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Michigan Goats Classifieds

PURE BREED NIGERIAN DWALF GOAT FOR SALE pure breed nigerian dwalf goat for sale Boer breed stock for sale: 1- 3yr red/paint buck, 2 3yr traditional does both due , 1 8mo traditional doeling - See more at:... Tel:  | 20009 | MI | 03/26/2017  | More Information

LAMANCHA / SANEEN BUCK FOR SALE!! 4Week old La Mancha / Saneen buck for Sale for $150.00. Very friendly and would make excellent breeding buck.... Tel: 8109905982 | 48819 | MI | 03/25/2017  | More Information

COMMERCIAL BOER DOELINGS I have a pair of commercial Boer doelings for sale on the bottle, born 3.11.17. $400 for both of them, or $250 each.... Tel:  | 48416 | MI | 03/24/2017  | More Information

EXCELLENT QUALITY DAIRY GOATS FOR SALE ( GOATS ) We have standard size breeds Alpine, Nubian,Alpine,Fainting,Pygmy,Boer, Sable,and Toggenburg,Boer and,the Nigerian Dwarf goats.These are healthy goats with good feet and are easy to handle.Each animal... Tel: (513) 657-0229 | 48301 | MI | 03/24/2017  | More Information

PUREBRED NUBIAN AND MINI NUBIAN BUCKLING GOATS Very well bred bucklings from strong milk, tons of color, and sweet dispositions. These guys will be available at weaning. They were born at the end of January. Prices vary. NO MEAT BUYERS!!!!... Tel: 5864301372 | 48063 | MI | 03/22/2017  | More Information

ADGA ALPINES: DOE IN MILK, DOELING, BUCKLINGS, WETHERS Brooklyn, MI. (1) Purebred French doe in milk - 350.00, (1) American doeling 300.00, (3) American bucklings 200.00, (1) American wethe... Tel:  | 49230 | MI | 03/21/2017  | More Information

MYOTONIC (FAINTER) BUCKINGS FOR SALE I have two fainting Bucklings for sale born 3-19-17 they are both polled. can take any time if you want to bottle feed. they come from goats Free of CAE CL and Johnes both can be Registered. one ha... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 03/21/2017  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLINGS FOR SALE I have two Nubian Bucklings born 3-16-17 they will be disbudded Thursday they are currently being bottle fed so ready to go any time. they come from goats Free of CAE CL and Johnes asking $200 each... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 03/21/2017  | More Information

LAMANCHA WETHERS FOR SALE My mom has a few lamancha wethers for sale good for pet or meat.Ready to be weaned this week.$75 each 231-893-1439 dam raised... Tel: 231-893-1439 | 49446 | MI | 03/20/2017  | More Information

REGISTERED LAMANCHA BUCK KIDS AND DOE KIDS FOR SALE We have several registered lamancha buck kids and doe kids for sale.They have been disbudded and can be weaned this week. Does $150 each Bucks $150 each with papers or $75 each without papers ... Tel: 231-893-1439 | 49446 | MI | 03/20/2017  | More Information

REGISTERED LAMANCHA BUCK KIDS FOR SALE I have 2 registered buck kids for sale.Born 2-5-17.They have been disbudded and are ready to be weaned.$150 each with papers or $75 without papers Sire:Autumn Acres TM Dakota Sire's Sire:Autumn Ac... Tel: 231-873-4548 | 49420 | MI | 03/20/2017  | More Information

TOGGENBURG DOELINGS I have 2 registered togg doelings out of good, milky stock. They are 5 weeks old. $225 each now, $250 weaned. Dehorned and vaccinated. One doe out of Knotneer doe, heavy milking lines, other doe Grant... Tel: 2486760584 | 48380 | MI | 03/16/2017  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF KIDS FROM TESTED, REGISTERED HERD Spring is here! March goat kids are due for May pick up from my healthy, small herd. Two of my does have kidded and two more are due this week! My two yearlings are due in May. All kids will have va... Tel: 231-766-0080 | 49461 | MI | 03/15/2017  | More Information

3 FEMALE GOATS FOR SALE Will only sell to good home. We have a Pygmy that is 4. A Nigerian dwarf that has blue eyes that is 2, and a alpine mix that is 2. All three for 200. We also have goat houses... Tel: 5173753522 | 48836 | MI | 03/12/2017  | More Information

FOR SALE BOTTLE BUCKS I have 2 bottle bucks for sale asking 150. each. the first one was born Jan 30,2017 he is Alpine ,Saanen and Nubian. The second one was born Feb 17,2017 he is Alpine and Nubian... Tel:  | 49765 | MI | 03/12/2017  | More Information

FOR SALE, OBERHASLIS BUCK KID. Oberhaslis buck kid. Born 1/31/17. CD&T done, bottle raised from birth on paturised, cl negative dam. Dehorned and mom has very nice milk production, dad is out of ADGA ELITE LIST for milk produce... Tel: 517-256-1535, text only | 48872 | MI | 03/12/2017  | More Information

BOER BUCKLINGS I have two Boer bucklings for sale they were born 2-25-17 they are disbudded and very friendly. they are being bottle fed so are ready to go any time. they would make great 4h project. they come fro... Tel: 810-543-0756 | 48022 | MI | 03/10/2017  | More Information

BOER BEED STOCK STARTER PACKAGE Boer breed stock for sale: 1 3yr red/paint buck, 2 3yr traditional does both due March/April 2017, 1 8mo traditional doeling... Tel: 2698705898 | 49088 | MI | 03/08/2017  | More Information

ALPINE/ TOGGENBURG DOELING I have a beautiful Alpine/ Toggenburg doeling, DOB 2/8/17. She is a twin, togg coloring and disbudded. Her mother is ouit of Granted Wishes top alpine does, big milker. Her sire is out of Nestor Acres... Tel: 2486760584 | 48380 | MI | 03/07/2017  | More Information

COMING SOON: MINI SILKY KIDS FOR SALE We have pet and show quality silkies for sale. Kids will begin to arrive in late March. Please visit our website: for pictures and details. We are located near... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 03/02/2017  | More Information

FOR SALE NUBIAN GOATS AND SAANEN GOAT For sale Nubian goats and saanen goat. I have both bucks and does available. Please text me at 810 275 8037.... Tel: 8102758037 | 48436 | MI | 02/26/2017  | More Information

MYOTONIC (FAINTING ) BUCKLING GOATS I have four Fainter bucklings for sale they were born feb 14 and 20 two goats are not pictured. the others are disbudded they are friendly they can be registered for an extra $35 they come from go... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 02/23/2017  | More Information

LOOKING FOR 10-15 KIKO GOATS Looking for 10-15 Kiko Goats... Doe's and Doelings, registered or able to be registered, horns or no horns are fine. I am willing to set up shipping for the goats..... Tel: 906 430 3201 | 49745 | MI | 02/01/2017  | More Information

WANTED: 10-30 NUBIAN GOAT DOE'S OR DOELINGS I would like to purchase 10-30 Nubian goats.. Must be registered or have papers to register. I will set up shipping the animals if needed.... Tel: 906 430 3201 | 49745 | MI | 02/01/2017  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Yearling Nigerian buck for sale located in Ossineke MI. Dam is a promising first freshener who earned her milk star during her first lactation and appraised +V+V 85 just a couple weeks after freshenin... Tel:  | 49766 | MI | 01/29/2017  | More Information

THREE FEMALE GOATS FOR SALE Nigerian dwarf with blue eyes 2 years old , alpine we believe 2 yrs old Pygmy 4 yrs old.... Tel:  | 48836 | MI | 01/25/2017  | More Information

WANTED TO BUY: NUBIAN DOE Am interested in buying either a doe in milk, or one that has been bred already. Must be healthy. Please contact me with what you might have available.... Tel: 517-741-4402 | 49094 | MI | 01/19/2017  | More Information

2 PYGMY GOATS FOR SALE 2 pygmy goats for sale they are brother and sister must go together born april 2016 black one male fixed white female not fixed they are very loving great with kids... Tel: 2699453149 | 49058 | MI | 01/09/2017  | More Information

2YEAR OLD ANGORA PROVEN DOE GOAT Proven, 2years old doe goat. Great mohair fleece, reverse badger, good milker. Asking $250 . Is in with fainting goat buck, on 11, 9, 13. Visit us FB Hart Homestead or Tel: 8103972342 | 48836 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED GOATS FOR SALE 1 dry yearling alpine $250 and 1 coming yearling experimental doe (alpine x togg cross) $200... Tel: 5176734902 | 49235 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

BOER GOAT KIDS FOR SALE ABGA FULLBLOOD, PERCENTAGE Boer Goats for sale ABGA full blood and percentage. Black and spotted genetics in all kids with Phantom of the Farm and League Ranch. Sept born kids will be ready to go soon. CAE and CL tested free he... Tel: 231-861-2677 231-206-4553 | 49446 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT LOCAL FARM RESCUE Lowell Farm and Wildlife Center has a Christmas thru Lowell Fundraiser coming up on Feb. 15-17. Location is 12494 Vergennes Lowell MI 49331. Come visit us for great gifts, fun, and to support the an... Tel:  | 49331 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

GOAT MILK By the gallon fresh or frozen $10 or barter for hay/ eggs/feed... Tel: 5172506060 | 49201 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

GOATS MILK Goat milk for sale. We milk twice a day using clean technique and have a disease free herd. No CAE or other diseases. Our bucks are far away from our does so there is no "musty" taste or sme... Tel:  | 49201 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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