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CHICKEN WHISPERER TSHIRT Fun tshirt for the backyard chicken farmer. I design these tshirts and sell on Amazon. Tel:  | 48453 | MI | 09/06/2017  | More Information

WORLD'S OKAYEST FARMER - FUNNY FARM SHIRT Great gift tshirt for the World's Okayest Farmer I design these tshirts and sell them through Amazon. Tel:  | 48453 | MI | 09/06/2017  | More Information

CLANCY BY UNA BELLE TOWNSEND, ILLUSTRATED BY VICKIE KASTL One windy day, Clancy the goat discovers he loves the taste of wood. He wanders all over the farm searching for more bits of the tasty treat. When Clancy takes a bite of the old outhouse, what a ruck... Tel: 405.354.7422 | 73099 | OK | 07/13/2017  | More Information

SCARECROW'S JOURNEY BY TIMOTHY LANGE Scarecrow’s head isn’t just stuffed with straw, it’s filled with the longing to fly. So when the farmer packs up and leaves, Scarecrow must make a choice—stay on the farm alone, or pursue ... Tel: 405.354.7422 | 73099 | OK | 07/13/2017  | More Information

THE LITTLE OLD MAN, THE LITTLE OLD WOMAN, AND THE LITTLE RED HEN BY DAVID ROPER Every day, the little red hen lays an egg for the little old couple’s breakfast. And every day, they share her tasty egg. But when the couple decide to eat something besides eggs for breakfast, the ... Tel: 405.354.7422 | 73099 | OK | 07/13/2017  | More Information

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