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Michigan Goats Classifieds

FOR SALE: GOATS Four goats for sale. Not pure bred, but from good stock. Three goat kids born this year (two females and one male) and a white buck from last year. Females for $100, males for $75; or best offer.... Tel: 5175898114 | 49251 | MI | 08/29/2015  | More Information

LAMANCHA NUBIAN CROSS DOELINGS I have 4 or 5 doelings for sale asking 100 each. Born May and June. All have little Lamancha ears. All but one are dehorned. UTD on vaccines. Very friendly and come from good milking moms. I also ... Tel: 248-937-1721 | 48836 | MI | 08/28/2015  | More Information

ALPINE BUCK GOAT We have an awesome Alpine Goat Buck for sale. Would like to sell him for breeding purposes, not meat. He is not registered. He was born on March 11th of this year. He weighs 81 pounds right now. ... Tel: 5173044690 | 48872 | MI | 08/26/2015  | More Information

TWO BEAUTIFUL PYGMY GOAT KIDS FOR SALE These two beautiful pygmy goat kids are brothers. so they are now ready to go. for information text: (470) 310-0041 or Tel: (470) 310-0041 | 49503 | MI | 08/25/2015  | More Information

SAANEN DOES IN MILK, MINI-SAANEN DOELING, BUCKLINGS AND WETHER FOR SALE I need to sell at least 3 goats due to township restrictions. I have two registered Saanen does in milk ($300 each), a Mini-Saanen doeling ($150),3 Mini-Saanen Bucklings ($125) and a Mini-Saanen Weth... Tel: 248-651-8691 | 48306 | MI | 08/24/2015  | More Information

AWARD WINNING REGISTERED MINI SILKY GOATS... THE LAST OF THIS SEASON! We have only two wethers left for sale this year. Jubilee Farm is known to breed excellent companion and show animals. Our wether, won Best Wether in Show at the ODGC Mini Silky Show in Virginia this ... Tel: 517 219 9130 | 48836 | MI | 08/19/2015  | More Information

FULL BLOOD BOER BUCKS FOR SALE I have Two Beautiful 100% FullBlood Boer bucklings for sale Ready to go. Grand Sire black and white dapple and is a 100% black producer. Sires # 10690052 Dams # 10592772 You can also see them ... Tel: 231-861-6786 | 49436 | MI | 08/18/2015  | More Information

SILKY WETHER FOR SALE We have a strawberry roan wether for sale. $175. Castration and shots included. Ready to go in mid Sept. See website for more pics and info.... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 08/17/2015  | More Information

ALPINE BUCK For sale: -1 Purebred Alpine buck. He was a twin born early this spring. His mother is 12 yrs. old, has a beautiful udder, and is still going strong! He will make produce beautiful kids that should... Tel: 9066359538 | 49783 | MI | 08/15/2015  | More Information

BOER BUCKS For sale: - 2 Boer/Alpine cross bucks. One was a twin, the other was a triplet. They were born this spring. Their mothers are beautiful Boer does with full siblings that won championships at shows ... Tel: 9066359538 | 49783 | MI | 08/15/2015  | More Information

MINI SILKY DOES FOR SALE Want the experience of having goat kids without having to own a buck? We have 3 registered mini silky does that can be bred to one of our bucks. $600... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 08/07/2015  | More Information

PYGMY DOE FOR SALE My son has decided to sell "Lucy", his 6 year old Pygmy doe. She has freshened before, but not with us. She's a really nice little doe, and an excellent goat for 4h showmanship....thats what... Tel:  | 48416 | MI | 08/05/2015  | More Information

BOAR/ALPINE WETHER Boar alpine mix wether born 2/12/15 he has been dehorned and is very friendly (he was a bottle baby) originally bred for meat purposes but would make a great pet/4h goat. Asking $100 located in Gladwi... Tel: 989/802/3527 | 48624 | MI | 08/02/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE - REGISTERED PYGORA AND PYGORA CROSS GOATS I have 14 kids born this spring for sale. All are sired by my PBA registered buck. 3 are pre-registered with the Pygora Breeders Association - 2 doelings and 1 buckling. The remaining 11, 5 wethers... Tel: 616-527-3395 | 48846 | MI | 08/02/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN/PIGMY DOE FOR SALE. I Have a Nigerian/ pigmy doe for sale she is very friendly like to follow you around. she must sell or I have to take her to auction. someone gave her to me and I just can't keep her. asking $125 OB... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 08/02/2015  | More Information

MINI-SAANEN BUCKLING AND WEATHER FOR SALE ($ 125 EACH OR 200 FOR BOTH)) Oliver is a healthy 2 month old dehorned buckling from our closed herd and the weather is 2 weeks old. They look like the ones in the picture but a little bigger. They are up to date with shots and w... Tel: 248-651-8691 | 48306 | MI | 07/27/2015  | More Information

MINI SILKY DOES FOR SALE We have a few extreme coated registered mini silky does for sale. All have kidded easily. Some have bangs. Prices are negotiable. Check our website for pics.... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 07/24/2015  | More Information

ANGORA GOATS & DAIRY GOAT 2 nice angora goats for sale. One male buck, dob 3/2014 (thick horned one). One female doe 3/2012, (narrow horn) Becca has kidded 2 times producing a single kid each time. And my favorite dairy goa... Tel: 2485681379 | 48381 | MI | 07/23/2015  | More Information

MYOTONIC (FAINTING) GOAT BUCK FOR SALE ***POLLED*** I have a myotonic buckling for sale he was born 3-20-15 he is polled and will be ready this year for breeding. asking $175 call or text Kim @ 810-543-0296... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 07/23/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLING FOR SALE I have a Nubian buckling for sale he was born 4-30-15 he is very friendly he is bottle fed and disbudded. I have both parents he will make a nice stud. asking $175 if interested please call or text... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 07/23/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLINGS Two non registered Nubian bucklings for sale 12 weeks old. Traverse City, MI. (231)357-5250 $200 each.... Tel: 231-357-5250 | 49696 | MI | 07/21/2015  | More Information

BUCKLING BOER 3 Month old buckling. Red paint. Mother is red paint Boer/Myotonic cross. Father is 100% registered red Boer.... Tel:  | 49080 | MI | 07/20/2015  | More Information

SAANEN BUCK Buck was a year in April, was dehorned but they grew in anyway. He is very friendly, has papers. $200... Tel:  | 49080 | MI | 07/20/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: NUBIAN AND MINI-NUBIAN BUCKLINGS I have 6 gorgeous bucklings in a variety of colors. 4 are purebred Nubian. 2 are Mini-Nubians. Asking $200 each OBO. They were born in mid-April and are ready to go to new homes. I am selling these gu... Tel: 586-430-1372 | 48063 | MI | 07/19/2015  | More Information

2 PUREBRED NUBIAN BUCKLINGS FOR SALE (NOT REGISTERED) I have 2 bucklings I am looking to sell. wanting to get into a different breed of goats. they are UTD on shots and worming.... Tel:  | 49021 | MI | 07/18/2015  | More Information

BOER GOATS FOR SALE We have two bucks. Red,70 to 80 lbs. wormer and vaccination up to date. 100 percent can be registered. 200.00 or 250.00 if want papers.... Tel: (810)404-3823 | 48768 | MI | 07/16/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE 2 LAMANCHA DOES I have two LaMancha does born April 04,2015 that would make them four months on July 24th the dam is not registered but the sire is registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. both parents ar... Tel: 231-649-2719 | 49643 | MI | 07/16/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN / ALPINE GOAT KID BILLY Here is a nice 3/4 Nubian 1/4 Alpine Billy goat kid. He is weaned and ready to go. $75.00... Tel: 989-614-7023 | 49799 | MI | 07/16/2015  | More Information

COMMERCIAL BUCKS AND WEATHERS I have 4 bucks about 15 months old, a wethers that is about 2 years old and also 8 weathers about 3 months old. All have horns. Are very friendly goats. Price range from $200 to $300. First and fourth... Tel: 2487659318 | 48446 | MI | 07/12/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: SLAUGHTER GOATS OR PETS. Percentage Boers (A few over a year old.) Also, Dairy Bucks (Less than 6 months old - bottle-fed and friendly. Leave a message at (517) 568-3129.... Tel: (517) 568-3129 | 49245-9632 | MI | 07/11/2015  | More Information

REG. ALPINE DAIRY GOATS From top lines, 1 sundgau 2 year old milker $200.00, 2-doe kids $350.00, 1 Buck born Jan '15. $500.00 tested CAE/CL negative. Will consider trade for solid black mini 40" +/-. 4-15 yrs. for my gr... Tel: 12316702259 | 49455 | MI | 07/11/2015  | More Information

REG. MINI SILKY DOELING FOR SALE We have 3 doelings for sale. 2 are show /breeding quality. One would make a beautiful pet. See our website for prices and pics. All kids come dehorned and have their shots.... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 07/11/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED AND GRADE NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS I have several registered and unregistered Nigerian dwarf goats for sale, priced $150 to $400.... Tel: 2317504413 | 49455 | MI | 07/11/2015  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKS For sale by Mae Bea Farm in Gobles, Michigan. Yearling buck and 5 year old buck. Coal (first goat)- He was a triplet born May 10, 2014. Even though he is white, he will definitely bring some... Tel:  | 49055 | MI | 07/11/2015  | More Information

REGISTIRED NIGERIAN DOE IN MILK $300 She is shy but friendly. She is not good while milking and I'm looking for someone who has the time to train her well. I would love if she went to a good home. I would also consider lowering the price... Tel: 2489040396 | 48357 | MI | 07/07/2015  | More Information

WANTED-- TWO ALPINE OR NUBIAN GOATS IN MILK IN MICHIGAN We are looking for two goats in milk. Need not be registered. Must be in Michigan. THEY MUST BE PROVEN DISEASE FREE! Call 231-287-2213... Tel: 231-287-2213 | 49631 | MI | 07/07/2015  | More Information

WANTED: TRICOLOR DOE I would like to find a tricolor, blue eyed registered nigerian dwarf doe. I am willing to spend a bit of money. If you have one please let me know... Tel: 2489040396 | 48357 | MI | 07/07/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: DWARF GOAT DOES 4 year old proven Nigerian doe. Not currently in milk. 2 year old first-freshner Mini-Alpine (75% Nigerian) currently in milk (just weaned kids) $150 each... Tel: 517-596-2598 | 49259 | MI | 07/06/2015  | More Information

LOOKING FOR ALPINE DOES I'm looking for 1-2 French Alpine does (or sell me on your favorite breed), NOT dehorned. Will happily pay more for papers. Horns must be intact. We bought a small farm and we are looking for goats f... Tel: 2314095227 | 49664 | MI | 07/02/2015  | More Information

5 WEEK OLD PURE BRED NIGERIAN DWARF WETHER Kirby is a very sweet boy and UTD on all his shots. He was born into a Cae free herd and is dehorned. Asking $100... Tel:  | 49341 | MI | 06/30/2015  | More Information

GOAT MILK Fresh goat milk for sale by the quart. Too much for me to use would like to sell or trade some for chickens, hay, straw or eggs. If u would like to purchase some i am selling it for $3.00 a Quart... Tel:  | 49665 | MI | 06/29/2015  | More Information

WANTED: BIG BREED DOE GOATS Looking to get my kids in to small farming.Looking for bigger breed doe goats that are tame and friendly. Dont have much money but could do 50.00... Tel: 6168249975 | 48838 | MI | 06/28/2015  | More Information

WANTED GOATS TO CLEAN UP WOODS-EATERS Looking for goats to clean up 5 acres of woods and for a pet. A type thats good eaters and friendly pets.... Tel: 5172147704 | 48847 | MI | 06/27/2015  | More Information

MYOTONIC DOE GOAT FOR SALE I have a myotonic doe for sale she is 2 yrs old she was debudded but one horn grew partially. she is built solid and meaty and she faints often. she is CAE CL and jones free. asking $200 if interest... Tel: 810-543-0296 | 48041 | MI | 06/26/2015  | More Information

BRITISH ALPINE GOATLINGS Two girls BGS reg and CAE negative ,well bred girls .in great condition .... Tel: (661) 927-6770 | 49503 | MI | 06/25/2015  | More Information

GOLDEN GUERNSEY GOATS FOR SALE We are selling our herd of 4 goats. They include 2 registered gorgeous nannies in milk; Betty aged 5yrs and Alkie aged 7yrs. They are producing 3/3.5litres and 2 litres of milk, respectively, daily. 1... Tel: (661) 927-6770 | 58259 | MI | 06/25/2015  | More Information

PAIR OF REGISTERED FEMALE PYGMY GOATS FOR SALE For sale- 2x female pygmy goats Both registered with the Pygmy goat club Blue and white female is 3 years old. She has successfully kidded twice with no problems at all ( 1st kidding Peggy had a... Tel: (661) 927-6770 | 38647 | MI | 06/25/2015  | More Information

BLUE AND WHITE MINI SILKY BUCKLING/WETHER SOLD We have a beautiful blue and white mini silky buckling for sale. $400 or $175 as a pet wether. We do offer discounts for multiple goat purchases. Silkies are beautiful goats for hobby farms and they m... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 06/24/2015  | More Information

MINI SILKY DOELINGS FOR SALE We have a couple mini silky doelings for sale. $600 each. We do offer discounts for multiple goat purchases. Silkies are beautiful goats for hobby farms and they make wonderful pets and show animals. ... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 06/24/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS, BUCKS AND DOES AVAILABLE, REGISTERED/REGISTERABLE Buck kids available 2015 buck kids, dob: 3-21-15, Sire: Fairland Farms SG Ruger (CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin Gun x Kaapio Acres AD Delphinium) (Caesar's Villa FD Sugar Foot*S x Jeannies Jewel O... Tel: 269-673-9411 | 49010 | MI | 06/22/2015  | More Information

BOER WETHER! I have a boer wether for sale five months old for $125-$150. I can send pictures and you can come look at him if you want. Great build, friendly but has horns. Has never butted human or other goat. Wo... Tel: 2489040396 | 48357 | MI | 06/18/2015  | More Information

ALPINE BUCKLINGS Two alpine buckling . Will make nice breeding bucks. $75 each... Tel: 517 404 2457 | 48855 | MI | 06/14/2015  | More Information

I HAVE A PUREBRED NUBIAN BUCKLING FOR SALE $150 OR OFFER I have a Nubian buckling for sale. Born 4/7/15 His name is andie, and he is a bottle baby. i feed him a 20 ounce bottle everyday. his mom produces about a gallon a day! He should be bottle fed till 7/... Tel: 517-395-7726 | 49201 | MI | 06/14/2015  | More Information

MINI SILKY FAINTING GOAT WETHERS FOR SALE We have a few silky bucklings that may be sold as wethers for $175. Cost includes dehorning, castration, and shots. Visit my website for pics. We are located 15 minutes southwest of Mt. Pleasant, MI.... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 06/13/2015  | More Information

REGISTERABLE AMERICAN NUBIAN BUCKLING DOB 4/27/15. Registerable American Nubian Buckling. Eating hay and nibbling grain. Ready to go now. Very friendly and gentle! Already trying with the ladies. $200 Pretty firm on price, but make reas... Tel: 2313845415 | 49659 | MI | 06/11/2015  | More Information

BEAUTIFUL MOON SPOTTED NUBIAN DOE FOR SALE $250.00 Lola is an absolutely stunning two-year-old doeling. She is currently open and will be ready to be breed in the fall. Lola was exposed last year to a Buck and did not take. I'm not sure if we missed ... Tel: (734) 358-3471 | 48178 | MI | 06/10/2015  | More Information

ALPINE BUCK - 1 twin, purebred Alpine buck born mid March of this year. He has a really good milking background and should produce great offspring. His 12 year old mother has a beautiful udder and is still produc... Tel: (906)635-9538 | 49783 | MI | 06/09/2015  | More Information

BOER BUCKS - 2 Boer/Alpine cross bucklings born the end of April of this year. One is a twin; the other is a triplet. These boys' "parents" have good lines on both sides. Whether you breed them to dair... Tel: 9066359538 | 49783 | MI | 06/09/2015  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOE Nigerian Dwarf Doe. 2 years old, never been bred. ADGA registered with papers. In excellent health and ready for breeding.$300.00 Price is negotiable.... Tel: 7346737393 | 48117 | MI | 06/09/2015  | More Information

OBERHASLI DOE FOR SALE. I have one lovely oberhasli doe kid for sale,she is 3 weeks old. Will hold her until weaned with a deposit. She is dehorned and had CD&t, also I have a painted desert ram lamb available.... Tel:  | 48872 | MI | 06/05/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE NIGERIAN BILLY Mature Billy 100.00pic on request call 2315874326.??... Tel: 2315874326 | 49659 | MI | 06/04/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED, REGISTERED, MOONSPOT, FRIENDLY NUBIAN BUCKLINGS I have 3 purebred, registerable Nubian bucklings - all with great moonspot genetics and from dams that milk a gallon+/day. The Black Frosted is $200, the black/brown moonspotted and golden colored wit... Tel:  | 49201 | MI | 06/04/2015  | More Information

NUBIAN ALPINE CROSS BOTTLE BABY BUCKLING I have a 4 day old nubian alpine cross buckling dam is a first freshner putting out 5 cups already she is 50/50 alpine nuboan sire was a purebred alpine but baby favors the nubian he is very sweet and... Tel: 231-420-9873 | 49721 | MI | 05/31/2015  | More Information

PROVEN PYGMY BUCK Have a 3 yr old proven buck very gentle and very protective. He has his horns located in cheboygan... Tel: 231-420-9873 | 49721 | MI | 05/31/2015  | More Information

2YEAR OLD ANGORA PROVEN DOE GOAT Proven, 2years old doe goat. Great mohair fleece, reverse badger, good milker. Asking $250 . Is in with fainting goat buck, on 11, 9, 13. Visit us FB Hart Homestead or Tel: 8103972342 | 48836 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED GOATS FOR SALE 1 dry yearling alpine $250 and 1 coming yearling experimental doe (alpine x togg cross) $200... Tel: 5176734902 | 49235 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

BOER GOAT KIDS FOR SALE ABGA FULLBLOOD, PERCENTAGE Boer Goats for sale ABGA full blood and percentage. Black and spotted genetics in all kids with Phantom of the Farm and League Ranch. Sept born kids will be ready to go soon. CAE and CL tested free he... Tel: 231-861-2677 231-206-4553 | 49446 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT LOCAL FARM RESCUE Lowell Farm and Wildlife Center has a Christmas thru Lowell Fundraiser coming up on Feb. 15-17. Location is 12494 Vergennes Lowell MI 49331. Come visit us for great gifts, fun, and to support the an... Tel:  | 49331 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOAT MILK By the gallon fresh or frozen $10 or barter for hay/ eggs/feed... Tel: 5172506060 | 49201 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOATS MILK Goat milk for sale. We milk twice a day using clean technique and have a disease free herd. No CAE or other diseases. Our bucks are far away from our does so there is no "musty" taste or sme... Tel:  | 49201 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

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