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Poultry - Chickens For Sale Or Wanted Classifieds

FOR SALE CHEAP Six month old healthy chickens.... Tel: 801-710-0690 | 84401 | UT | 11/20/2022  | More Information

PULLETS CHICKS PEEPS 🐥 17 chicks available for rehoming (1 week old), we bought chicks from a hatchery online with a minimum order, and cannot keep them all. They were all bought as pullets & vaccinated. Available: ... Tel: 5402777055 | 22630 | VA | 11/14/2022  | More Information

FREE CHICKENS We have to move into an apartment and need to get rid of our chickens. We have 12 total 6 are 2 years old and 6 are young. The older ones are 4 aracaunas,1 Russian orloff and 1 brown leghorn The six ... Tel:  | 48893 | MI | 11/10/2022  | More Information

FOR SALE, ORGANIC TREATS FOR CHICKENS Organic treat for chickens, Coop-e Cookie, for sale. A supplement to their regular feed source which contains all organic ingredients, guaranteed analysis, USDA. $9.95 includes shipping.... Tel: 585-593-1304 | 14895 | NY | 11/07/2022  | More Information

SILKIE CHICKS FOR SALE I have 20+ silkie chicks 2 weeks to 2 months for sale for $5-20 dollars depending on age. All are good quality. Straight run but parents are chocolate and red pyle and grey partridge.... Tel: 6265338652 | 28804 | NC | 11/05/2022  | More Information

CHICKENS & ROOSTERS IN BOONVILLE Easter Egger (multicolored eggs), Lavender Ameraucana hens (light blue eggs) and unknown type (lay brown eggs). Fully feathered. All approximately 4-5 months old (start laying at around 6). 1 Lavend... Tel: 9285838021 | 47601 | IN | 11/03/2022  | More Information

SILKIE CHICKS- SWANSEA SC 17 silkie chicks available straight run hatched 9/25-10/19/2022 $6 each or 2 for $10... Tel:  | 29160 | SC | 10/24/2022  | More Information

FREE COPPER MARONS Two young copper maron roosters. Hoping to find them a home where they can be used for breeding or a pet and not eaten. They’re very pretty.... Tel: 8019168649 | 75473 | TX | 10/06/2022  | More Information

FOR SALE 3 LAYING HENS What we have is three mature laying hens (Australorp, Light Brahma, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte) chickens were born in September 2020. Good producing layers! Free to a good owner or farm.... Tel: 6307304058 | 60503 | IL | 10/03/2022  | More Information

FOR SALE Silkies, Easter Eggers, lavender Orpington, Serama, bantam, Jersey Giants, barred Rock. These pictures are some of the chickens I bought and the eggs I am getting. Price starting at 20ea and discount ... Tel:  | 92404 | CA | 09/29/2022  | More Information

50 CHICKENS 50 Chickens for sale. Hens, roosters, chicks. Approx 10 months to 1 year old. Email if you are interested.... Tel: 9513495340 | 92508 | CA | 09/21/2022  | More Information

EMERALD GREEN EASTER EGGER ROOSTER $25 Great rooster who needs his own flock. 5-6 months old not good with ducks. He's ready for his own hens... Tel:  | 49021 | MI | 09/12/2022  | More Information

EASTER EGGER ROOSTER Looking for a brood for this guy. He is about 5-6 months old. Was raised from a tiny chick by my daughter. We just don’t have space for him with the rest of our brood. He is not aggressive, and wil... Tel:  | 48166 | MI | 09/11/2022  | More Information

BEAUTIFUL SILKIES & SHOWGIRLS. LAST YEARS HATCH-PROVEN ADULTS We have some gorgeous Silkies and ShowGirls available to good homes. Last years hatches-proven birds. Selling in pairs/trios. $100-$200 cash. Also, white, paint and black partridge silkie chicks. ... Tel:  | 55051 | MN | 09/04/2022  | More Information

FOR SALE: 6 WEEK OLD ISA BROWN PULLETS 6 week old ISA Brown pullets. This breed is known to be one of the best layers out there. Call or text 3302754110; Sugarcreek Ohio area... Tel: 3302754110 | 44681 | OH | 09/03/2022  | More Information

TWO BLACK MORAN ROOSTERS Born May 18 2022 ready to have their own brood Lapeer Imlay city area... Tel: 810–6 64–8726 | 48412 | MI | 08/22/2022  | More Information

FREE ROOSTER - RHODE ISLAND RED 20 week's old and ready to protect your ladies as well as provide lot's of baby chicks!... Tel: 8124700706 | 47710 | IN | 08/17/2022  | More Information

FREE TO GOOD HOME, CHICKEN AND ROOSTER 1laying hen, 1 1/2 yrs old and one rooster 10 months old, must go together A friend gave me these and found out i cannot have them where I am at... Tel: 480-252-4242 | 61701 | IL | 08/12/2022  | More Information

CHICKENS FOR SALE Selling chickens 12$ a chicken need to find a home immediately!!! ☺️ They are already laying and mature mostly hens are very well taken care of... Tel: 5703338195 | 18446 | PA | 08/07/2022  | More Information

6 WEEK OLD CHICKS NEED HOMES Rhode island red isa brown white leghorn buff Orpington cinnamon queen... Tel: 2145487608 | 75076 | TX | 07/06/2022  | More Information

PULLETS/LAYING HENS Selling pullets and close to laying hens. Moving and need to reduce our flock. All have been held by kids, people and have been around dogs since chicks. However, this does mean they like to be held b... Tel: 7077719403 | 98604 | WA | 06/20/2022  | More Information

FOR SALE: TWO EASTER EGGER ROOSTERS Two Easter Egger Roosters who are looking for hens to protect. Depending on your hens, their offspring could lay green or blue eggs! Great roos, just need to offload a couple due to flock size.... Tel:  | 49055 | MI | 06/16/2022  | More Information

FOR SALE: 4 MONTH OLD PURE AMERAUCANA PULLETS! ALMOST READY TO LAY!!! I’m selling some beautiful Ameraucana pullets. These birds are healthy and almost to laying age. They are assorted mixed colored birds. They’ve been vaccinated for coccidioses. I’m asking $18 ap... Tel:  | 75482 | TX | 06/11/2022  | More Information

TWO AMERACUNA ROOSTERS 2 young roosters about a yr old / friendly or respectful of humans.... Tel:  | 43074 | OH | 06/07/2022  | More Information

SILKIE BANTAM ROOSTERS FREE TO NO KILL LOCATION 3 Silkie roosters that got in our hen mix Free to any poultry caretaker(s)* not willing to slaughter *.Awesome birds and friendly as can be. Show quality... Tel: 6082250494 | 53711 | WI | 06/05/2022  | More Information

8 BRAHMA CHICKENS FOR SALE 2 dark hens and 2 dark roosters. 2 white hens and 2 white roosters. I would prefer they go together, but I will separate. I will only sell a hen if you take a rooster with her. All friendly. Give me... Tel:  | 75071 | TX | 06/04/2022  | More Information

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