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Rabbits For Sale Or Wanted Classifieds

FOR SALE NEW ZEALAND WHITE BUNNY 2 1/2 years old male New Zealand White bunny-- loves kids & potty trained. looking for a good home. he is very calm and sweet. $10.00 cage NOT included... Tel:  | 48042 | MI | 05/05/2016  | More Information

REX AND SATINS FOR SALE Chocolate Rex (NOT mini Rex), bucks are $15 each and does are $20 each, no pedigrees. Born 2/15/16 Blue chin and black Satins, bucks and does available for $15 each, no pedigrees. Born 2/15/16 Loc... Tel:  | 48416 | MI | 05/02/2016  | More Information

LOOKING FOR NEW ZEALAND OR CALIFORNIAN BREEDING STOCK WITHIN 200 MILES OF WI Looking for meat rabbits willing to pay top prices... Tel: 608-393-6078 | 53964 | WI | 05/01/2016  | More Information

LOOKING FOR STOCK TO BEGIN RAISING RABBITS Would like to buy breeding New Zealand and Californian rabbits . I will travel what ever distance required within reason For quality... Tel: 608-393 6078 | 53964 | WI | 05/01/2016  | More Information

WANTED: NEW ZEALAND ,CALIFORNIA RABBITS For breeding my own stock , willing to pay for good starting breeders... Tel: 608-393-6078 | 53964 | WI | 05/01/2016  | More Information

LIONHEAD WHITE AND BLACK VERY YOUNG FEMALE RABBIT FOR SALE, PLUS CAGE, ETC. Sweet bunny that loves to cuddle and be held. She is approximately 10 months old. Not spayed. A rare pedigreed white and black lionhead rabbit with a cute fluffy hair tuft between her ears. Purcha... Tel: 704-698-0005 | 28110 | NC | 04/30/2016  | More Information

HOLLAND LOP FOR SALE Pedigreed show quality Holland Lop. Two grand Champion legs, she is almost there! Broken tort (dark). She will be four years old in May. A really nice looking quality doe. Lophaven Farm... Tel: 484-544-3088 | 18042 | PA | 04/24/2016  | More Information

VELVETEEN LOP RABBITS Velveteen Rabbitss for sale. $100.00 each.... Tel: 6105770521 | 18353 | PA | 04/23/2016  | More Information

TENNESSEE REDBACK RABBITS Tennessee Redback Rabbits for Sale. Ground Started. Goldsboro, NC. $10.00 EACH. 919-734-7800... Tel: 919-734-7800 | 27530 | NC | 04/21/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE RABBIT MANURE OLD BEDDING MIX For Sale Rabbit Manure With Old Bedding Mix Together it Has Been a Long Winter ----> $30.00 Full Your Truck Bed Bring Some One to Help you Loaded you will need shovels.... Tel: 269-430-1519 | 49021 | MI | 04/20/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE BLACK AND WHITE" BROKEN" LIONHEAD BUNNY Zucchini is a black and white "broken" lionhead bunny that is around 4 months old. She is quite the character . Her favorite things to do are play around on laptop keys and "hop"ar... Tel:  | 15101 | PA | 04/18/2016  | More Information

4H MINI LOP SHOW RABBITS FOR SALE Several young, fully pedigreed quality mini lops for sale. Chestnut, black gold tipped steel, solid black, and a few broken varieties available. $40 includes a small bag of feed to help rabbit chang... Tel:  | 48131 | MI | 04/15/2016  | More Information

CALIFORNIAN BUCK FOR SALE Partially pedigreed, high quality, one year old Californian buck available. $50 firm. SE Michigan near Cabela's. Call or text 734-755-1926 or email.... Tel:  | 48131 | MI | 04/15/2016  | More Information

SEEKING RABBITS: SILVER FOX, FLEMISH GIANT AND AMERICAN CHINCHILLA I am seeking many breeder rabbits for meat production. These would be breeders and live on pasture in portable hoop houses. I am interested in young as well as adult breeders. I would like to fin... Tel: 8152147420 | 60913 | IL | 04/15/2016  | More Information

FEMALE HOLLAND LOP I currently have an adorable purebred female Holland Lop Rabbit for sale. She is about 1 year old and is very sweet and friendly! Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop-eared rabbits. They weigh onl... Tel:  | 55044 | MN | 04/14/2016  | More Information

BUNNIES Flemish giant standard rex cross. Meat or pet quility. 15$ each 12 weeks old.... Tel:  | 55304 | MN | 04/11/2016  | More Information

FLEMISH GIANT 8 week old lt grey male. non pedigree. mom was steel color dad was lt grey. He is partial litter trained.... Tel:  | 49421 | MI | 04/11/2016  | More Information

"WANTED: NEW ZEALAND, AMERICAN CHINCHILLA, OR REX RABBITS Looking for one buck and three does from one of the above mentioned breeds for our new Hobby Farm.... Tel:  | 54615-5539 | WI | 04/09/2016  | More Information

HOLLAND LOPS AND LION LOPS BABIES FOR SALE Holland lops and lion lops babies 8 weeks old ready to go to their new homes. Handled daily. Check out pictures and prices on my website Tel: 8595569965 | 40383 | KY | 04/08/2016  | More Information

TWO RABBITS MUST RE-HOME DUE TO ALLERGIES Dutch rabbit 3 years old and polish 8 months. Includes cages, food, bedding , and dishes. Handled daily, dog friendly pets. I have developed a sever allergy and not able to care for them anymore. $20 ... Tel: (810)-984-8058 | 48060 | MI | 04/08/2016  | More Information

CALIFORNIAN AND CALIFORNIAN MIX BUCKS I have two pure Californian 9wk. old bucks and one Californian crossed with Silver Fox buck /proven breeder asking $25 each thank you... Tel:  | 12572 | NY | 04/06/2016  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND RED BUNNIES FOR SALE New Zealand Red Bunnies for sale $25.00 for does $20.00 for bucks Pedigrees and tattooed many to choose from all solid reds southeast Michigan Adrian area Please call I don't do E-mails 517-424-1506... Tel: 517-424-1506 | 49221 | MI | 04/04/2016  | More Information

BREEDERS OF QUALITY FRENCH ANGORA RABBITS We are breeders of quality purebred pedigreed French Angora rabbits, specializing in pointed white/shaded, REW, and broken patterning. We have the genetics for selfs, shadeds, non-extension, agouti, ... Tel:  | 49251 | MI | 04/01/2016  | More Information

LIONHEAD & SILVERFOX RABBITS We offer purebred lionhead bunnies and silverfox bunnies. Prices run $25-$45.Text or email for availability. You can also check us out on Facebook at Oak Grove Farm Shelby NC... Tel: 7044189022 | 28150 | NC | 04/01/2016  | More Information

BABY PEDIGREE LIONHEADS baby lionheads for sale rabbits 50.00 each... Tel: 3047327009 | 24874 | WV | 03/29/2016  | More Information

LOOKING TO BUY RABBIT Flemish giant male or other large size breeder.... Tel: 8604540270 | 06066 | CT | 03/29/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE, CALIFORNIANS 1 buck 3 does. Buck is 1 year, 1 doe is 1 year, other 2 does are a little older. Were used as breeding stock for market class in 4-H. Daugher is done with 4-H now. 20$ each... Tel:  | 49614 | MI | 03/28/2016  | More Information

PEDIGREE DWARF LIONHEADS I breed pedigree dwarf lionhead rabbits. Located in Cincinnati Ohio. 50.00 . These are pictures of some of my rabbits. These particular ones are not for sale. Please inquire to see what I have... Tel:  | 45255 | OH | 03/24/2016  | More Information

WANT TO BUY STANDARD REX RABBITS Looking to buy a couple of standard rex does, and maybe a buck within Ohio.(No minis). Please reply with details, pictures, and location.... Tel:  | 43232 | OH | 03/20/2016  | More Information

BEAUTIFUL RED NEW ZEALANDS PEDIGREED Several does and a couple of bucks.... Tel: 931_624_9133 | 36305 | AL | 03/18/2016  | More Information

4-H MARKET RABBITS FOR SALE 4-H Market Rabbits for sale (lives in McArthur, oh My name is Lawrence Wolfe and I will be having 4-H Market Rabbits for sale for the following counties fairs: Jackson, Vinton (McArthur), Athens, H... Tel: 7405964670 | 45651 | OH | 03/17/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE: BABY SILVERFOX/CALIFORNIAN MIX RABBITS, READY 4/14 10 baby rabbits, just born & will be ready around April 14. Looks like 4 white and 6 black or grey. They are" Meat Rabbits" but they make great out door pets or farm rabbits. They are gr... Tel:  | 98248 | WA | 03/17/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE: REX (NOT MINI REX) RABBITS If you are looking for rex rabbits please call or text me. Right now i have 3 blue bucks and 1 black buck available but i have a few more litters in the nest box. Located in Denham Springs Louisiana. ... Tel: 2259365276 | 70726 | LA | 03/13/2016  | More Information

LIONHEAD BABY RABBITS $5 These are mixed breeds. The father was half newzealand and the mother is a dwarf lionhead. The babies are all very tame and sociable and would make great pets. There are three left. Two are from o... Tel:  | 49264 | MI | 03/13/2016  | More Information

RABBITS AVAILABLE English lops, english spots, french lops & thriantas available. Listing for Faery Dust Bunnys also. Contact with any questions. Check out sale page @ Tel:  | 19522 | PA | 03/11/2016  | More Information

ADORABLE LIONHEAD BUNNIES - READY TO GO SOON!! I have four adorable LionHead bunnies for sale, and they each differ in color. The Doe of the litter (Snuffles) is orange and weighs 3 1/2 pounds, and the Buck of the litter (Blanco) is White with so... Tel: 231-301-0888 | 49412 | MI | 03/10/2016  | More Information

NETHERLAND DWARF × LIONHEAD CROSS BLUE EYED WHITE MALE BUNNY Beautiful male netherland dwarf crossbred bunny. Dad is a netherland dwarf and mom Netherland dwarf x lionhead cross. He is very sweet and will make a wonderful family pet. He will stay small and matu... Tel: 7742591760 | 02375 | MA | 03/10/2016  | More Information

LIONHEAD BUNNIES Lionhead bunnies ready just in time for Easter 35.00 each... Tel:  | 48855 | MI | 03/09/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE: SILVERFOX BUCK, MIX FEMALE AND 4 BABIES Selling our 11 month old Buck. He's great for Breeding. He is mostly black. Also selling a Female, approx 2 yr. mix of Champagne and Californian, then we have 4 babies that will be ready on March 14. ... Tel:  | 98248 | WA | 03/02/2016  | More Information

PUREBRED NEW ZEALAND DOES Proven mothers and the does should be bred back. Good mothers. Need to cut back if I had the room and the help i would keep them. $20 each. They don't have papers they are exposed to the same New Zeal... Tel: 507-841-2638 | 56150 | MN | 02/28/2016  | More Information

MINI REX FULL PEDIGREE PROVEN BREEDERS We have several adult proven Mini Rex available Most have at least one grand champion parent. White,sable point,seal,harlequinized chinchilla,tort,frosty colors available Pairs and trios also possi... Tel:  | 37087 | TN | 02/26/2016  | More Information

PUREBRED LIONHEADS - TAKING IN NAMES! We have lots of Lionhead litters and are currently taking in names on our waiting list. Show quality, brood, and pets will be available. We are now on Facebook! Please "like" our page... Tel:  | 49251 | MI | 02/25/2016  | More Information

LION HEAD I have a lionhead buck and doe... Tel:  | 41035 | KY | 02/24/2016  | More Information

PEDIGREE DWARF LIONHEADS I breed pedigree dwarf lionhead rabbits. Located in Cincinnati Ohio. 50.00 . These are pictures of some of my rabbits. These particular ones are not for sale. Please inquire to see what I have... Tel:  | 45255 | OH | 02/23/2016  | More Information

SILVER FOX/CALIFORNIAN MIX RABBITS FOR SALE I have 13 rabbits for sale. 10 are black with silver guard hairs and brown eyes, 3 are white with brown markings and red eyes. Will be 8 weeks old on March 18th.... Tel:  | 17043 | PA | 02/23/2016  | More Information

FOR SALE REX(NOT MINI REX) RABBITS AND MIX BREED RABBITS They are 7-8 weeks old. I have several different colors available. The Rex (not mini Rex) are pedigreed. Please call or text me for more information. Located in Denham Springs Louisiana.... Tel: 225-936-5276 | 70726 | LA | 02/17/2016  | More Information

LOOKING TO BUY RABBITS Looking to buy standard Rex buck and does, New Zealand buck and does, and mini Rex does. North east Michigan area only please.... Tel:  | 48740 | MI | 02/17/2016  | More Information

MINI REX BUNNY FOR SALE Not sure on the age or gender. Very nice with kids and is very tame.... Tel: 5743039598 | 46532 | IN | 02/16/2016  | More Information

MINI REX RABBITS Herd reduction because of work. Good 4H Propects listed. These are BACK FOR SALE when person backed out. Mini Rex are showable - have been shown 1 buck out of St Croix Mini Rex lines. 1 ... Tel:  | 55025 | MN | 02/16/2016  | More Information

LIONHEADS Lionheads available NOW! Broken Tort Otter Proven Doe $50 Black Otter Proven Doe (bred) $40 Blue Tort Proven Doe $50 Ruby Eyed White Young Senior SHOW Doe $65 (Open) Chestnut Doe $50 Chestnut Bu... Tel: 5742213270 | 49099 |  | 02/15/2016  | More Information

NETHERLAND DWARFS Tort Jr Doe $50 show/4H/brood Black Jr Buck $50 show/4H/brood Chestnut Jr Doe $50 show/4H/brood Also I have a pair for sale $80 for both or $50 each Tort Sr Buck Siamese Sable Sr Doe CALL/TE... Tel: 5742213270 | 49099 | MI | 02/15/2016  | More Information

PEDIGREED MINI LOP DOE FOR SALE, FROM GREAT LINES, PROVEN BROOD DOE Up for sale is a pedigreed Mini Lop doe from great lines. (WolfSong, Bryans, Desurra, Harmon) She is proven. She is a great Mom and has had no issues kindling. She had 6 her last litter and 7 in ... Tel:  | 46514 | IN | 02/13/2016  | More Information

PEDIGREED FRENCH ANGORAS We have three French Angora bucks who are ready for deposits; two blue torts (#2 and #3) and a black tort (#4). The first one has found his family already. (: They were born January 8th, and will be r... Tel: 740-358-3391 | 43334 | OH | 02/10/2016  | More Information

ADORABLE BABY BUNNIES Five cute Mini Rex rabbits. They're about 9 weeks old and all siblings. This breed of rabbit is soft and velvety like fur. Will make great pet and companion! Call or text Lindsay at 229-eight 8... Tel:  | 31763 | GA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ADORABLE MALE HOLLAND LOP RABBIT FOR SALE I currently have an adorable purebred male Holland Lop Rabbit for sale. He is 1 year old and is very sweet and friendly! Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop-eared rabbits. They weigh only 3-4 lbs... Tel: 218-671-3215 | 56531 | MN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

ADORABLE PUREBRED CALIFORNIAN RABBITS FOR SALE Adorable 8 week old purebred Californian's for sale! I currently have 9 for sale. 5 girls and 4 boys. Very cute, sweet, and friendly. If you have questions or are interested please call 320-760-9246. ... Tel: 320-760-9246 | 56326 | MN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

FLEMMISH GIANTS FOR SALE We are selling a liter of 6 flemmish giant rabbits. 4 black and 2 blue. $40.00 a piece. 8 weeks old. Make excellent house pets! We also have mini Rex rabbits and lionheads for sale periodically throug... Tel: 231 468 9262 | 49677 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

LIONHEAD BABY RABBITS READY FOR NEW HOMES NOW Beautiful baby lionhead bunnies ready now. Have been handled by children. Will mature to 3-5 lb. Call or text for more information. Babies are 50.00 each. 774-259-1760... Tel: 774-259-1760 | 02375 | MA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND RABBITS We have some pens of New Zealand rabbits for sale reds,whites and algati... Tel: (937)217-5187 | 45684 | OH | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND RED RABBITS Show quality new zeland reds from the best bloodlines in the usa these are rare very rare coloring you don't get this deep red any more $75 each or 3 for $200 price is firm these are pedigreed full ... Tel: 404/384/6311 | 30094 | GA | 12/31/1969  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND WHITE MEAT RABBIT SETUP We are selling our meat rabbits, we just don't have the time that they require right now. You can purchase only the rabbits and accessories for $575 or you can purchase the carport with fencing an... Tel: 6159928390 | 37073 | TN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

PEDIGREED BLACK FLEMISH GIANT RABBITS Hi. I have 4 black does and 4 black bucks for sale. They were born on june 12, 2014. They're fed fresh hay and manna pro for all rabbits. $50/rabbit pedigreed Or $40 each without pedigree. Call/t... Tel: 586-932-7314 | 48449 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

PET OR BROOD HOLLAND LOP 25.00 Orange sr doe. Has had 5 litters, she is too big to show. But is a lover and needs a home.... Tel: 586-770-3480 | 48048 | MI | 12/31/1969  | More Information

SATIN RABBITS! I have 3 adult Red Satin does and 1 Silver Satin buck. $20 each.... Tel: 320-533-1439 | 56347 | MN | 12/31/1969  | More Information

STANDARD REX Beautiful standard rex rabbits... Tel: 8458663121 | 12790 | NY | 12/31/1969  | More Information

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