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FREE ROOSTER AND HEN BOTH AMERICANA Have a free rooster and hen here. They are both sweet but the rooster is too loud and they are inseparable so they have to go together. Come pick them up when you can! 9412683499... Tel: 9412683499 | 33952 | FL | 02/27/2021  | More Information

FENNEC FOXES AVAILABLE. They are home raised and hand fed daily. this makes them very friendly and use to the human touch. They are tamed, well socialized and playful with kids and other pets .They are ready to go to their n... Tel:  | 32066 | FL | 02/27/2021  | More Information

GOATS,SHEEP AND COWS FOR SALE we sell live animals from the farm.we have boer goats pure breed and we also have milking goats like the alpine and nubean.we do have healthy sheep like the dorset sheep,dorper,fat tail awassi sheep a... Tel: 9253997287 | 32507 | FL | 02/19/2021  | More Information

FREE RUNNER DUCK AND DRAKE 1 duck, 1 drake free for pick up. Must go together. Fully mature black with white spots. Duck lays good eggs.... Tel: 7273894180 | 34691 | FL | 02/15/2021  | More Information

NETHERLAND DWARFS Available on March 20th! $50... Tel:  | 32008 | FL | 02/15/2021  | More Information

ADORABLE TOY AUSSIE PUPPIES AVAILABLE FOR SALE CHEAP They are exceptional toy shepherd puppies. These will be large dogs so if you want a small Aussie, these are for you. Pups have tails docked, dew removed and vet exam. Will come with vaccinations and ... Tel: (512) 521-7365 | 33040 | FL | 02/13/2021  | More Information

FREE Adult Miniature Pigs... Tel: 352-288-1971 | 32179 | FL | 02/06/2021  | More Information

HOLLAND LOPS Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry is small home based specializing on purebreed pedigreed Holland Lops rabbits whether show quality or as family pet . Beautiful pedigrees full of grand champions .... Tel:  | 33067 | FL | 01/30/2021  | More Information

4 DUCKS CHICKENS AND 3 GUINEA Do to having to get a second job. I do not have the time to take care of them.... Tel: 3525021428 | 34479 | FL | 01/30/2021  | More Information

WANTED : PEKIN FEMALE (S) I am looking for 2, maybe 3, free female pekin ducks to keep my 11 month old drake company. Poor guy lost his mate a couple days ago and he looks so sad out there 😞... Tel: 3522102562 | 32648 | FL | 01/28/2021  | More Information

WATERFOWL FOR SALE These beautiful swans make a great addition to any pond. The Swans spend most of their time floating on the water, grazing on underwater vegetation in shallow waters. we have the following species o... Tel:  | 3128 | FL | 01/06/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE Dwarf lion head rabbit for sale with supplies, she is about 4 months old and very friendly.... Tel: 4073352775 | 32828 | FL | 12/18/2020  | More Information

PETERBILT 335 BOX TRUCK 2007 pete 335 pre def and dpf 26' box 102 wide. 33k gvw cat C7 6sp manual. Liftgate. E track. 100 gal fuel tank. 226984 original miles. Runs and drives great. $18500... Tel:  | 32405 | FL | 12/05/2020  | More Information

BABY TORT HOLLAND LOP Rehoming beautiful baby Tort Holland Lop 9 weeks old with blue eyes. $70.... Tel: 9543801306 | 33321 | FL | 11/11/2020  | More Information

GARMIN ASTRO & ALPHA DOG TRACKING DEVICE WITH COLLARS FOR SALE..+1(810) 214-2609 T 5 collar unit offers rescue mode, LED beacon lights, and a replaceable 1" collar. Rechargeable Li-ion battery offers 24-48 hours of run time, depending on update rate. Water resistant up to 10... Tel: 8102142609 | 35487 | FL | 10/29/2020  | More Information

TWO HEALTHY PEKIN DUCKS I rescued two about 8 month old pekin ducks from someone who was going to toss them to the road but I can't keep them because I live in an apartment need a loving caring home for them.... Tel: 7543665437 | 33065 | FL | 10/28/2020  | More Information

HAVE 10 PEKIN DRAKES 10 Pekin Drakes for sale , 10 weeks old In good health just have to many. Call 3862941640 or text3862492036 Asking 20 each... Tel: 386 294 1640 | 32066 | FL | 10/27/2020  | More Information

GARMIN ASTRO & ALPHA DOG TRACKING DEVICE WITH COLLARS FOR SALE..+1(810) 214-2609 T 5 collar unit offers rescue mode, LED beacon lights, and a replaceable 1" collar. Rechargeable Li-ion battery offers 24-48 hours of run time, depending on update rate. Water resistant up to 10... Tel: 8102142609 | 35487 | FL | 10/24/2020  | More Information

FOR SALE I have 2 sets of nigerian dwarf goats for sale email or text for more info... Tel: 8134698351 | 34446 | FL | 10/20/2020  | More Information

SKID STEER WOVEN FENCE UNROLL/STRETCHER For sale is a custom built Woven fence stretcher/unroller that mounts to a Skid Loader universal attachment. Lead times 2-3 weeks we can also do a custom Powder Coat color to match your equipment. 50%... Tel: 8437890392 | 32060 | FL | 10/20/2020  | More Information

FULL BLOOD BLACK HEADED PURE BREED DORPERS AND BOER GOATS.!! +1(810) 214-2609! Our dorpers and boer goats are wellbred champions, free from parasites and other diseases, currently on vaccination and regularly vet checked by our qualified surgeon. Visit fo... Tel: +1(810) 214-2609 | 33048 | FL | 10/18/2020  | More Information

GARMIN ASTRO & ALPHA DOG TRACKING DEVICE WITH COLLARS FOR SALE..+1(810) 214-2609 T 5 collar unit offers rescue mode, LED beacon lights, and a replaceable 1" collar. Rechargeable Li-ion battery offers 24-48 hours of run time, depending on update rate. Water resistant up to 10... Tel: +1(810) 214-2609 | 33048 | FL | 10/17/2020  | More Information

ANATOLIAN/AKEEMA LGD looking for new home. Inverness Fl. 34453. Guards cows and chickens. 1 year old. All shots. Not neutered.... Tel: 352-287-9539 | 34442 | FL | 10/15/2020  | More Information

FREE PEKIN DUCKS (MALE&FEMALE) I need to find a loving home for my two ducks. They're five months old. Male and Female. They are completely free. Willing to drop off with a reasonable distance of the Orlando area. I am moving and I... Tel: 3216663227 | 32810 | FL | 10/02/2020  | More Information

BRANGUS 8month old brangus bull calf for sale. Would make a great breeding bull or put in the freezer.... Tel: 3525810856 | 32668 | FL | 09/27/2020  | More Information

TWO LIONHEAD RABBITS White lion head rabbits female. Comes with cage bedding food and water bottle.... Tel: 4073148337 | 32773 | FL | 09/27/2020  | More Information

FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL 3MONTH OLD ROOSTER I have a beautiful rooster to sell. Best offer he goes too. He is actually really sweet and beautiful.... Tel: 5614017757 | 34953 | FL | 09/25/2020  | More Information

STUNNING LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPPIES AVAILABLE FOR SALE Top Quality male and Female Labrador Retriever puppies with excellent Temperament available for rehoming. They are Potty trained both in and outdoors, smart, adaptable, playful with kids ,completely i... Tel: 5072995269 | 55356 | FL | 09/18/2020  | More Information

2 ARE 2 YEARS OLD 4 MONTHS BRED 14 head of quality cattle for sale. 12 are 4-6 years old 6-7 months bred 2 are 2 years old 4 months bred All have been wormed and vaccinated and are ready to turn out.... Tel:  | 33233 | FL | 09/18/2020  | More Information

WANTED ANTIQUE CARS ANY CONDITION If you have an old cars on your property and want to sell them, I. Buy anywhere in USA or Canada Jaguar Porsche Ferrari Mercedes Austin Healey Triumph Corvete Alfa Romeo Message me!... Tel: 6138941141 | 33062 | FL | 09/12/2020  | More Information

MINIATURE HEREFORD ALBERDEEN ANGUS HERD Whole herd for sale. Miniature Hereford Alberdeen Angus Cross whole herd for sale. Most all are natural polled only 2 or 3 with horns. Bulls, Exposed cows, Cows with calfs. Prices start at $500. a... Tel: 7272150246 | 34614 | FL | 09/11/2020  | More Information

FOR SALE: JAPANESE Two week old chicks for sale. Our quail are pasture raised and healthy. Great for dog training or meat or raising for eggs. Please TEXT for more information.... Tel: 317-452-6047 | 32615 | FL | 09/08/2020  | More Information

FOR SALE NETHERLAND DAWRF BUNNIES We have some adorable little bunnies for sale, they will grow to be at most 3 pounds. They are cuddly and very friendly. Nothing makes them happier than some cuddles, running around with their sibling... Tel: 9169971990 | 33140 | FL | 09/08/2020  | More Information

GREENLIGHT SERVICES OFFER Greenlight Financial (LLC) a Certified Financial Institute with Specialized experience in Financial & Business Consultancy Services Solutions to Companies & Individuals including Start-Up Busi... Tel: 8727575908 | 32003 | FL | 09/07/2020  | More Information

3 FREE ANCONA DUCKS ( ENDANGERED HERITAGE BREED) I have 3 Ancona ducks available that were born July 1st 2020. This breed is an endangered heritage breed. Very beautiful and rare. I am unsure of the genders at this age. These beauties currently roam... Tel: 5056151773 | 32583 | FL | 09/06/2020  | More Information

FOR SALE FOUR NEWLY ADULT BARRED ROCK HENS Four newly adult Barred Rock Hens. Two are laying eggs. Owner got a traveling job and can no longer care for them.... Tel: 8136795039 | 33823 | FL | 09/02/2020  | More Information

GUARDIAN ES 55 ULV FOGGER FOR COMMERCIAL USE Excellent for small farms, golf courses, barns etc, easy enough for one to load onto a truck or side by side, it’s excellent for fly and mosquito control. I have a few gallons of chemical too to go ... Tel: 7723887246 | 32948 | FL | 09/02/2020  | More Information

OUTSTANDING ZEBRAS FOR SALE Our zebras are hardy animals that can withstand drought conditions very well and will eat almost anything. They are kept on a year round worming and protein feeding program on the ranch. Most of our ... Tel: (309) 857-0408 | 33126 | FL | 08/29/2020  | More Information

TWO MUSCOVY DRAKES FOR SALE (PETS) I have two (almost full grown) Muscovy drakes. They’re too big and aggressive for my rescued wood duck, and I’m afraid they’re going to kill her one day. I would like it if both of them could go... Tel: 3862662306 | 32615 | FL | 08/28/2020  | More Information

PLINTH DISTRIBUTION, A LOCAL WHOLESALE COMPANY THAT SPECIALIZES IN AS SEEN ON TV Plinth Distribution has been one of the nation's top direct importers of As Seen on TV products and gadgets for over 20 years. Plinth Distribution offers thousands of products in many different catego... Tel: 4077774020 | 32807 | FL | 08/28/2020  | More Information

WE HAVE 2011 JOHN DEERE,2010 WOLFE MAN 8000, 2006 JOHN DEERE 8430 AND MORE !!! We have all used and new Tractors available for sale , contact us via email for more details and pictures .... Tel: 8504624788 | 32216 | FL | 08/21/2020  | More Information

CHICKENS FOR SALE 3 beautiful 18 week old Roosters available. 2 Brahma and 1 Brahmacauna that are still growing and will mature large. Located in Dade City FL (Pasco County) $20.00 cash only. Please call /text Lori @ ... Tel: 3522060708 | 33523 | FL | 08/19/2020  | More Information

BABYDOLL REGISTERED SHEEP 1 Ram and 1 Ewe. Both are black very cute,healthy, vaccinated and OEBR registered. $400 for Ram and $550 for the Ewe. Great lawnmowers. Less than 4 months old. Please call if interested anytime on ... Tel: 3524228569 | 34448 | FL | 08/18/2020  | More Information

PREMIUM EUROPEAN NETHERLAND DWARF BABY BUNNY This cute little white/Carmel bunny is an energetic, friendly, fluffy ball of fun. She loves people but loves hopping around just as much. She loves attention and play time outside of her cage. She is... Tel: 7276449720 | 34652 | FL | 08/16/2020  | More Information

JOHN DEERE 870 DIESEL FARM TRACTOR W/ FREE MOWER PTO ATTACHMENT This tractor is well maintained and is extremely reliable. Fires right up, no leaks. This is a pre-owned Tractor with 1140 well maintained hours and runs great.... Tel: 8139067541 | 33605 | FL | 08/16/2020  | More Information

🐰BUCKS🐰 Two black bucks born 5/22/20 dwarf mixes will only be 3-4 lbs fully grown asking $15... Tel: 3868727366 | 32119 | FL | 08/12/2020  | More Information

CHICKENS FOR SALE Looking to sell my chickens. Different breeds. Some about to be laying.... Tel:  | 34759 | FL | 08/11/2020  | More Information

ELECTRICAL TOOLS FOR SALE very nice tool to help worker in the site comfortably.... Tel: 9544877722 | 33009 | FL | 08/10/2020  | More Information

FREE EATER EGGER ROOSTER I have an Easter Egger (EE) rooster that is about 5 months old and just began crowing a day ago. He is incredibly sweet and protects his girls. NEED gone by the end of the day.... Tel: 7276376256 | 33776 | FL | 08/08/2020  | More Information

STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER PUPPIES (MALE AND FEMALES) Blue English Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies,2 boys 2 girls have already been sold. Mum and Dad are both here for you to meet. Pups are raised in a loving home environment with all day to day noise... Tel: +1 (747) 248-4024 | 32331 | FL | 08/06/2020  | More Information

HOLLAND LOP BUCK -50$ Born: 3/18/2020 He will grunt at you when you come up to his cage and talk to him, he is very sweet and loving. It takes him time to relax while being held. But he loves giving kisses. Can drink ou... Tel: 3526155598 | 32054 | FL | 08/06/2020  | More Information

LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPPIES From a fully Licenced Breeder x 2 Labrador Retriever pup's available, numerous Field Trial Champions and winners in pups pedigree.... Tel: (747) 248-4024 | 33177 | FL | 08/04/2020  | More Information

GORGEOUS LITTER OF BLUE KC REGISTERED STAFFY PUPS lue English Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies,2 boys 2 girls have already been sold. Mum and Dad are both here for you to meet. Pups are raised in a loving home environment with all day to day noises... Tel: (747) 248-4024 | 33177 | FL | 08/04/2020  | More Information

BERKSHIRE PIGS PUREBRED. HEALTHY. SIRE AND DAM ON SITE. RAISED ON SMALL FARM. VERY HAPPY PIGS.... Tel: 813-756-9216 | 33549 | FL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

QUALITY MILKY MINI JERSEY COWS FOR SALE Then maybe it is time to invest in the Family Milk Cow! If you are looking for a high quality milk cow to build your homestead around, and to fall in love with, please contact us about more informati... Tel: (240) 284-6413 | 32004 | FL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

***TEXAS LACY FEMALE*** She is almost two years ok and has never been bred she is registered. She's a great dog I just don't have much time for her anymore... Tel: 9044559404 | 32043 | FL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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