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Wisconsin Goats Classifieds

MINI NUBIAN BUCK YEARLING Nice, blue eyed, tri-colored buck. Asking $90.00 OBO.... Tel: 7152133871 | 54495 | WI | 10/19/2014  | More Information

% BOER BUCKLING FOR SALE We have a 75% boer/25% Nubian buckling for sale. This boy would make a great addition to a commercial breeding program. He was large at birth and has continued to grow well. He is a twin. Dam is 50% b... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 10/18/2014  | More Information

100% ABGA BLACK-HEADED BUCKLING FOR SALE/TRADE We have a 100% ABGA boer buckling for sale/trade. He was born 7/7/14. Triplet. Teats 2x2. Bite good. He is black-headed. His littermate sisters are traditional red-head and a black paint. Dam is tradi... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 10/18/2014  | More Information

ADGA NUBIAN BUCK FOR SALE/TRADE We will need to replace our ADGA Nubian buck before next breeding season. We only breed a few does each year, and have kept his daughters from last year. This boy has Six-Point Farm and Copper Hill br... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 10/18/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI MYOTONIC / FAINTING GOAT BUCK For Sale: HANDSOME All white, Blue eyed fainting goat buck. Born 04/26/14: Great conformation! Parents are minis and registered with MGR. Dam raised, disbudded, tagged, vaccinated, very friendly. Woul... Tel: 715-497-8103 | 54022 | WI | 10/17/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI MYOTONIC / FAINTING GOAT DOE For Sale: Mini Fainting Goat Doe: 3 years old. Beautiful tricolor with golden eyes. Great conformation! MGR registered ID B3662. Twins last spring. Disbudded, vaccinated, tagged. Dam raised. Follows o... Tel: 715-497-8103 | 54022 | WI | 10/17/2014  | More Information

REG. OBERHASLI BUCKLING I have a buckling for sale. He is a light bay color with correct black markings. He is not reg. in ADGA yet but I will get him reg. before he leaves my farm. He is out of my herd sire and his sire has... Tel: 815-275-2353 | 61007 | WI | 10/16/2014  | More Information

SABLE DAIRY GOAT BUCK KID FOR SALE Sundgau colored Sable dairy goat buck kid offered for sale. He can be registered with ADGA. His sire is from Kapra Vista and his dam has Flick's Acres bloodlines. Bred for milk production and the s... Tel: 262-285-7118 | 53004 | WI | 10/16/2014  | More Information

COMPANION GOAT KID FOR SALE I have a 7 month old Alpine Doe kid for sale. Bottle raised and in good condition. Up to date with worming. She gets along very well with other animals and loves following people around. She also gets... Tel: (608) 786-2437 |  | WI | 10/13/2014  | More Information

AMERICAN NUBIAN MILKING YEARLING American Nubian Milking Yearling registered with ADGA. Shown here at the Walworth Co. fair. Peaked at 5.5 lbs. now only milking once per day and giving about a quart. Would make a nice house milker. R... Tel: 262-347-9454 | 53189 | WI | 10/12/2014  | More Information

TWO PURE BRED NUBIAN BUCKLINS I have 2 beautiful purebred register able Nubian buckling with great superior genetics behind them. I have to many bucks but these guys are to good for meat, their sire and dam are on sight. Grand-dam... Tel:  | 53073 | WI | 10/12/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKS I have Nubian buck for sale for $125.00. Their mom is my best milker. He was born 5/3/2014. If interested, please call 715-453-2552. NO MEAT BUYERS... Tel: 715-453-2552 | 54487 | WI | 10/08/2014  | More Information

ALPINE BUCK FOR SALE i have a 4 year old alpine buck for sale. He is from a good milk line and has some nice looking daughters. We need to sell due to the fact we don't want to breed his daughters. Were asking $350.00 for... Tel: 715-509-0004 | 54107 | WI | 10/06/2014  | More Information

GRASSE ACRES THOR BUCK FOR SALE Grasse Acres Thor DOB 04/20/13 Blue Eyes ADGA Registered Proven sired 3 kids this Spring Janesville WI $ 250 obo... Tel: 6087519790 | 53534 | WI | 10/06/2014  | More Information


WISCONSIN DAIRY GOAT ASSOCIATION (ARLINGTON) Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association annual field day on October 11th @9:00am in Arlington WI... Tel:  | 53956 | WI | 10/02/2014  | More Information

ABGA BOER DOE I have a Registered doe. born this spring for sale. can call or test anytime, 715 574 6428... Tel: 715 574 6428 | 54408 | WI | 10/01/2014  | More Information

WANTED BABY GOATS AND BOERS We are looking for any baby goats, will take any age. And boer does. you can call or text 7155746428... Tel: 715 574 6428 | 54408 | WI | 10/01/2014  | More Information

ALPINE GOATS FOR SALE I have a couple 2014 alpine does and bucks for sale they are all ADGA reg. animals there dams and sires are proven winners please email or text 715-851-2130... Tel:  | 54929 | WI | 09/29/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED ANGORA GOATS FOR SALE We have 14 angora does for sale ages 6 months to 18 months. All are registered with CAGBA.... Tel: 715-675-0784 | 54401 | WI | 09/28/2014  | More Information

YOUNG DAIRY GOATS 10 young does born the end of February. (1 Sannen, 3 lamanchas, 3 toggenbergs and 3 alpines) 1 alpine billy (unrelated) born the end of February, and a dairy breed wether that is about 1 year. Asking ... Tel: 715-533-5930 | 54813 | WI | 09/22/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: BLUE EYED MYOTONIC / FAINTING BUCK For Sale: All white, Blue eyed fainting buck. Born 0426/14: Great conformation! Parents are minis and registered with MGR. Dam raised, disbudded, tagged, vaccinated, very friendly. Would be great add... Tel: 715-425-8063 | 54022 | WI | 09/10/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI MYOTONIC / FAINTING GOAT DOE For Sale: Mini fainting goat: 3 year old doe: gorgeous tricolor with dramatic face mask and 4 brown socks. Nice Conformation. MGR registered. Delivered twins last spring. Dam raised, disbudded, vaccin... Tel: 715-425-8063 | 54022 | WI | 09/10/2014  | More Information

NUBIAN BUCKS I have two Nubian bucks that were born May 3, 2014. Ready to breed this Fall. They are twins from my best milker.... Tel: 715-453-2552 | 54487 | WI | 09/07/2014  | More Information

WANTED: NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK STUD SERVICE Looking for nice buck, doesn't have to be registered, for my two does. Please call/email to discuss your price, logistics, etc. Thanks, Kristine... Tel: 608 697 3786 | 53954 | WI | 09/03/2014  | More Information

2 NUBIAN BUCKLING I have two Nubian bucks for sale. Born May 3th, 2014. Should be ready for Fall breeding. They are twin from my best milker. One is black with wide white blaze with brown and white markings. The other... Tel: 715-453-2552 | 54487 | WI | 08/30/2014  | More Information

PUREBRED REGISTERED LAMANCHA DOELING Born Feb 2014 from excellent milking and show lines. Show all summer by 4-H kids and would make an excellent doe for a 4h er to show next year. Very quality bucks on site that she can be bred to if yo... Tel:  | 53168 | WI | 08/29/2014  | More Information

BOER BUCKLINGS FOR SALE Purebred Boer buckling and % bucklings for sale. Black-headed buckling: triplet, born 7/7, dam and sire ABGA registered, will sell with reg. paperwork. $250 at weaning. Tan paint: triplet... Tel: - |  | WI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

FAINTING GOAT AND MINI SILKY FAINTING GOAT KIDS FOR SALE 4 fainting goat kids are left. Thor is a black and white buckling with bright blue eyes. MGR and MSFGA $150 Patch is a white buckling with black and brown around his eye. Brown eyes MRG and M... Tel:  | 53038 | WI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Kinder Korners Awesome Andy. He's very well mannered has beautiful kids but I want all my nigerians gone. I will drive an hour to meet you. I can send you registration information if you e-mail or tex... Tel: 7159656565 | 54470 | WI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF DOE FOR SALE Oak hollow acres black berry. She's a great mom and a good milker. I'm selling all my nigerians and she needs to go. I will drive an hour to meet you. I can send registration information and more pict... Tel: 7159656565 | 54470 | WI | 08/28/2014  | More Information

DAIRY GOATS, 200 DAIRY ANIMALS TO SELL, $300.00 EACH FIRM Selling 200 goats in grouos of 100 or 200. 2nd and 3rd year animals... 608.542.0698... Tel: 608.542.0698 | 54618 | WI | 08/20/2014  | More Information

1 YR OLD NIGERIAN DWARF GOAT Needs a pet home. She had kidding difficulties and should no be bred. Very sweet. Bottle baby.... Tel: 2623665087 | 53029 | WI | 08/12/2014  | More Information

2 DAIRY BUCKS IN RUT FOR SALE $250 FOR BOTH Both were born on May 8th, 2013;they are 12 hours apart. They are worth more than I am asking but I need the room for some bucklings. These two bucks are not registered but their parents are. Thes... Tel: 920-615-0695 | 54311 | WI | 08/11/2014  | More Information

FAINTING GOAT DOES OFFERED FOR SALE Fainting Goats Offered For Sale We are offering for sale at this time some of our purebred registered does. Prices have been reduced to $200 each. 1.Sabrina- black and white 2009 doe with black s... Tel: (608) 513-9299 | 53589 | WI | 07/31/2014  | More Information

WANTED: DWARF AND MINITURE GOATS Any one who is selling or getting rid of goats please contact me I am very interested in buy some goats.... Tel:  | 54963 | WI | 07/31/2014  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE We have 1 dairy doeling 4 months old $100.00. We also have 1 Boer doe yearling all brown $125.00 we have 3 Boer does two years old $175 each.... Tel: 9203750270 | 54937 | WI | 07/26/2014  | More Information

BOER BUCKLINGS FOR SALE: PUREBRED AND PERCENTAGE Boer bucklings for sale - Racine County, Wisconsin. Purebred black headed buckling (triplet) born 7/7. Sire and dam ABGA registered. $250 at weaning. 50% boer/50% nubian buckling - blonde / white p... Tel: 262-909-9591 | 53126 | WI | 07/21/2014  | More Information

40 DAIRY GOAT DOELINGS 40 dairy doelings for sale. Born February through April. Mostly saanen with some alpine and oberhasli. All weaned. $150 each... Tel: 715-313-0637 | 54727 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE I have a lot of goats and husband said I half to let some go. I have bore goats. Alpine oberhasli cross. Two reg Ober. Bucks. A And some yearlings. Priced to move please help he said he's goi... Tel: 9203750270 | 54937 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NIGERIAN STUD SERVICES OFFERED I have a tri colored, registered Nigerian dwarf buck up to date on all his shots and worming. Offering stud services. Doe must be up to date on her shots and worming as well and brought to us. $50 per... Tel:  | 54155 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

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