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Poultry For Sale Or Wanted Classifieds

OSTRICH HATCHING EGGS AND HEALTHY CHICKS FOR SALE We have very healthy Ostrich Chicks and Ostrich Hatching Eggs. We sell at moderate prices to all our national and international clients. We carry on world wide delivery with a rapid and quality servic... Tel: 2026888125 | 77718 | TX | 01/28/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE $20 100% ENGLISH LAVENDER ORPHINGTON ROOSTER. Very handsome and in great health. Approximate age in January is 5 months. Bought as a "pullet" but is clearly a Rooster! I can't keep him in the Ci... Tel: 330-273-3572 | 44212 | OH | 01/25/2015  | More Information

WANTED ENGLISH ORPINGTON'S FOR SALE (ROOSTERS) ONLY. I am looking for 100% pure breed English rooster's in the following colors: Lavender Chocolate Black Brown Blue Splash Age I need is around 2 to 4 months old.... Tel: 901-849-0935 | 38637 | MS | 01/20/2015  | More Information

ISA BROWN AND WHITE LEGHORN MALE CHICKS I have lots of 1day old chicks for sale 20cents Each must buy 100 minimum Mostly looking to sell 20000 a week call or text 989 400 0591... Tel: 9894000591 | 48834 | MI | 01/18/2015  | More Information

MEAT, BREED, OR PET DUCKS I have many ducks for sale that were hatched in august. muscovies : grey, white, tan, brown, black and white. Rowan/pekin crosses all are ready to go for meat or young breed stock. would also... Tel: 269-547-7834 | 49009 | MI | 01/17/2015  | More Information

GOOSE & MUSCOVY A young grey & white goose(looks like lighter grey pomeranian)--sex unkown==asking $25 OBO. Also a lavender(blue with small amount of white) young muscovy drake asking $15.... Tel: 7158235378 | 54929 | WI | 01/11/2015  | More Information

PEAFOWLS AND SWANS FOR SALE TODAY Email; .we have .java green, indian blue, white, peach, pieds, silver , spalding swans we have ...mute, australian black, black neck, trumpeters, tundra etc Tel: 3203181030 | 21216 | KY | 01/07/2015  | More Information

WHITE INDIAN BLUE PEAFOWLS AND SWANS! Email; .we have .java green, indian blue, white, peach, pieds, silver , spalding swans we have ...mute, australian black, black neck, trumpeters, tundra etc Tel: 3203181030 | 21216 | KY | 01/07/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE PAIR OF DUCKS AND POSSIBLY A WHITE LEGGORN CHICKEN WHO Male - Blue runner and Female Blue Swedish. We got these ducks in hopes of offering friendship and warmth to our chicken after our second to last chicken was eaten by a dog :( However, the ducks and... Tel:  | 48003 | MI | 12/02/2014  | More Information

ISO BROWN CHINESE FEMALE GOOSE I lost a Brown Chinese goose and the gander is lonely. I would like to replace her.... Tel:  | 21639 | MD | 11/29/2014  | More Information

OSTRICH CHICKS AND FERTILE EGGS FOR SALE Ostrich Chicks, and Guarantee Fertile Ostrich Eggs. We have 26 years experience raising Ostrich. We have no amount of Red Ostrich genetics in our birds. A wealth of knowledge for you to draw from... Tel:  | 77451 | TX | 11/24/2014  | More Information

POULTRY & RABBIT BUTCHERING Located in Lakeview, MI we offer poultry and rabbit butchering. Everything is vacuum sealed so all you have to do is take it home and put it in the freezer.... Tel:  | 48850 | MI | 11/10/2014  | More Information

RABBIT/POULTRY WIRE CAGES ONLINE AUCTION. ENDS AUGUST 17th, 2014. For full details visit and enter 5057-108 in the QAL (Quick Asset Lookup) box located on the homepage. Bundle of 20 wire rabbit/poultry cag... Tel: 334-387-0475 | 81401-3731 | CO | 11/05/2014  | More Information

ROOSTER MAILBOX You are looking for an original gift! Manufactured and painted by Michel Devost. The mailboxes are out of galvanized metal, and the decorative parts are painted with 3 coats of acrylic paint. Dim... Tel:  | j1a1x4 | PQ | 11/04/2014  | More Information

AUSTRALIAN SPOTTED DUCKS I have several Australian spotted ducks available. all nice healthy birds, purchased from Holdereads stock. pretty great foragers don't fly away. Great moms... Tel: 7157485220 | 54470 | WI | 10/31/2014  | More Information

14 HOLE CHICKEN NEST BOX UNIT 14 Hole Chicken Nest Box Unit for Sale! $150.00... Tel: 517-285-6558 | 48912 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

BANTAM CHICKENS I have some bantam chickens for sale. I have 1 pair of bantam Easter Eggers...$15.00 1 silver penciled cochin rooster...$5.00 2 silver seabright roosters...$5.00 each 1 bantam Easter Egger roost... Tel:  | 48074 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

BLACK BEARDED SILKIE I have a nice bearded black silkie cockeral he is about 5 months old. Free to a good home only... Tel: 2312243229 | 49327 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

CHEAPEST CHICKS IN OHIO..ALL 6 WEEK OLD ARE SOLD I hatch these chicks myself from quality breeders and from my own flock..healthy & happy birds.. Heres what i have Purebred speckled sussex chicks/4.00 each 6 weeks old.sold maran mix chick... Tel: 440 897-5923 | 44094 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

CHICKS AND TURKEYS We have all types laying chicks and blue slate turkeys no hatchery call for info... Tel: 8458880274 | 12790 | NY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

DUCKS I have several ducks for sale. I a quad of Rouens for sale..1boy and 3 girls..$30.00 1 pair of khaki Campbells..$20.00 I have 3 Indian Runner Drakes..$5.00 each. I will not separate the pairs but... Tel:  | 48074 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

DUCKS FOR SALE I have several ducks I'd like to sell, hatched them from eggs and kept too many...can't care for them all. Hatched may 12 unsure which ones are def drakes but pretty sure each pair is a duck and drake... Tel:  | 14127 | NY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FREE 7WK OLD ROUEN FEMALE DUCK 6/7/14 She wonderful doesn't bite good with ppl..she has almost all her adult feathers in and startin to get that blue patch on/or near wing as its growin still..I have to get rid of her against the law for ... Tel: 586-610-2366 | 48220 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ISA BROWN CHICKS - 3/7/14 HATCH This is an egg-laying chicken. It is of hybrid origin and selectively bred. They lay at about 18 weeks, laying about 1 egg per day and laying up to 300 brown eggs a year. Eggs are laid daily, nor... Tel: 517-285-6558 | 48380 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ISBAR CHICKENS Swedish breed that lays green eggs and are a winter hardy layer. breeding quad hatched april 2014 (black pair and two blue hens) $100 Black blue splash chicks month old to 2 month old $10 cockerel $... Tel:  | 54952 | WI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

MUSCOVY DUCKLINGS I have 5 muscovy ducklings for sale. $5.00 each. I can email pics if interested my phone won't let me post them on here.They were born around May 25th.... Tel:  | 48074 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

RARE ENGLISH ORPINGTONS SPANGLED MOTTLED JUVENILE CHICKENS Chicks are 6 to 8 weeks old breeding line from autumn farms Louis Caldwell 200ea shipping available extra... Tel: 7742711969 | 02770 | MA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ROOSTSRS I have 4 Silver Seabright roosters and a golden Seabright rooster about 3 months old .$3.00 each. I can email pics my phone won't let me post them on here.... Tel:  | 48074 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information


YOU HAVE ANY LAYING HENS LEFT AT YOU WOUND GIVE WAY .. you have laying hens this fall at you didn't sale and don't feed all winter ?? you bring them here laying 2 to 5 years old No sickly birds thank you.. have... Tel: 269-830-0222 | 49021 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

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