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NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS DOELINGS BUCKLINGS WETHERS KID BABY GOATS Our 13th kidding season is underway and kids are now available for sale/reservation. Deposit holds until pickup (after weaning), some will be ready for new homes soon. Foundation lines originating fro... Tel:  | 13367 | NY | 06/06/2024  | More Information

TWO MINI-ALPINE MILKING GOATS FOR SALE $200 FOR SAGE, $300 FOR ROSE OR $500 FOR BOTH 1 and 1/2 year old does in milk and trained to milking stand. They gave birth 3 months ago. Sage and Rose are disbudded, hooves are trimmed and they are up to date with worming. Wonderful rich milk an... Tel: 2487092703 | 48380 | MI | 05/11/2024  | More Information

FOR SALE MINATURE FAINTING SILKY BABY GOATS Minature Fainting Silky baby goats 4 weeks old can go as bottle babies or will be weaned at 12 weeks old. For sale in Howard City, Michigan 49329. Registered parents babies can be registered. Pl... Tel: 6162920070 | 49329 | MI | 04/22/2024  | More Information

ADGA NUBIAN DOES We are transitioning to a life that will not allow us to keep our beloved herd, so we find ourselves seeking homes for our remaining ladies. Please contact us for additional information. All of our ... Tel:  | 14805 | NY | 03/02/2024  | More Information

NUBIAN BOTTLE BUCKLINGS Nubian bucklings born on 2/20/24. Very nice looking twin bucks from 1st fresher that is producing well. Not papered but pure Nubian lines. On bottles. Will be disbudded next week and if not spoken for... Tel: 715-827-1328 | 54757 | WI | 02/28/2024  | More Information

DAIRY GOAT KIDS FOR SALE!! TOP GENETICS!! CLEAN HERD!! Alpine and saanen organic dairy goat kids for sale. Will be born middle of February- April 2024. We are on official DHIA test. In 2022 our herd of 260 averaged: April 12.4 lb ave, May 11.9 lb ave, J... Tel: 5074294888 | 55962 | MN | 01/17/2024  | More Information

BOER GOATS I have several Boer nannies. 6 traditional red-heads, 3-4 solid reds, 2 solid blacks, and a few Boer/Kiko crosses. I also have a young unrelated Boer buck and an unrelated Kiko buck... Tel: 5086225556 | 95037 | CA | 11/26/2023  | More Information

BOER GOAT DOES, BUCKS AND WETHERS FOR SALE 1-3 year old Does all kidded around August this year most likely back in kid to registered buck. This years kids around 3 months old. 158 Does (females) available. 25 Bucks (males) available. Wha... Tel:  | 86301 | AZ | 11/20/2023  | More Information

BOER GOAT WETHERS AVAILABLE. Boer goat does weathers available. Young, old, weaners, babies for the kids. We have too many goats so need to reduce the numbers. whatsapp 719-301-6738 for quicker responses.... Tel:  | 19973 | DE | 11/20/2023  | More Information

FOR SALE: ADORABLE REGISTERED NUBIAN SPOTTED DOE KID Currently hand bottle fed, with whole fresh goat milk. Want something therapeutic to do? Have children who would benefit from a small chore of bottle feeding a kid? This little girl would fit perfectl... Tel: 330-462-3175 | 44667 | OH | 11/20/2023  | More Information

YOUNG BOER GOAT WETHERS FOR SALE Young Boer goat wethers , vaccinated and weaned ready for sale. Nice quiet kids. Whatsapp 0659467207 for quicker responses.... Tel:  | 83440 | ID | 11/20/2023  | More Information

REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK IN SOUTHERN WISCONSIN -$190 Reducing our herd and selling our buck. This buck has great pedigree, and has produced a lot of kids with blue eyes and moonspots. See registration cert pic for details. Best contact is to text 262... Tel: 2623781783 | 53121 | WI | 11/18/2023  | More Information

REGISTERED MGR PUREBRED MYOTONICS 1 exposed 2 year old, from morelock show stock, did very well at the 4-h level showing. $550 1 moon spotted wether, very loving and in your pocket, my take a little to warm up but is super sweet. $30... Tel: (574)202-3184 | 46528 | IN | 11/12/2023  | More Information

BOER Commercial Boers, all colors, very tame. 2 Adult Does proven (200 ea. 2 4 month Does (175 ea.) 2 4 month Bucks (160 ea.)... Tel: 7632598618 | 55320 | MN | 11/11/2023  | More Information

BOER GOATS (WETHERS MOSTLY) FOR SALE 32 Commercial boer wethers and 3 years old rubust buck.... Tel: 3322179936 | 47305 | IN | 10/22/2023  | More Information

FULLBLOOD ABGA SHOW CORRECT BUCK BORN APRIL 2021, HIGH QUALITY GENETICS Yearling ABGA proven show buck, earned a yearling res. Championship ,we have kids expected this month Oct. 2023 so he's looking for his own herd. Sire is ennobled , pedigree posted, Very good disposi... Tel: 504 214 7061 | 18071 | PA | 10/14/2023  | More Information

1000 HEADS BOER GOATS, KALAHARI RED GOATS AND SAANEN GOATS FOR SALE Live Boer Goats,Saanen Goats, Kalahari red Goats for Sale We sell pregnant Holstein heifers Cattle, Sheep, cattle, lambs, pigs, piglets, goats all kinds of direct animal world There are wild supplier... Tel: (956) 267-9273‬ | 32013 | FL | 10/03/2023  | More Information

2YEAR OLD ANGORA PROVEN DOE GOAT Proven, 2years old doe goat. Great mohair fleece, reverse badger, good milker. Asking $250 . Is in with fainting goat buck, on 11, 9, 13. Visit us FB Hart Homestead or Tel: 8103972342 | 48836 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

5 DAIRY GOAT BUCKLINGS -3 Toggenburg/ 2 Lamancha -weaned,dehorned,eating hay/grain very well -Raised on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized goats milk -registered -born April 2018 - by fall these bucklings would be ... Tel: 315-361-1801 or text/call cell phone 315-615-2503 | 13478 | NY | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

ABGA REGISTERED BOER GOAT HERD Quality Boer Goats... Tel: 337-257-1229 | 70585 | LA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

ADGA REGISTERED GOATS FOR SALE 1 dry yearling alpine $250 and 1 coming yearling experimental doe (alpine x togg cross) $200... Tel: 5176734902 | 49235 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

AGS REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF HERD. Nigerian dwarf dairy goat herd for sale. This is a young thriving herd. Six multi colored does, a black and white blue eyed buck and a young wether are included in this purebred herd. Breeding Animals... Tel: (864)415-2465 | 40118 | KY | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

ALPINE BILLY GOAT FOR SALE 4 year old Billy, mostly black, very friendly and calm. Asking $200. Call or text Barb at 320-237-1999.... Tel: 320-237-1999 | 56304 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

ALPINE GOATS FOR SALE Three does and a buckling 200.00 each for does 100.00 for buckling... Tel: 248-431-2616 | 48855 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

ALPINE HERD SIRE $350 Beautiful stately buck for sale soon. I need him to breed a couple does next week and then he can leave. Sorry to see him go! Very tame and gentle. Tested CAE negative, healthy clean herd. Excellent... Tel: 605 471 9977 | 57058 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

AMERICAN ALPINE DOELINGS 2 younger Alpine's, Chamoisee born April (out of Miami and Harmody BB King) and black Sundgau born May (out of Moon and Bluegrass Banjo). From a healthy tested herd. CAE negative. ... Tel: 605 471 9977 | 57058 | SD | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

BOER CROSS GOAT KIDS Two of our bucklings are going to be ready to leave Tupa's Clover Leaf Farm the end of this month! Our herd has no diseases or health issues. One is a paint blonde Boer/Sannen cross buckling. He is... Tel: 5072102690 | 55019 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

BOER GOAT KIDS FOR SALE ABGA FULLBLOOD, PERCENTAGE Boer Goats for sale ABGA full blood and percentage. Black and spotted genetics in all kids with Phantom of the Farm and League Ranch. Sept born kids will be ready to go soon. CAE and CL tested free he... Tel: 231-861-2677 231-206-4553 | 49446 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

BOER GOATS ... Tel: 6126185591 | 55397 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

DAIRY GOAT KIDS 2015 Dairy goat kids to be born from February to March and good to sell April to May Purebred Saanens Oberhasli saanen mixes Alpine saanen mixes Reserve quickly Also tell me if you want them de... Tel: 708 247 4799 | 60467 | IL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED BOER GOATS, PROVEN MOTHERS. Nice Boer does in SE KS. Fullblood, purebreds and percentage Boer does. Adults and kids available. Most have papers. Both traditional and colored, even some spots. Also have a few buck kids. Too many ... Tel:  | 66733 | KS | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

FOR SALE: CAGBA REG. ANGORA BUCKLING Hi. I have one Buckling left from this Spring Kidding. He is one of a twin. with his parents about 80+pound each. has a nice start to a great set of horns. real nice curl in his Fleece comes from ... Tel:  | 45810 | OH | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

FOR SALE: FAINTING GOAT/ REGISTERED BUCK For Sale: A MGR registered two year old fainting buck. Acres of Fun Raging Rampage is very friendly buck. Loves people. Has blue eyes, was a quad. A proven buck, 4 out of 5 of his kids had blue eyes f... Tel: 320-290-8482 | 16805 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF BLUE EYED BUCKLING For Sale: Non-Registered Blue-Eyed (Buckling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $100.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF BLUE-EYES DOELING For Sale: Non-Registered (Doeling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $200.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy**... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

FOR SALE: NIGERIAN DWARF DOELING For Sale: Non-Registered (Doeling) Born: October 17th, Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras Dam: Violet $200.00 Located Richmond, KY **Great for Show, 4-H, and Dairy**... Tel: 859-227-3547 | 40475 | KY | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT LOCAL FARM RESCUE Lowell Farm and Wildlife Center has a Christmas thru Lowell Fundraiser coming up on Feb. 15-17. Location is 12494 Vergennes Lowell MI 49331. Come visit us for great gifts, fun, and to support the an... Tel:  | 49331 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

GOAT MILK By the gallon fresh or frozen $10 or barter for hay/ eggs/feed... Tel: 5172506060 | 49201 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

GOATS FOR SALE Good future milk doelings. $175 Yearling bucks $150 Bucklings $125... Tel: 559-760-8457 | 95338 | CA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

GOATS MILK Goat milk for sale. We milk twice a day using clean technique and have a disease free herd. No CAE or other diseases. Our bucks are far away from our does so there is no "musty" taste or sme... Tel:  | 49201 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Nigerian dwarf buck kid, 9 weeks old, not registered yet but have the paperwork to do it. He has really good bloodlines, from old mountain farm breeding. His sire's half brother sold for $10,400, so ... Tel: 3202970870 | 56208 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Kia is a Nigerian Dwarf buckling. Born April 2017. He has been with 4 does this fall, as of now none have been back in heat. Great pedigree, he is ADGA registrable. Lines include Sugarcreek, Wren Farm... Tel:  | 55987 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOELINGS Carl B Farm has 2 Nigerian dwarf doe kids for sale. These are the last ones for the season. $350 ea. OBO. They were born in May and would be ready to breed in 2019. These animals come from a healthy t... Tel: 605 471 9977 | 57058 | SD | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF DOELINGS AND ONE PET WETHER Carl Bs Farm has two nice Nigerian Dwarf doelings for sale yet this season, and one pet wether. 350.00 each doeling, wether 75.00, Package deal for all three, 675.00. Nice Bloodlines and from a he... Tel: 605 471 9977 | 57058 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

NIGERIAN STUD SERVICES OFFERED I have a tri colored, registered Nigerian dwarf buck up to date on all his shots and worming. Offering stud services. Doe must be up to date on her shots and worming as well and brought to us. $50 per... Tel:  | 54155 | WI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

NUBIANS Registered Nubians. We currently have one doeling but have more to kid. Make great 4-H projects, these are show quality registered with ADGA, we have both PB and American. Call with questions prices 5... Tel: 218-790-7090 | 56511 | MN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

PUREBRED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCKLINGS BORN JULY 5-9 These bucklings are from Ceasars villa and one with Ceasars villa and Rosasharn bloodlines. Ready to go @ 2 weeks as bottle babies to approved homes. These bucks would be great herd sires or pets. Ped... Tel: 919-623-0883 | 27523 | NC | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

PUREBRED REGISTERED NUBIAN GOAT KIDS EXCELLENT MILK AND SHOW QUALITY These beautiful kids come from excellent show and milk bloodlines. We have a negative CAE and CL herd. All kids will be dehorned, tattooed, registered, and have first CDT shot. They will be ready ... Tel: 2318232404 | 49346 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

REGISTERED AMERICAN ALPINE DOES Carl B's Farm has two older Alpine doelings for sale. Tan chamoisee born March 5th out of Viola and Harmody BBKing, black sundgau born March 7th out of Macrame and Harmody Raven's Poe. Excellent bloo... Tel: 605 471 9977 | 57058 | SD | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

REGISTERED BABY NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS FOR SALE Moo Moo Meadows has a wonderful group of Doelings and Bucks that were Born In Jan. 2014 . They are exceptionally friendly-and the mothers are wonderful milkers and have beautiful dairy lines! They ... Tel:  | 01983 | MA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

REGISTERED MINI SILKY DOELINGS FOR SALE. I have 3 doelings for sale. These girls have outstanding bloodlines.... Tel:  | 48832 | MI | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

SAANEN BUCK Saanen buck 8 months old and ready for breeding $200.00 Thor he is a very friendly goat we have two females and two buck s. Sadly one needs to go... Tel: 5678769034 | 43334 | OH | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

SAANEN GOATS 2 does both to kidd Feb.18-21 1 doe has partial horns 1 doe smaller ears from frost bite last year 1 wether that has horn Smaller sized Pasture and hay raised Located just outside Sandwich,IL $... Tel:  | 60545 | IL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

TRIO OF SAANEN GOATS 2 does one bred 1 whether has horns These 3 are small 1.5 yrs old Great pasture pals Sannen 60548 Sandwich IL area... Tel:  | 60545 | IL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

WANTED: REGISTERED PUREBRED NUBIAN OR SAANAN BRED DOES Will pay $150 to $300 per goat (Needs to be of show quality) Pictures needed!!!!!... Tel:  | 44878 | OH | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

WANTED; REGISTERED NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Looking for a very special buck.Bloodlines wanted are Gay Mor Kingwood,Little Rascals Black Dahlia,Twin Creeks Baywatch,Lost Valley close up in pedigree.Prefer parents that have been shown,LA,DHI.Must... Tel:  | 13830 | NY | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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