULLBLOOD BOER BUCKLINGS FORESALE Two fullblood boer bucklings born in jan can be registered ABGA CL/CAE free herd $250 apiece 810-618-9028.... Tel: 810-618-9028 | 48446 | MI | 08/05/2014  | More Information

WANTED YOUNG PYGMY GOATS Looking for young female or male pygmy goats that need to be bottle fed, or have just stopped. Also, who have had all their shots. Preferred contact is text/ call. Thank you!... Tel: 231-497-4444 | 49712 | MI | 08/05/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED OBERHASLI BUCK, 3 YRS OLD, EXCELLENT HERD SIRE This excellent breeding buck has served our dairy herd well for three years, needs to be swapped out to avoid extensive line and inbreeding. Throws solid milkers with great conformation. Super gentle ... Tel: 231-462-9436 | 49410 | MI | 08/04/2014  | More Information

FULLBLOOD BOER BUCK We are selling our herdsire Captain Kidd a S2 Captain Marvel *Ennobled* son. He was born 11-3-09. We have kept many of his daughters and it is time for new bloodlines. Captain Kidd is priced at $8... Tel: 6519834849 | 55009 | MN | 08/04/2014  | More Information

WANTED BABY FEMALE PYGMY GOATS AS PETS I am looking for young female pygmy goats that do need bottle feed and have all their shots and possibly regestraion but I am looking for a low to buy them the most I could pay is 75 dollars you can t... Tel:  | 49247 | MI | 08/04/2014  | More Information

ANGORA GOATS MISSING Please help. Lost 2 Angora doe goats. Last seen 8/1 on a farm near East Kentucky Rd in Beecher Illinois. If you have any information, please contact me at Tel:  | 60401 | IL | 08/02/2014  | More Information

HEALTHY BOAR GOATS FOR SALE I am a specialist in goat breading and presently i have in stock both male and female, young and old boar goats for sale. They are relatively chip and healthy. Contact me via email: catherinebowel@yah... Tel: 33565698 | 32615 | FL | 08/02/2014  | More Information

NICE BOER BUCK BARTER I have a friendly boer buck just over a year old may be willing to possibly trade for a couple nubian/boer cross doelings or yearlings email pictures of your trade whatcha got???... Tel:  | 48624 | MI | 08/02/2014  | More Information

PAIR OF NIGERIAN WEATHERS FOR SALE These boys have quite the personality fun little goats. They walk on leads and love to play. They have been tied on but their legs are a little short. Would love to sell them as pets as they are ve... Tel: 605-670-9855 | 57022 | SD | 08/02/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK I'm bringing in new bloodlines so I'm selling my 3 year old ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck, Proctor Hill Farm SV Charro. He is healthy, friendly and tested CAE and Johnes free. He is a long b... Tel:  | 55398 | MN | 08/02/2014  | More Information

WANTED:PYGMY GOAT FOR A PET! I am looking for a mini Pygmy Goat to purchase as a pet for my daughters birthday. Please contact me if you have one for sale! We live in Hudsonville, MI, prefer not to drive to far! Thanks!... Tel:  | 49426 | MI | 08/02/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: 3/4 NIGERIAN 1/4 LA MANCHA DOELINGS Kids out of mini la mancha does that were bred to a buck who is out of my best ND milker who peaks at 3 quarts a day. We are on milk test, and all of the dams peaked at half a gallon a day or more. Ki... Tel: 8153582450 | 61319-9445 | IL | 08/01/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF WETHER FOR SALE 4 month old nigerian dwarf wether. Asking $45 Black and white with blue eyes. Very friendly, disbudded, shots UTD. Will deliver reasonable distance. Located is St Ignace, MI... Tel: 9066438097 | 49781 | MI | 08/01/2014  | More Information

FAINTING GOAT DOES OFFERED FOR SALE Fainting Goats Offered For Sale We are offering for sale at this time some of our purebred registered does. Prices have been reduced to $200 each. 1.Sabrina- black and white 2009 doe with black s... Tel: (608) 513-9299 | 53589 | WI | 07/31/2014  | More Information

WANTED: DWARF AND MINITURE GOATS Any one who is selling or getting rid of goats please contact me I am very interested in buy some goats.... Tel:  | 54963 | WI | 07/31/2014  | More Information

ADGA LAMANCHA BUCK STUD SERVICE We are a CAE free herd and ask that anyone who would like to bring their doe to breed to one of our bucks have a recent (within the past year) CAE test on their doe. Driveway breedings ONLY. Photos a... Tel:  | 44085 | OH | 07/30/2014  | More Information

PET & FIBER GOATS nigerian wethers, angora wethers, and pygmy wether available to good homes. also have nigerian dwarf doe that is a good mother. have to downsize herd.... Tel: 6108243560 | 18071 | PA | 07/30/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED ALPINE DOE KID Born 3/1/14 and ready to breed this fall. CAE/CL negative herd again this year, vet tested. She scored a (V) overall on her LA this year. Her registration no. is AA1671449. Dam milks 1 and 1/2 gall... Tel:  | 49464 | MI | 07/30/2014  | More Information

EMBRYO TRANSFER BUCKS FOR SALE! Bucks sired by 2DOX Cuger, 2DOX Royal Flush, and Windy Acres Strategic Power. The top in Texas full blood genetics. Bucks born in May and December of 2013. Prices starting at $500.... Tel: 5072382183 | 56031 | MN | 07/29/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE 8 MONTH OLD FEMALE NIGERIAN PYGME GOAT We have a 8 month old female Nigerian Pygme Goat that we need to unfortunately sell due to us moving. We want to find her a good home and she is very domesticated and has all her shots and loves peopl... Tel: 8608180630 | 06010 | CT | 07/29/2014  | More Information

MATURE OBERHASLI BUCK GOAT Registered Oberhasli Buck 3 yrs old, dehorned, leads, stands to trim, excellent manners, Sir Echo bloodlines Excellent milking genes on both sides I have to sell because I am keeping his daughters... Tel: 4049252369 | 30680 | GA | 07/29/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE LARGE 2 YR OLD ALPINE BUCK. Large 2 year old Alpine buck. Beautiful markings, great temperament. $250... Tel: 682-583-8952 | 76085 | TX | 07/28/2014  | More Information

GORGEOUS, HIGH-QUALITY ADGA ALPINE BUCKLING ~BOTTLE-FED, INCREDIBLE LINES!! Hi, I have a ADGA registerable, disbudded Alpine buckling for sale $300. He is currently on the bottle, and also knows how to drink out of the pan for easy feeding ability. He is a gorgeous coloring,... Tel:  | 78621 | TX | 07/28/2014  | More Information

3 ADGA REGISTERED DOE KIDS IN SE MICHIGAN 3 very well bred ADGA registered Doe Kids for sale. 1 Alpine doeling and 2 Experimental Doelings (Alpine x Togg crossed). Photos available upon request. Price is $200 each. We have been breeding and r... Tel: 517-673-4902 | 49235 | MI | 07/27/2014  | More Information

BOER GOAT BUCKS I have 4 boer goat bucks for sale. I have one that is 2 1/2 years old and i have 2 that are about 3 months old and i also have 1 that is about 4 months old.... Tel: 570-689-9195 | 18436 |  | 07/27/2014  | More Information

GOAT HERD FOR SALE I'm Selling my entire goat herd. I had 11 does ranging from 1-5 years old. 6 kids that are 4 months old and 7 that are two months old. the doe are bred for December. I have a buck that is a year and a... Tel: 815-343-5398 | 61301 | IL | 07/27/2014  | More Information

GOAT HERD FOR SALE - MINI SILKY FAINTING GOATS $700 We have a small herd of Mini Silky Fainting Goats for sale. Included in the group is 1 proven 2 year old black and white buck and 3 does. The does are unrelated to the buck. We prefer this group go ... Tel: 231-861-2670 | 49455 | MI | 07/27/2014  | More Information

GOAT/ BOOER CROSS 150 lbs. $125.00 Cash only... Tel: 937)962-2032 | 45371 | OH | 07/27/2014  | More Information

WHITE/CROSS BOOER AND RED BILLY GOAT AND MISC YOUNG GOATS 150 lbs and 100 lbs.$75.00 and misc. young goats $50.00 each... Tel: (937)962-2032 | 45371 | OH | 07/27/2014  | More Information

GOAT BUCK For Sale: Goat Buck, Wethered, Colorful and Gentle. $50... Tel: 320282013zero | 56320 | MN | 07/26/2014  | More Information

GOAT NUBIAN PUREBRED DOE IN MILK - $150 (CEDAR, MI) This is Callie. She is a Purebred Registered Nubian Milking doe, currently producing 3 quarts per day. She was born in 2010, and we bought her as a yearling doe in 2011. Her ears look funny because th... Tel:  | 49621 | MI | 07/26/2014  | More Information

GOAT NUBIAN PUREBRED PROVEN BUCK - $150 (CEDAR) This is Banger. He is a purebred Nubian proven buck. He was born in January 2013, and in the fall of 2013 serviced 6 does. His ratio of bucks to does is 1:1. He is gentler than most bucks I've met and... Tel:  | 49621 | MI | 07/26/2014  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE We have 1 dairy doeling 4 months old $100.00. We also have 1 Boer doe yearling all brown $125.00 we have 3 Boer does two years old $175 each.... Tel: 9203750270 | 54937 | WI | 07/26/2014  | More Information

KINDER DOE FOR SALE I have a 1 1/2 yrs Kinder doe for sale she is friendly. she does not have horns I am asking $150 for her if interested call Kim @ 810-543-0296... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 07/26/2014  | More Information

ADGA BUCKLING FOR SALE. BORN 4-21-14 125.00 Excellent genetics and can be registered with ADGA. Must sell.... Tel: 217-58-6837 | 46901 | IN | 07/25/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE. HERD OF 4 NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS Our Daughters has decided their not going to show the goats anymore, and moved their interest to Rabbit showing. Not fair for these goats to not get attention they so love. We have had these 4 for 2 y... Tel: 616-794-0219 | 48809 | MI | 07/25/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF DOES AND BUCKS /ALSO MINI ALPINES FOR SALE We have Registered/registerable Does and Bucks for sale. Also a mini Alpine doe kid and her wether brother. Have to go together. Doe kids are out of Little Tot's Estate Xmen Girl and Critter Croft a... Tel: 269-673-9411 | 49010 | MI | 07/25/2014  | More Information

SHOW BOER GOAT HERD DISPERSAL Boer Goat Herd Dispersal. I am going off to college and can't keep these does and bucks anymore. Attached is a document with all the Boers and their sires and dams. Herd names include Wetherell, Lazy ... Tel: (708) 258-6539 | 60468 | IL | 07/25/2014  | More Information

WANTED: NIGERIAN DWARF STARTER HERD Disease-tested, healthy small herd wanted. Will travel to MD/VA/PA to pick up.... Tel:  | 19380 | PA | 07/25/2014  | More Information

2YEAR OLD ANGORA PROVEN DOE GOAT Proven, 2years old doe goat. Great mohair fleece, reverse badger, good milker. Asking $250 . Is in with fainting goat buck, on 11, 9, 13. Visit us FB Hart Homestead or Tel: 8103972342 | 48836 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

40 DAIRY GOAT DOELINGS 40 dairy doelings for sale. Born February through April. Mostly saanen with some alpine and oberhasli. All weaned. $150 each... Tel: 715-313-0637 | 54727 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ABGA REGISTERED BOER BUCK NICE This is our herd sire we are offering for sale. He has produced great kids we have been showing. We are keeping his daughters and are only a small farm, so we have to switch up. A GREAT deal and a ver... Tel: 270-634-1544 | 42718 | KY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

BOER GOAT KIDS FOR SALE ABGA FULLBLOOD, PERCENTAGE Boer Goats for sale ABGA full blood and percentage. Black and spotted genetics in all kids with Phantom of the Farm and League Ranch. Sept born kids will be ready to go soon. CAE and CL tested free he... Tel: 231-861-2677 231-206-4553 | 49446 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED BOER GOATS, PROVEN MOTHERS. Nice Boer does in SE KS. Fullblood, purebreds and percentage Boer does. Adults and kids available. Most have papers. Both traditional and colored, even some spots. Also have a few buck kids. Too many ... Tel:  | 66733 | KS | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: CAGBA REG. ANGORA BUCKLING Hi. I have one Buckling left from this Spring Kidding. He is one of a twin. with his parents about 80+pound each. has a nice start to a great set of horns. real nice curl in his Fleece comes from ... Tel:  | 45810 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF BLUE EYED BUCKLING For Sale: Non-Registered Blue-Eyed (Buckling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $100.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF BLUE-EYES DOELING For Sale: Non-Registered (Doeling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $200.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy**... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF DOELING For Sale: Non-Registered (Doeling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $200.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy**... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT LOCAL FARM RESCUE Lowell Farm and Wildlife Center has a Christmas thru Lowell Fundraiser coming up on Feb. 15-17. Location is 12494 Vergennes Lowell MI 49331. Come visit us for great gifts, fun, and to support the an... Tel:  | 49331 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOAT MILK By the gallon fresh or frozen $10 or barter for hay/ eggs/feed... Tel: 5172506060 | 49201 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE I have a lot of goats and husband said I half to let some go. I have bore goats. Alpine oberhasli cross. Two reg Ober. Bucks. A And some yearlings. Priced to move please help he said he's goi... Tel: 9203750270 | 54937 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOATS MILK Goat milk for sale. We milk twice a day using clean technique and have a disease free herd. No CAE or other diseases. Our bucks are far away from our does so there is no "musty" taste or sme... Tel:  | 49201 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NIGERIAN STUD SERVICES OFFERED I have a tri colored, registered Nigerian dwarf buck up to date on all his shots and worming. Offering stud services. Doe must be up to date on her shots and worming as well and brought to us. $50 per... Tel:  | 54155 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

PUREBRED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS BORN JULY 5-9 These bucklings are from Ceasars villa and one with Ceasars villa and Rosasharn bloodlines. Ready to go @ 2 weeks as bottle babies to approved homes. These bucks would be great herd sires or pets. Ped... Tel: 919-623-0883 | 27523 | NC | 12/31/1969  | More Information

REGISTERED BABY NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE Moo Moo Meadows has a wonderful group of Doelings and Bucks that were Born In Jan. 2014 . They are exceptionally friendly-and the mothers are wonderful milkers and have beautiful dairy lines! They ... Tel:  | 01983 | MA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

SAANEN BUCK Saanen buck 8 months old and ready for breeding $200.00 Thor he is a very friendly goat we have two females and two buck s. Sadly one needs to go... Tel: 5678769034 | 43334 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

TRIO OF SAANEN GOATS 2 does one bred 1 whether has horns These 3 are small 1.5 yrs old Great pasture pals Sannen 60548 Sandwich IL area... Tel:  | 60545 | IL | 12/31/1969  | More Information

WANTED: REGISTERED PUREBRED NUBIAN OR SAANAN BRED DOES Will pay $150 to $300 per goat (Needs to be of show quality) Pictures needed!!!!!... Tel:  | 44878 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

WANTED; REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Looking for a very special buck.Bloodlines wanted are Gay Mor Kingwood,Little Rascals Black Dahlia,Twin Creeks Baywatch,Lost Valley close up in pedigree.Prefer parents that have been shown,LA,DHI.Must... Tel:  | 13830 | NY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

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