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PEDIGREE RABBITS FLEMISH GIANTS, DUTCH, AND MINI LOPS Flemish Giants, Dutch, and Mini Lops. Full pedigree.... Tel: 7322360454 | 08514 | NJ | 07/28/2021  | More Information

KALAHARI RED GOATS FOR SALE We have available males and females live goats. All go at very moderate and competitive prices,visit our farm and make your choice.... Tel: 5127144291 | 08611 | NJ | 07/15/2021  | More Information

DUCKS FOR SALE I have 4 ducks looking for a great home- 2 male peking, 1 male blue runner and 1 female rouen. These 4 were raised together and stick together. Unfortunately they fight with my 3 duclair ducks. ( All... Tel: 732-370-0112 | 08527 | NJ | 07/10/2021  | More Information

FREE HENS & BANTAM ROOSTERS I have 6 hens, each about 4 months old. I also have 2 Silverwing bantam roosters.... Tel: 2019889624 | 07730 | NJ | 07/08/2021  | More Information

LOOK FOR A HOME FOR 1 YR OLD DUCK One duck a little over a year old. He had a companion who passed a few months ago and is all alone. Good health very active, just a little lonely.... Tel: 7323379045 | 07758 | NJ | 07/05/2021  | More Information

4-BACKYARD CHICKENS I have four backyard chicken/roosters. I’m not sure but I am unable to care for them anymore I need to find a home for them ASAP! Will include a coop, food, and feeders for a small fee... Tel: 9089108862 | 08755 | NJ | 06/28/2021  | More Information

DUCK IN NEED OF HOME! Hello! My pet duck is looking for a good home, and would love of anyone would take him in! He is over a month old!... Tel: 2017137533 | 07047 | NJ | 06/14/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE ! 3 DUCKLINGS FOR SALE ! Three 5 Week Old Ducklings ,2 of which have sprayed legs.Otherwise In Perfect Condition... Tel: 5512328532 | 07601 | NJ | 06/09/2021  | More Information

SILVER FOX RABBITS 8 Silver Fox rabbits born 5/12/21 and ready to go home July 4th weekend.... Tel: 9088390152 | 08884 | NJ | 06/09/2021  | More Information

STANDARD REX CROSS RABBITS These are two litters of Rex Cross Rabbits. There are a total of 17 rabbits that will be available starting on July 5th for the first litter and July 18th for the second.... Tel: 9088390152 | 08884 | NJ | 06/09/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE: 7 DUCKLINGS I am unable to care for my ducklings. They are 3 weeks old all female.... Tel:  | 08691 | NJ | 06/09/2021  | More Information

ENGLISH ANGORA RABBITS WITH PEDIGREES I have several English Angora rabbits of various colors. I raise them for wool but them make excellent pets. We live in northern New Jersey. I will not ship. Please text if interested. 201-220-5... Tel: 2012205488 | 07410 | NJ | 06/06/2021  | More Information

HORSE FOR SALE-KAYA Kaya Arabian/Mustang (Registered Half-Arabian) Mare 14yrs old Kaya is an eye catcher when it comes to her beautiful markings and overall color, often leaving her audience in awe simply because o... Tel: 4437200858 | 20002 | NJ | 05/19/2021  | More Information

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SOFTWARE Logi-Sys is a next generation logistics software which has been designed especially for logistics Industry. Software for Logistics can automates the processes to enhance the operational efficiency, im... Tel: +1 201 771 3017 | 07662 | NJ | 05/11/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE: EARLY 1950S FARMALL TRACTOR Farmall tractor to be salvaged from barn about to be demolished. Needs restoration. Buyer must transport. $800... Tel: 9088126132 | 08816 | NJ | 05/10/2021  | More Information

DUCKS NEED A HOME- FREE Hi- 2 ducklings need a home. No charge. Pick them up anytime!... Tel:  | 07604 | NJ | 05/09/2021  | More Information

PEAT MOSS SPREADER FOR SALE | LANDZIE.COM is a renowned platform to buy lawn compost spreaders available for sale. We provide compost and peat moss spreader that is easy to use for any topdressing job. To learn more about us, visi... Tel: 856-952-1098 | 08054 | NJ | 04/27/2021  | More Information

LIVESTOCK GUARDIANS Anatolian Livestock Guardian, working parents, learning to watch the ground and sky for predators. Exposed to chicks, ducks and sheep. Wormed and vaccination. She's ready to go to her own farm. North... Tel: 918-260-2603 | 07882 | NJ | 04/24/2021  | More Information

RABBITS FOR SALE - $10 Mixed breed - Flemish Giant & Cottontail Rabbits Ideal for indoor or outdoor environments. Many different colors from white-spotted, cinnamon, to creamy chocolate shades.... Tel: 6099471851 | 08620 | NJ | 04/20/2021  | More Information

FREE: CHICKS AND BABY DUCKS Hi there! Looking to rehome 10 baby chicks (5 yellow and 5 black) and 5 baby ducklings. Looking for a good home as they are awfully cute and sweet. Still babies, only had them for a couple d... Tel: 8583354329 | 08085 | NJ | 04/20/2021  | More Information

TOP DRESSING SPREADER | LANDZIE.COM is a renowned platform to buy lawn compost spreaders available for sale. We provide compost and peat moss spreader that is easy to use for any topdressing job. To learn more about us, visi... Tel: 8569521098 | 08054 | NJ | 04/20/2021  | More Information

CHICKEN FOR SALE I have a beautiful Silver Laced Wyandotte. She is eight months old. I am looking to re home her. She is bossy and thinks she is in charge and has been plucking feather from the other hens. I figure if... Tel: 8482187248 | 07748 | NJ | 04/19/2021  | More Information

MIX LOPS/DWARFS BABIES TO FIND A GOOD HOME I have two females 6 weeks old so sweet and easy to handle. One is grey and one is brown. I also have a white and black one who is a 8 week old female. All three are easy to handle, great with ch... Tel: 2017598308 | 07470 | NJ | 04/14/2021  | More Information

5 FRAME NUCS 5 Frame nucs with mated queen for sale available Mid May- Early June Buy 2021 5 frame 9-5/8" deep honey bee nucs with a young, mated Italian or Carniolan queen bee. Nucs will tentatively be av... Tel: 609-743-001@ | 08302 | NJ | 04/14/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE: REX CROSS KITS We have 7 kits currently 5 weeks old available.... Tel: 9088390152 | 08884 | NJ | 03/31/2021  | More Information

WARMBLOOD GELDING Sire Noblewood Park Bertetta, out of Grand Kavalier mare. Impressive horse with good paces & laid back attitude. Suitable for dressage &/or lower level jumper (PC/interschool/HRCAV). ... Tel:  | 07302 | NJ | 03/29/2021  | More Information

STRAWBERRY PLANTS FOR SALE Strawberry plants for sale. Ever bearing strawberries will fruit all season long. Typically produce fruit from late June through September /October Seascape everbearring Produce large, fir... Tel:  | 08867 | NJ | 03/29/2021  | More Information

FOR FREE!!! TWO DUCKLINGS These ducklings need a loving home ASAP!!!!! Located in Ewing NJ!!!... Tel: 732-606-3750 | 08618 | NJ | 03/25/2021  | More Information

BABY BUNNY RABBIT BOUTIQUE. HOLLAND LOPS, LIONHEADS, LIONLOPS, NETHERLAND DWARF ♡ Purebred Holland Lops ♡ Miniature Lion Lops ♡ Quality Dwarf Rabbits Indoor rabbitry registered with the NJ Rabbit Breeders Association and the American Rabbit... Tel:  | 07719 | NJ | 03/25/2021  | More Information

4 FREE BABY CHICKS Free to anyone, they come with a bag of feed.... Tel:  | 08012 | NJ | 03/05/2021  | More Information

LOVING HOUSE PETS HOLLAND LOP BABY BUNNY RABBITS; POSH BUNNY BOUTIQUE ♡ Purebred Holland Lops ♡ Miniature Lion Lops ♡ Quality Dwarf Rabbits Indoor rabbitry registered with the NJ Rabbit Breeders Association and the American Rabb... Tel:  | 07719 | NJ | 02/23/2021  | More Information

PET RABBITS AVAILABLE Netherland dwarfs, lionheads and holland Lops available. Prices are 40$ for 1 or 60$ come litter trained and with starter feed.... Tel:  | 08721 | NJ | 02/05/2021  | More Information

WANTED FEMALE PEKIN DUCK My neighbor's 5 year old daughter just lost her female Pekin duck. I wanted to get her one to make her feel better.... Tel: 201-891-0740 | 07417 | NJ | 02/02/2021  | More Information

2 FREE HENS I have 2 beautiful Hens I need to give away. Excellent condition and health. The are the 2 in the middle.... Tel:  | 08690 | NJ | 01/20/2021  | More Information

BUNNY RABBITS Bunnies looking for a home. I have a couple different breeds available. They all are super sweet and friendly, and used to being held since they were born by kids. If interested text me and I'll send... Tel: 9086010224 | 07751 | NJ | 01/20/2021  | More Information

BLUE HEELER/AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD MIX Sadie is an Australian Shepherd/ Blue Heeler mix. Crazy Smart. Energetic and Playful. Loving and Sweet. This adorable 13-week old pup is looking for a home. Loves being outside, running, playing, and ... Tel: 352-284-4530 | 07722 | NJ | 01/17/2021  | More Information

NEW JERSEY 8 baby chicks for free to a good home... Tel:  | 07081 | NJ | 01/02/2021  | More Information

ROUEN DRAKES Two male Rouen drakes free to a good home!... Tel: 609-230-0901 | 08088 | NJ | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

DUCKS! We have two male/female pairs of adult ducks, three 8 week old ducklings, and 3 week old ducklings available for sale or trade. We would be interested in trading them for Chicken - pullets/Hens. Breed... Tel:  | 08360 | NJ | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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