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Pennsylvania Goats Classifieds

FOR SALE NIGERIAN DWARF WETHERS I have three Nigerian dwarf wethers for sale. They were all dehorned prior to me buying them (but the one has small horns so they didn't do a good job). Need to go to home together if at all possible.... Tel: 570-539-0086 | 17853 | PA | 12/21/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED BRED ALPINE DAIRY GOAT DOES Registered American Alpine does for sale. They were raised CAE preventative, are disbudded, and up to date on shots. They have an excellent pedigree including herds like Olentangy & Redwood Hills.... Tel: 8149774881 | 16650 | PA | 11/26/2014  | More Information

ADGA PUREBRED NUBIANS FOR SALE EchoSong has ADGA Purebred Nubian goats. Bloodlines include Blissberry, Kastdemeurs, Lakeshore and more. CAE, CL, Johne's and Brucellosis free as confirmed by WADDL.... Tel: (609)709-5653 | 16403 | PA | 11/24/2014  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS - HERD REDUCTION! We have 2 goat kids; buckling and doeling both blue eyes, horns have been disbudded. Also, we have a 2 year old reg blue eyed buck, great breeder and very people friendly. Does available as well. E... Tel: 717-639-4028 | 17038 | PA | 11/19/2014  | More Information

QUALITY NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK KID AND BUCK Nigerian Dwarf buckling blue eyes horns disbudded $300 2 Year Old Blue-eyed Reg Nigerian Dwarf Buck Chamoisee color w/ black and white points, very friendly and loving personality, out of quality dai... Tel: 717-639-4028 | 17038 | PA | 11/09/2014  | More Information

BEAUTIFUL NIGERIAN DWARF DOE Beautiful dark chamoisee Nigerian Dwarf breeding doe, 5 yrs., excellent mother. very friendly. $400, reg. comes from excellent show stock.... Tel: 6108243560 | 18071 | PA | 10/30/2014  | More Information

BEAUTIFUL NIGERIAN DWARF DOE & OLDER PET ANGORA WETHERS Beautiful dark chamoisee Nigerian Dwarf breeding doe, 5 yrs., excellent mother. very friendly. $400, reg. comes from excellent show stock. 5 yr old pet angora wethers, $100 ea.... Tel: 6108243560 | 18071 | PA | 10/30/2014  | More Information

AMERICAN ALPINE 2014 DOELINGS Three American Alpine 2014 doe kids for sale. All were raised CAE preventative on heat-treated colostrum & pasteurized milk, are current on shots & are disbudded. -Bre... Tel: 814-977-4881 | 16650 | PA | 10/27/2014  | More Information

BRED LAMANCHA YEARLING We also have a Purebred, non-papered Lamancha doe. Born 6-2-2013. She does have four teats which is a disqualification for registration. She is bred either to a pure Alpine or a pure Lamancha buck. No... Tel: 814-977-4881 | 16650 | PA | 10/27/2014  | More Information

QUALITY 2YO REG. NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK W/ BLUE EYES "Kuzco" has a great temperament, is a great breeder, and throws beautiful, healthy babies with color. He has quality milking and show lines. He's very friendly and loves people! We raised... Tel: 717-639-4028 | 17038 | PA | 10/24/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED BOER DOES AND DOELINGS FOR SALE. I have 3 registered boer does for sale and 3 doelings that will come with registration applications all that has to be done is sent out. Very nice does just cant afford to keep them anymore right now.... Tel: 570-251-0362 | 18472 | PA | 10/09/2014  | More Information

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