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Ohio Goats Classifieds

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLING This is Chino. He is a white and tan Nigerian Dwarf buckling. Fun little guy. Born October 28. He is not registered, but can be. Sire and dam are ADGA registered. Third picture is the dam.... Tel:  | 45862 | OH | 12/17/2014  | More Information

2 REGISTERED OBERHASLI BUCKS FOR SALE 1st Buck - Indigo Run TL Jamison (Buck Kid) $200 2nd Buck - Indigo Run Towering Inferno (7 year old) $250 Inferno tested Negative for CAE last year and Jamison's dam and sire also tested negativ... Tel:  | 45153 | OH | 12/03/2014  | More Information

ADGA 2015 LAMANCHA KIDS FOR SALE We have a couple kid reservations still available for 2015. Please contact us if you'd like a buck or doe kid out of any of these breedings. We operate two herds and both are CAE negative with recent ... Tel:  | 44085 | OH | 12/01/2014  | More Information

BOAR BUCK GOAT FOR SALE $275 NEWARK Boar buck for sale about 8 months old. Very healthy and "active" Friendly but a little rowdy during the rut. Dad was very muscular and BIG, We believe he has potential but we have switched t... Tel: (740)-366-8757 | 43055 | OH | 11/23/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS 3 does and 1 wether, white doe is over 1 year, the black and black and brown ones are 1 year at the end of February. Good goats just want to switch to lambs and have a limited amount of space. Not reg... Tel: 937-869-3031 | 43072 | OH | 11/23/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED AMERICAN NUBIAN BUCK KID This little guy is a black with white ears, face and leg markings. He was born on October 21rd 2014 and is registered as an American Nubian with ADGA. His papers come with him. His Sire is a purebred... Tel: 567-217-1535 | 44842 | OH | 11/19/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED PUREBRED AND AMERICAN NUBIAN GOATS. Registered females of various ages. Many bred for January and February kids located in Ohio. Contact Diane at Tel:  | 44807 | OH | 11/15/2014  | More Information

WANTED SPAINISH AND KIKO DOES We are looking to add 4-8 kiko or spanish goats to out ranch. We want only females.... Tel:  | 44676 | OH | 11/08/2014  | More Information

3 WEEK OLD BLACK NUBIAN BUCK KID This little guy is black with white ears and white and brown face, body and leg markings. He was born on October 23rd 2014 and is one of twins. His Sire is a purebred registered Nubian and Dam is a ... Tel: 567-217-1535 | 44842 | OH | 10/28/2014  | More Information

3 WEEK OLD BROWN NUBIAN BUCK KID This little guy is a reddish brown with white ears, face and leg markings. He was born on October 23rd 2014 and is one of twins. His Sire is a purebred registered Nubian and Dam is a 75% American Nub... Tel: 567-217-1535 | 44842 | OH | 10/28/2014  | More Information

CREEP FEEDER FOR GOATS/LAMBS $500.00 Tarter 650lb Creep feeder for lambs/goats. $500.00 Located in Gallia County,Ohio... Tel: 614-645-4876 | 45678 | OH | 10/21/2014  | More Information

BOAR BUCK SERVICE Boar Buck Goat Stud Service - $30 (Newark) 5 month old boar buck. He is not registered and i will send pictures if you are interested. We offer driveway breeding or we can board your does for thre... Tel:  | 43055 | OH | 10/20/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE NUBIAN BUCK $200 I have for sale an 18 month old Nubian buck. He is friendly and was bottle fed from birth as per CAE prevention. I have not had him tested. I have a small herd with three main does. I need to find him... Tel:  | 44216 | OH | 10/15/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKLING FOR SALE! I have approx 4 months old a buckling $75) disbudded. I can whether buckling for $25 extra if that is what you desire. I am located in between Akron and Canton... Tel:  | 44216 | OH | 10/15/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED FRENCH ALPINE DAIRY GOAT FOR SALE Registered French Alpine Dairy Goat for Sale In milk. First lactation and kidded twins. We do not have internet at home, so please CALL. 740-506-2309 $200 OBO... Tel: 740-506-2309 | 43843 | OH | 09/20/2014  | More Information

BRED BOER DOE Four year old 50%Boer doe, bred to registered FB Boer buck for Jan/Feb kids. I have positive pregnancy test result from biotracking. She is dehorned and easy to handle. Her dam was a large Nubian/Alpi... Tel:  | 43567 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FOR SALE: CAGBA REG. ANGORA BUCKLING Hi. I have one Buckling left from this Spring Kidding. He is one of a twin. with his parents about 80+pound each. has a nice start to a great set of horns. real nice curl in his Fleece comes from ... Tel:  | 45810 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

SAANEN BUCK Saanen buck 8 months old and ready for breeding $200.00 Thor he is a very friendly goat we have two females and two buck s. Sadly one needs to go... Tel: 5678769034 | 43334 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

WANTED: REGISTERED PUREBRED NUBIAN OR SAANAN BRED DOES Will pay $150 to $300 per goat (Needs to be of show quality) Pictures needed!!!!!... Tel:  | 44878 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

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