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FOR SALE: DWARF ANGORA DOES Hi, I have two dwarf angora does for sale. One is all white with red eyes & the other has dark eyes with a grey face (pictured). They were born 03/01/14. I haven't used them for fiber but they... Tel:  | 15557 | PA | 03/04/2015  | More Information

*****MINI LOP RABBITS***** Excellent stock for sale from nationally competitive lines. Transport available from SE MI dsto the MSRBA show this weekend at MSU. Steels and chestnuts available.... Tel: 734-735-1224 lv msg | 48131 | MI | 03/03/2015  | More Information

AMERICAN BLUE KITS FOR SALE We are currently expecting two litters of American Blue kits on or about March 11th. If you are interested in reserving a kit or a future breeding pair, please take a look at my website at smilingacre... Tel:  | 15044 | PA | 03/02/2015  | More Information

FRENCH ANGORAS FOR SALE AS WOOLERS/PETS I have several French Angoras looking for homes as pets and woolers. All are broken black (black and white) and there are two bucks and one doe. ~Reflection - four year old broken black doe. Ni... Tel: (517) 589-5888 | 49251 | MI | 03/01/2015  | More Information

RABBITS!! SILVER FOX BREED I currently have 2 silver fox does left.... 1 is 10 weeks and 1 8 weeks old..... and I have 8 week old doe & buck white silver fox Mother Does are both pedigree 30.00 a peice pls call if interes... Tel: 702-370-0058 | 49417 | MI | 03/01/2015  | More Information

5 MONTH OLD CHOCOLATE POLISH BUCK Sweet boy only asking 25.00, small breed will not get bigger thsn 3 lbs... Tel: 586-770-3480 | 48048 | MI | 02/25/2015  | More Information

8 WEEK OLD RABBIT Black polish rabbit, 8 weeks old. Only 25.00 will not get bigger than 3 lbs.... Tel: 586-770-3480 | 48048 | MI | 02/25/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI SATIN BUCK AND CALIFORNIAN BUCK Black mini satin buck, breeding age. white black spotted Californian boy in breeding age. 30 for the pair or 20 for the mini satin and 15 for the Californian... Tel:  | 47989 | IN | 02/25/2015  | More Information

SR. BLACK POLISH BUCK Sweet boy under a year old. Only 15.00... Tel: 586-770-3480 | 48048 | MI | 02/25/2015  | More Information

TWO MINI LOP RABBITS two mini lops full grown female. birthdate: may 5th. born may 5th 2014. ill sell them with indoor cage bottle to drink out of bowl bag of hay and food hay rack and some snacks carrots and toys litter ... Tel: 7247941750 | 16057-4912 | PA | 02/24/2015  | More Information

MINI LOP DOES Pedigreed 15 wk old does 1/2 sibling won grand champion at fair last year. Very sweet girls $40.00 each or $100 for the 3 located in southeastern Missouri... Tel: 5733809251 | 63801 | MO | 02/21/2015  | More Information

2 NEW ZEALAND BROKEN BUCKS - BLACK/WHITE - 4 MONTHS OLD I have 2 New Zealand Broken Bucks that are Black/White with nice markings for sale. They are 4 months old. I am asking $15.00 a piece for them. If interested please let me know.... Tel: 8022497189 | 49271 | MI | 02/20/2015  | More Information

GROUP OF 9 SATIN RABBITS, JUST $129!! I have some young Satins for sale. There are blacks, broken blacks, chestnut, and broken chestnut. I have 8 bucks still available, perfect chance for some great meat rabbits! I am asking just $129 for... Tel: 740-358-3391 | 43011 | OH | 02/20/2015  | More Information

LOOKING FOR A BLUE NEW ZEALAND BUCK AND DOES - GOOD QUALITY I am looking for a Blue New Zealand Buck and some does also - good quality please. If anyone has some please let me know. Thanks.... Tel: 8022497189 | 49271 | MI | 02/20/2015  | More Information

MINI LOP RABBIT FOR SALE Buttons is in need of permanent home with a fun, loving, new family! He loves head pets, to jump around and to run circles around you for attention. I have been temporarily taking care of him, however... Tel: 530-277-0391 | 83201 | ID | 02/19/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED JR. LIONHEAD DOE FOR SALE I have a sweet jr. REW Lionhead doe available for sale. She would be a great asset to a breeding program or a loving pet. She is handled all the time and is very well socialized. $60 We are loca... Tel:  | 49251 | MI | 02/19/2015  | More Information

WANTED: FLEMISH GIANT RABBIT AROUND OKLAHOMA CITY AREA looking to buy a Flemish giant rabbit in or around the Oklahoma city area.... Tel:  | 74873 | OK | 02/18/2015  | More Information

WANTED/FOR SALE: BLANC DE HOTOT BUCK LOOKING TO BREED I'm looking for someone who needs a male to breed with. My male is not for sale, but his breeding capabilities are. He's pure white and small in frame. He's almost as small as the dwarf.... Tel:  | 23220 | VA | 02/11/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: LIONHEAD MIX BUNNIES $20 EACH I have decided to sell all 4 of my lionhead mix bunnies because I am wanting to focus more on my pygmy goats plus I need to make room for the new babies that will be born soon and I wouldn't have that... Tel:  | 44235 | OH | 02/10/2015  | More Information

FLEMISH GIANTS RABBITS AND BUNNIES FOR SALE $35 see my Flemish giants at GIANT RABBIT AND BUNNY FOR SALE COME BY AND PICK OUT ONE TODAY . bunnies are only $35 I AM IN A FARM IN CLEWISTON FL 3344... Tel:  | 33440 | FL | 02/09/2015  | More Information

SATIN RABBITS Pedigreed Satin Rabbits. Currently Available: 2 Siamese Satin bucks, 6 mos. old -- $25 More litters expected in March.... Tel:  | 48418 | MI | 02/08/2015  | More Information

looking for a lionhead doe white and a blue good markings with papers... Tel: 270 9046137 | 42101 | KY | 02/07/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED PEDIGREED FRENCH ANGORAS FOR SALE I have several purebred French Angoras for sale. Blossom Acres' Living Legacy - jr chestnut buck, born September 25th 2014. This boy has good coat quality and a nice deep body. He meets all sho... Tel: (517) 589-5888 | 49251 | MI | 02/07/2015  | More Information

REW MEAT BUCK - 5 MONTHS OLD $15 REW NZW Buck, 5 months old. No pedigree. Friendly, not too skittish. Sex change fairy paid us a visit so now "she" has to go. Located near Freeport MI in Ionia County.... Tel: 6165770149 | 49325 | MI | 02/07/2015  | More Information

WANTED LOP EARED RABBIT THAT IS IN NEED OF A GOOD HOME I am looking for a rabbit as a pet- Our pet rabbit who was a Holland lop passed away last year-he was 9 years old and we miss him.I would like to adopt a rabbit that I know is in need of a home that w... Tel: 8149444779 | 16602 | PA | 02/07/2015  | More Information

DUTCH RABBITS We have several good show quality and pet quality Dutch rabbits. Lots of Blacks and Blues and an few Chocolates... Tel: (806) 676-9179 | 79119t | TX | 02/06/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: LARGE BREED RABBIT 9wk old large breed male rabbit. No pedigree. Great for meat/breeder/pet. $15 Huntington, IN... Tel:  | 46750 | IN | 02/06/2015  | More Information

FRENCH ANGORA WOOLER/PET FOR SALE I have a very sweet chocolate tort buck for sale. Behaves well for grooming. He is small for his breed, and will be sold without papers. He was born 12/7/13. The featured picture was last summer after... Tel:  | 49633 | MI | 02/06/2015  | More Information

PEDIGREED NEW ZEALAND HERD SELL OUT- SHOW AND MEAT QUALITY - White Jr. Buck and 2 Proven Young Sr. Does, being sold as a meat producing trio for $80. -Pedigreed Broken Black Sr. Buck- Kecia Lines. Was Youth BOSV at 2013 New Zealand Nationals. Proven. $75 -P... Tel: 8474450963 | 60087 | WI | 02/06/2015  | More Information

DUTCH BUNNIES I have a few dutch bunnies left 5 weeks old and ready to go to new home.... Tel: 734 363 9265 | 48101 | MI | 02/04/2015  | More Information

AMERICAN RABBITS, HERITAGE MEAT RABBITS Several Blue American does available, born 11/12/2014. These girls will be ready for breeding in May/June so you can start your project early. Good meat raising stock - carcass quality has been excell... Tel: 612-810-0534 | 55330 | MN | 01/31/2015  | More Information

WANTED: RED NEW ZEALAND OR MEAT BREED RABBITS I'm looking for a breeding age(or close to breeding age) Red New Zealand buck. I may also be interested in a breeding pair of purebred meat breed rabbits(New Zealand's, Californians, Silver Fox, etc.)... Tel:  | 16946 | PA | 01/30/2015  | More Information

AMERICAN RABBITS Americans are a rare, heritage breed meat rabbit. They are very docile and personable, have large litters and are great moms. Adult weights 9-12 lbs and they reach butcher weight at about 10-11 weeks.... Tel:  | 55037 | MN | 01/29/2015  | More Information

FRENCH LOPS FULL PEDIGREE WILL BE AT MSU SHOW SAT I have show quality french lops my kids show for ARBA great stock prices range $65-$100 will be at the msu show I will have a total of 8 for sale... Tel:  | 48059 | MI | 01/29/2015  | More Information

FULL PEDIGREE FLEMING GIANTS WILL BE AT MSU SHOW THIS SAT I'm selling out of my blue,black and lite grey all have full pedigrees from great blood lines no mixed colors I have taveled out of state for the $100 each not holding... Tel:  | 48059 | MI | 01/29/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED FRENCH ANGORA BUCK FOR SALE I have a purebred REW French Angora buck available for sale with pedigree. $45 We are located in Leslie, MI. Thanks for looking!... Tel:  | 49251 | MI | 01/28/2015  | More Information

PEDIGREED MINI REX AVAILABLE I currently have Pedigreed Mini Rex available. Currently I have for babies ready to go 1 tri colored buck, 1 harlequin colored buck, 2 harlequin colored does. This 4 are $50 with or without pedigrees.... Tel:  | 50238 | IA | 01/27/2015  | More Information

2 FLEMISH GIANT RABBITS FOR SALE I Have one Doe and 1 Buck for sale they do come with pedigrees asking for reasonable offers just want good homes for them they are 9 months I think the female is pregnant 317 909 2942... Tel: 3179092942 | 46226 | IN | 01/26/2015  | More Information

BLACK RABBIT Black pure bred male rex rabbit. He is used to living in a cage. Very soft coat. I forgot to place a picture of him on here. I'm not able to figure out how to edit that. I can send pictures if you ... Tel: 989-400-8879 | 48858 | MI | 01/26/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE: MINI LOPS IN DUNDEE, MI Mini Lop bucks available. All have full pedigrees and come from grand champion lines. Broken gold tipped steel, DOB 5/14. Excellent crown and hindquarters. $40 Solid chestnut, DOB 5/13. Gr... Tel: 734-755-1926 | 48131 | MI | 01/20/2015  | More Information

ADORABLE LOP MIX/ AMERICAN BLUE They were born on 1/15/2015. There are seven of them. One white and six either black or blue. If white doesn't have red eyes it will be kept. These are not for food for humans or animals. Reserve your... Tel:  | 15009 | PA | 01/19/2015  | More Information


FOR SALE: 4H MEAT RABBITS Breeding rabbits: Two Californian does and three Californian bucks available in Dundee. All out of 2013 Grand Champion Roaster Rabbit from the Monroe County Fair. Nice width and depth. Good temper... Tel:  | 48131 | MI | 01/19/2015  | More Information


FOR SALE: PEDIGREED ENGLISH LOP Pedigreed English Lop bucks for sale born June, $60.00 each, Reading Michigan. colors are orange, blue tort, and black tort... Tel: 5173980226 | 49274 | MI | 01/18/2015  | More Information

ONE 6 MONTH OLD FRIENDLY SILVER LIONHEAD RABBIT/3 BABIES LIONHEAD REX MIX Babies and 6 month old female ready to go to their new home Feb 20th maybe a few days sooner. We are just looking for the right homes for them. Each one comes with their own cage which were all bough... Tel: 201-759-8308TRAC | 07506 | NJ | 01/18/2015  | More Information

MINI REX RABBITS FOR SALE I have several top-notch Mini Rex rabbits for sale. They will make excellent show rabbits, breeding animals, and/or pets. These Mini Rex come with complete pedigrees and are out of winning lines. Cont... Tel:  | 58102 | MN | 01/17/2015  | More Information

FOR SALE PETIGREE BLUE FLEMISH GIANT KITS 6 kits 3 bucks 3 does (1 buck and 1 doe sold) the kits are tattooed and have there pedigree all ready Asking 150.00 for bucks and 200.00 for does located in Windsor, NY willing to meet you 1 hour from... Tel:  | 13865 | NY | 01/12/2015  | More Information

WANTED: RABBIT FEMALE Would like to find a pregnant white meat rabbit.....we are located in Central Alabama. Must be within 75 miles of the Birmingham area.... Tel:  | 35124 | AL | 01/11/2015  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND AND CALIFORNIAN RABBITS I have New Zealand and Californian rabbit all ages... Tel: 2403677105 | 21716 | MD | 01/10/2015  | More Information

LOOKING FOR NEW ZELAND AND OR FLEMISH GIANTS RABBITS IN TN looking for rabbits in tn around Dyersburg surround areas... Tel: 7313775318 | 38024 | TN | 01/08/2015  | More Information

CALIFORIAN BREEDER BUCKS FOR SALE... ONLY $25 DOLLARS EACH We have a Limited supply of Californian breeder bucks for sale 90-120 days old...All natural and Healthy and ready for meat production.. They are 5 lbs. in 90 days and get to 12-15 lbs. as adults...So... Tel: 813-900-9298 | 34614 | FL | 01/07/2015  | More Information

FRENCH ANGORA WAITING LIST CHRISTMAS BABIES I have a litter of ten French Angoras currently in the nesting box, born Christmas day. There are 4 broken black, 2 black, and 4 Ruby Eyed White. These babies are maturing nicely. The dam is a Ruby... Tel: (517) 589-5888 | 49251 | MI | 01/04/2015  | More Information

PUREBRED PEDIGREED FRENCH ANGORA FOR SALE I have one French Angora left to place from my fall litters. Blossom Acres’ Tumbleweed is a purebred chestnut buck, born September 25th 2014. He has a really nice commercial body, and an easy main... Tel: (517) 589-5888 | 49251 | MI | 01/04/2015  | More Information

ENGLISH LOPS-VELVETEEN LOPS-HIMIS-ENGLSIH SPOTS For Sale: Jrs & Srs available. All bunnies are handled daily & use litterboxes in their cages. Check sale page at Tel:  | 19522 | PA | 01/03/2015  | More Information

2 MEAT RABBITS FOR SALE 2 meat rabbits for sale, well feed $10.00 each OBO... Tel: 5179363967 | 49246 | MI | 12/31/2014  | More Information

PEDIGREED AMERICAN DOE White 8 week old American Doe with 4 gen pedigree. Handled daily and tattooed. $40. Hinckley. send email to Tel:  | 55037 | MN | 12/31/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: SATIN DOE RABBIT,BROKEN TORT PAPERS AND PUREBRED 1 female broken tort satin rabbit for sale. Has papers. You can do 4H with her she needs lots of training,for breeding or pet only no meat rabbit,she is about 6 months old she was born on June,21st ... Tel: 231-970-1950 | 49614 | MI | 12/28/2014  | More Information

PEDIGREED WHITE AND RED NEW ZEALAND DOE AND PEDIGREED BLUE FLEMISH GIANT DOE I have one WHITE pedigreed New Zealand doe born 7-1-2014. Would make an excellent brood doe. She is not showable. One of her litter mates took a very small nick out of her left ear tip-$35.00 Firm wit... Tel: 989-313-0303 | 48610 | MI | 12/28/2014  | More Information

FRENCH ANGORA RABBITS FOR SALE For sale two white female 10 week old. Litter box trained.... Tel: 9204757374 | 54944 | WI | 12/23/2014  | More Information

NEW ZELAND REDS AND BLACKS 1 breeding pair of New Zeland Reds great genetics 16 weeks old growing out very nice. $50 for the pair 1 breeding pair of New Zeland blacks. Female 6 months old male 4 months old. Proven pair. The d... Tel: 404-661-9479 | 30118 | GA | 12/22/2014  | More Information

2, 12 WEEK OLD NEW ZEALAND WHITE BUNNIES FOR SALE $10.00 2, 12 week old, pure bread New Zealand White bunny rabbits for sale. There is 1 Male and 1 Female left from this litter. Would be GREAT breaders as Momma (Snowflake) had no problems delivering and r... Tel:  | 44814 | OH | 12/19/2014  | More Information

FRENCH ANGORA BUCKS AVAILABLE ~2 Chocolate Tortoiseshell Bucks ~d.o.b. 10/09/2014 ~Show Prospect ~Full Pedigree ~Breeding Stock ~Wool Production... Tel: (989) 834-0588 | 48866 | MI | 12/17/2014  | More Information

PUREBRED POLISH RABBITS 3 young pure bred polish bunnys for sale, $15.00 each.... Tel: (715)355-5369 | 54476 | WI | 12/16/2014  | More Information

WANTED: MEAT RABBITS Looking for rabbits for my dogs raw diet. If you process, too, bonus, but, whole works as well! thanks... Tel: 248+935+1744 | 48350 | MI | 12/16/2014  | More Information

WANTED:FLEMISH GIANT BABY LOCATED IN ARIZONA Hello Im looking for a flemish giant baby in the arizona area asap please contact me via 6025656330 text prefered or email at thank you... Tel: 6025656330 | 85019 |  | 12/14/2014  | More Information

LIONHEAD BUCK, WHITE/REW Purebred, double maned Lionhead male available soon. Sweet baby, will make a good pet. Comes with starter bag of food. Will be ready to go home with you on Dec. 19th. $30 cash. We are located in mi... Tel: . | 48436 | MI | 12/13/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE: SENIOR CALIFORNIAN BUCK (PET) Elderly Californian Buck – $20 Smitty is our Californian buck, father of the litter posted today. He is approximately 4 years old so we were told, very sweet and easy to hold, laid back and easy... Tel: 3049896440 | 48823 | MI | 12/11/2014  | More Information

FOR SALE $10 - FRENCH ANGORA CROSS DOE! I am looking to rehome my French silk cross rabbit, Emma. She can come with her cage if need be and her food (still quite a bit left). She's been very well handled and does like to play outside of her... Tel: 4029371413 | 68502 | NE | 12/10/2014  | More Information

FRENCH LOPS FOR SALE We have 3 pet quality French Lops for sale, they are 12 weeks old and ready to go to new homes now. They are very sweet babies, easy to handle and will make great family companions. We have a white (e... Tel:  | 22551 | VA | 12/09/2014  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND BUCK new zealand black buck asking $20.00... Tel:  | 41035 | KY | 12/08/2014  | More Information

FRENCH ANGORA RABBITS I have 6 French Angora rabbits for sale. They will be ready for new homes Christmas week. There is one male and five females available in different colors. These rabbits are pedigreed and show quality... Tel:  | 16946 | PA | 12/07/2014  | More Information

MINI LOP mini lop doe asking $10.00... Tel:  | 41035 | KY | 12/07/2014  | More Information

HOW TO RAISE RABBITS-THE COMPLETE BEGINNERS GUIDE FOR RABBIT OWNERS Discover the right way of raising healthy rabbits the first time, Know what to expect and avoid having to make painful mistakes that beginner rabbit owner's are prone to.... Tel:  | 91607 | MI | 12/06/2014  | More Information

WANTING, HARLEQUINS PEDIGREED AND GOOD MARKINGS FOR 4-H I would like a breeding pair of harlequins adult or kits dose not matter let me know if you have any thanks!... Tel: 231-649-0506 | 49601 | MI | 12/06/2014  | More Information

3 BABY BUNNIES FOR REHOMING I have 3 tan baby bunnies for rehoming. There is a fee but negotiable to the right person. They were born in October and are now ready for their new homes. Text me if interested 3215491666. Located in... Tel: 3215491666 | 32953 | FL | 12/05/2014  | More Information

FRENCH ANGORA WOOLERS/PETS FOR SALE ~~BOTH RABBITS SOLD~~ I have two sweet wooler french angora bunnies for sale. They are both littermates, born September 30th of this year. I have been handling the boys daily. One is a broken blac... Tel:  | 49251 | MI | 12/05/2014  | More Information

HOLLAND LOP BUCK FOR SALE Tort colored Holland lop buck for sale. Good for 4H or pet. Handled often. Litterbox trained. $20... Tel:  | 51301 | IA | 12/05/2014  | More Information

ADORABLE BABY BUNNIES Five cute Mini Rex rabbits. They're about 9 weeks old and all siblings. This breed of rabbit is soft and velvety like fur. Will make great pet and companion! Call or text Lindsay at 229-eight 8... Tel:  | 31763 | GA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ADORABLE MALE HOLLAND LOP RABBIT FOR SALE I currently have an adorable purebred male Holland Lop Rabbit for sale. He is 1 year old and is very sweet and friendly! Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop-eared rabbits. They weigh only 3-4 lbs... Tel: 218-671-3215 | 56531 | MN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ADORABLE PUREBRED CALIFORNIAN RABBITS FOR SALE Adorable 8 week old purebred Californian's for sale! I currently have 9 for sale. 5 girls and 4 boys. Very cute, sweet, and friendly. If you have questions or are interested please call 320-760-9246. ... Tel: 320-760-9246 | 56326 | MN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FLEMMISH GIANTS FOR SALE We are selling a liter of 6 flemmish giant rabbits. 4 black and 2 blue. $40.00 a piece. 8 weeks old. Make excellent house pets! We also have mini Rex rabbits and lionheads for sale periodically throug... Tel: 231 468 9262 | 49677 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

LIONHEAD BABY RABBITS READY FOR NEW HOMES NOW Beautiful baby lionhead bunnies ready now. Have been handled by children. Will mature to 3-5 lb. Call or text for more information. Babies are 50.00 each. 774-259-1760... Tel: 774-259-1760 | 02375 | MA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND RABBITS We have some pens of New Zealand rabbits for sale reds,whites and algati... Tel: (937)217-5187 | 45684 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND RED RABBITS Show quality new zeland reds from the best bloodlines in the usa these are rare very rare coloring you don't get this deep red any more $75 each or 3 for $200 price is firm these are pedigreed full ... Tel: 404/384/6311 | 30094 | GA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND WHITE MEAT RABBIT SETUP We are selling our meat rabbits, we just don't have the time that they require right now. You can purchase only the rabbits and accessories for $575 or you can purchase the carport with fencing an... Tel: 6159928390 | 37073 | TN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

PEDIGREED BLACK FLEMISH GIANT RABBITS Hi. I have 4 black does and 4 black bucks for sale. They were born on june 12, 2014. They're fed fresh hay and manna pro for all rabbits. $50/rabbit pedigreed Or $40 each without pedigree. Call/t... Tel: 586-932-7314 | 48449 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

PET OR BROOD HOLLAND LOP 25.00 Orange sr doe. Has had 5 litters, she is too big to show. But is a lover and needs a home.... Tel: 586-770-3480 | 48048 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

SATIN RABBITS! I have 3 adult Red Satin does and 1 Silver Satin buck. $20 each.... Tel: 320-533-1439 | 56347 | MN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

STANDARD REX Beautiful standard rex rabbits... Tel: 8458663121 | 12790 | NY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

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