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Corn Harvester Accessories Purchase Considerations ( Air Seeders )

Posted: 04/18/2019


In recent years, with the increasing number of corn harvesters on the market, the parts business is also booming, and some of them sell fake and inferior accessories for their own benefit. Therefore, when purchasing corn harvester accessories, it must have a certain discriminating ability, otherwise, it will affect the quality of repair or loss due to improper purchase. Next, the Tractor Mounted Combine Two Rows Corn Harvester China made, Aike Machinery, introduces the relevant matters that should be paid attention to when purchasing corn harvester accessories.
When purchasing harvester accessories, you need to "1 select 2 to 3 to see 4 checks". Choose a manufacturer. When purchasing corn harvester accessories, it is best to buy spare parts according to the brand of your own harvester, to the local accessories franchise or the reputable agricultural machinery parts company with regular purchase channels. Authentic products generally have good packaging quality, complete certificate, manufacturer name, factory address and date of manufacture. Remember not to buy "three no" accessories, in case they are fake and shoddy products and cannot be used. For the model. When purchasing harvester spare parts, be sure to accurately remember the model, specifications and drawing numbers of the original parts. If possible, it is best to bring the replaced old parts for comparison when purchasing, so as not to choose the wrong one. If the same type of spare parts is produced by several manufacturers, try to use the same manufacturer's products as the original ones to match. Exterior. When purchasing spare parts, check for defects such as blisters, cracks, defects, scratches, rust, etc., and whether the joints are flat, smooth, and have burrs at the transition. size. Steel gauges, vernier calipers, and other measuring tools can be used to check whether the fittings, fittings and shape dimensions of the fittings meet the requirements.
When purchasing shaft parts, the shaft diameter of the joint with the bearing and the straightness of the shaft should be checked. If there is no caliper, the shaft diameter can be checked by the following method. Take a bearing that is used with the shaft diameter, and put it on the test journal, press it by hand to fit it. Use force to be even and not skewed. Then judge according to the press-in condition: if it can be pressed to the installation position, the outer diameter of the journal is too small, and the fit is too loose; if it cannot be inserted into the journal, when the hand is off the bearing, the bearing will be from the tested journal. If it falls, it means that the outer diameter of the journal is too large and the fit is too tight. The ideal fit is that the inner ring of the bearing can be pressed into the length of the journal, and the shaft is erected so that the bearing faces downward, and the upper end of the shaft is tapped by hand, and the bearing does not fall off the journal.

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Posted in IDAHO>>    Category AIR SEEDERS>>   Posted 04/18/2019

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