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NIGERIAN DWARFS Mama and baby female. FREE... Tel: 8508419642 | 32305 | FL | 10/16/2021  | More Information

DUCKS LOOKING FOR A HOME Good morning I have 3 ducks that I need to rehome. We took them in for a friend who can no longer take them back and we cannot keep them any longer. I have 2 females and a male. They are bonded so... Tel:  | 32784 | FL | 10/09/2021  | More Information

CORNISH CROSS ROCK HEN - TAME - FREE TO LOVING HOME Are you looking for a LAP chicken? Do you want 13 pounds of pure fluffy love? This 3 month old Cornish Cross Rock Hen is hand fed and tamed to perfection, preferring to sit on your LAP and eat from yo... Tel:  | 32807 | FL | 10/06/2021  | More Information

ROYAL PALM TURKEYS Royal palm turkeys already hatched and ready to go.... Tel: 8504964144 | 32533 | FL | 08/22/2021  | More Information

DUCKS FOR FREE Beautiful Pekin ducks for free! One drake and his lady. Unfortunately, we can no longer care for them. If interested please contact me at 9419620564.... Tel: 9419620564 | 33579 | FL | 08/11/2021  | More Information

BARBEZIEUX CHICKENS Barbezieux Chickens..6 months old...100.00 a Pair... Tel: 8132054007 | 33565 | FL | 08/09/2021  | More Information

BEST ARTIFICIAL GRASS INSTALLERS SANIBEL We are currently serving all the areas surrounding Florida and offering artificial grass of the topmost quality at the most affordable prices. Choosing the right grass is key to preserving its lushnes... Tel:  | 33976 | FL | 08/04/2021  | More Information

LANDSCAPE LIGHTING DESIGNER The Outdoor Living Pros provides the sort of landscape lighting design that will fit into your unique environment no matter where you are. We work to create light and shadows where needed, and also hi... Tel:  | 34711 | FL | 08/04/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE: TWO CHICKENS I don’t know where else to go to give them up. this is my first time giving chickens away.... Tel: 7864234230 | 33161 | FL | 08/02/2021  | More Information

FREE RABBIT Rabbits name is Nib. I’ve had him since January 2021 and he was born between November/December. Nib is perfectly healthy and super nice with anyone. Saddens me to not be able to care for him no long... Tel:  | 33610 | FL | 07/30/2021  | More Information

TATEM WEB DESIGN LLC. Tatem Web Design is a Certified Shopify Partner and Can Assist You with Your New or Existing Shopify Website. Contact Our Shopify Pros At 772-224-8118 And Lets Us Handle The Hard Stuff. We have 20 Ye... Tel: 772-224-8118 | 34997 | FL | 07/26/2021  | More Information

SILKY BANTAM ROOSTERS REHOME I have 2 Silky Bantam Roosters I need to rehome. They are approximately 4 months old and their coloring is dark grey and black. Serious inquiries only! You must be able to pick up and transport!... Tel: 7272347174 | 33770 | FL | 07/26/2021  | More Information

2 DUCKS TO A GOOD HOME We have two ducks that are about 4 months old looking for a good home! They are super sweet and we love them. We are getting married and leaving the country for a few weeks and need to find them a new... Tel: 4079379668 | 34232 | FL | 07/26/2021  | More Information

HOLLAND LOOP BUNNIES FOR SALE * Available Now! * Holland Lop Bunnies, date of birth April 28,2021. These little munchkins are ready to join their fur-ever home NOW! Holland Lop Bunnies. Super cute little friendly bunnies raised in... Tel:  | 33983 | FL | 07/24/2021  | More Information

HIGH QUALITY CYCAD, FRESH AND HEALTHY ENCEPALARTOS SEEDS AVAILABLE We have fresh, cleaned and healthy cycads (Encephalartos) seeds available for sell at good prices. Also we have no worries because we ship worldwide. Interesting points you might want to know... Tel:  | 32007 | FL | 07/18/2021  | More Information

PEKIN DRAKE AND DUCK FREE TO GOOD HOME Drake and duck (Pekin) free to good home about 7 to 8 months old, female currently laying eggs. Names are Ralph and Alice... Tel:  | 34613 | FL | 07/18/2021  | More Information

WELSH HARLEQUINS & PEKINS 4 female welsh harlequins & 2 (one drake) pekin ducks for sale! Price negotiable!... Tel:  | 34212 | FL | 07/10/2021  | More Information

DUCKS FOR SALE perkins and muscovy ducks... Tel: 4073090063 | 32825 | FL | 07/04/2021  | More Information

DUCKS FOR SALE!!! Dad-Indian Runner. Mom-Pekin. And also,. Mom-Pekin Dad-Pekin... Tel: 386-292-3545 | 32024 | FL | 07/01/2021  | More Information

MINI ZEBU STARTER HERD $1800 Selling our Starter herd of one bull and three heifers. looking for a good home for these three cows. Originally we rescued the girls from a bad situation but have come to find that we can not manage ... Tel: 9546573303 | 33073 | FL | 06/30/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE: NETHERLAND DWARF AND LIONHEAD RABBITS/BUNNIES Quality Lionhead and Netherland Dwarf rabbits and bunnies. Tel:  | 34114 | FL | 06/26/2021  | More Information

ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD GREAT PYRENEES PUPPIES FOR SALE Puppies are 4 weeks old in pics will be 8 weeks old July 22nd and will be ready for their new homes shortly after their Vet visit. Puppies are 7/8 Anatolian Shepherd and 1/8 Great Pyrenees. 4 Females ... Tel: 850-776-9751 | 32331 | FL | 06/25/2021  | More Information

CHICKEN HENS 4 TOTAL FREE Free hens 4 months old... Tel:  | 32922 | FL | 06/22/2021  | More Information

BABYDOLL SHEEP RAM LAMBS 2 rams are $400.00 each. Both are 10 weeks old and very friendly, healthy and happy. You can see the smiles on their faces. They are all OEBR registered and have their CD/T and worm vaccinations. If ... Tel: 352 422-8569 | 34448 | FL | 06/20/2021  | More Information

GROWN DUCK FOR SALE UNKNOWN SEX I have a duck 🦆 for sale.... Tel: 3055041966 | 33033 | FL | 06/18/2021  | More Information

NEED TO REHOME THREE PEKIN DUCKS We have two males and one female Pekin ducks we need to rehome. They are one years old. We have had them since they were born, but need to rehome them due to our two dogs not getting along with them l... Tel: 9546812923 | 32825 | FL | 06/09/2021  | More Information

DUCKS 3 free Domesticated ducks... Tel: 8134452715 | 33570 | FL | 06/07/2021  | More Information

CWD 2GS MADEMOISELLE 17 Beautiful, brand new 2020 CWD 2Gs 17" 2C This beauty features luxurious. This saddle has panels that will fit A LOT of horses. Front and rear blocks. The saddle is fully doubled in soft calf leat... Tel:  | 32004 | FL | 06/07/2021  | More Information

3 WELSH HARLEQUIN DAY OLD DUCKLINGS Have 3 female Welsh Harlequin Day Old Ducklings that need a new home. Let me know if interested.... Tel: 8478587578 | 33060 | FL | 06/02/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE 24 NORTH OF MICHIGAN At my job site I found this piece of metal in my hands where I later understand was goald which has been approved by many of whom I introduced to I brought it here for best deals because I kno... Tel: +237651353008 | +1 | FL | 05/31/2021  | More Information

FREE BABY PEKIN DUCKLING! NEEDS REHOMING ASAP! I have one cute baby pekin duckling that needs to be rehired asap. It is about 3 weeks old and very sweet and likes to be held. I am looking for a good home in the Saint Petersburg or clearwater area.... Tel: 3214058999 | 33707 | FL | 05/19/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE:FISH FEED PELLET MILL Fish feed pellet mill is used to process various kinds of grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, crab, catfish, shrimps,... Tel: 13653820230 | 48326 | FL | 05/18/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE:FEED PELLET MAKING MACHINE Feed pellet making machine is a feed processing machine which takes corn, soybean meal, straw, straw, rice husk and so o... Tel: 13653820230 | 48326 | FL | 05/18/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE:FLOATING FISH FEED PRODUCTION LINE Zeno brand floating fish feed production line can produce floating fish feed, sinking fish feed is newly developed ... Tel: 13653820230 | 48326 | FL | 05/18/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE :ANIMAL FEED PELLET MILL Animal feed pellet mill are small and medium-sized pellet feed processing equipments, which are specially designed for the feeding in... Tel: 13653820230 | 48326 | FL | 05/18/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE:ANIMAL FEED PELLET MACHINE Animal feed pellet machine can be used to suppress the feed raw materials play a bactericidal effect, in the killing of microbial strains without affecting the quali... Tel: 13653820230 | 48326 | FL | 05/18/2021  | More Information

BLACK AND WHITE HEAD DORPER SHEEP . WE ALSO HAVE BOER Text us at (781) 524-0932 we sell livestock from the farm and we deliver if needed.all stock usda approved for trade and ready for breeding and also for slaughter with the rams .we sell at very g... Tel:  | 32317 | FL | 05/17/2021  | More Information

GIANT BUNNIES FOR SALE! 75% Flemish Giant, 25% New Zealand White. Hand-raised and cuddled. 4 boys and 4 girls available. Ready to go home on May 30th. Parents on site.... Tel: 9413439261 | 34240 | FL | 05/17/2021  | More Information

HOSTED PREDICTIVE DIALER SERVICES FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Can you imagine your agents manually searching for contacts of your customers/clients and dialing the numbers to connect with them instead of focusing on more productive tasks such as handling the que... Tel:  | 33775 | FL | 05/14/2021  | More Information

EVERGREEN SPRINKLER AND LANDSCAPING SERVICES Evergreen Sprinkler and Landscaping Services – A South Florida Sprinkler & Landscaping Company. Evergreen Sprinkler and Landscape has quickly grown to be a leading provider of both residential a... Tel: 561-364-8582 | 33413 | FL | 04/27/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE BABY PIGS 75.00 7-week old pigs Hampshire/Saddleback 3 Sows 3 boars We are also selling the mama for 175.00... Tel: 904-662-4151 | 32234 | FL | 04/17/2021  | More Information

DUCKS Healthy ducks, just need gone... Tel:  | 34235 | FL | 04/15/2021  | More Information

PEKIN DUCKS FOR SALE-NEED A GOOD HOME-$10 EACH I have 4 male Pekin ducks in need of a good home. They are not aggressive at all, they are very friendly and I hatched them all. They are 6 months old, one of them is 5 months old. I can no longer ca... Tel: 3522871928 | 34473 | FL | 04/13/2021  | More Information

CHIHUAHUA IN NEED OF A GOOD HOME-FREE TO GOOD HOME I have a loveable male chihuahua who is 5 years old and in need of a good home. He is very affectionate and is amazing with kids. I have two little girls and he lets them dress him up and put him in a... Tel: 3522871928 | 34473 | FL | 04/13/2021  | More Information

LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN DOGS 1 Great Pyrenees 6 years old — 1 Anatolian Shepherd 3 years old Dogs are a bonded pair. Both are chipped and fixed. They are goat guardians and they have a wonderful temperament. Need a strong f... Tel: 321-299-2401 | 32757 | FL | 04/12/2021  | More Information

BUNNY REHOME (LOP) Looking to rehome this sweet girl. $50 obo for all of her supplies (cage, hay, food, etc.). We are just not home enough anymore to care for her and give her the freedom to hop around as she needs.... Tel: 7276125260 | 33778 | FL | 03/27/2021  | More Information

FREE DUCKS I have two baby ducklings that need a good loving home. I found them outside and they were in need. They’re so sweet and I adore them they just need more space and a caregiver.... Tel: 4123046430 | 34238 | FL | 03/19/2021  | More Information

LION HEAD HOLLAND LOPS BUNNIES FOR SALE I have 7 baby Lion head Holland lops bunnies that are ready to meet there forever family there black/white Dalmatian and pure black baby bunnies there for 70 dollars each there eight weeks old if you... Tel: 754 8160998 | 33313 | FL | 03/15/2021  | More Information

LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN DOG! 18 WEEK OLD ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD! Two 18 week old ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD puppies Ready to go now $275 610*984*5805 PICTURES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST IT WOULD NOT LET ME UPLOAD HERE... Tel: 6109845805 | 33612 | FL | 03/09/2021  | More Information

HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES FOR SALE 4-5 month old bull calves for sale or trade. $350 each. Pick up only. Can make steer for additional $.... Tel:  | 32668 | FL | 03/07/2021  | More Information

FREE ROOSTER AND HEN BOTH AMERICANA Have a free rooster and hen here. They are both sweet but the rooster is too loud and they are inseparable so they have to go together. Come pick them up when you can! 9412683499... Tel: 9412683499 | 33952 | FL | 02/27/2021  | More Information

FENNEC FOXES AVAILABLE. They are home raised and hand fed daily. this makes them very friendly and use to the human touch. They are tamed, well socialized and playful with kids and other pets .They are ready to go to their n... Tel:  | 32066 | FL | 02/27/2021  | More Information

GOATS,SHEEP AND COWS FOR SALE we sell live animals from the farm.we have boer goats pure breed and we also have milking goats like the alpine and nubean.we do have healthy sheep like the dorset sheep,dorper,fat tail awassi sheep a... Tel: 9253997287 | 32507 | FL | 02/19/2021  | More Information

FREE RUNNER DUCK AND DRAKE 1 duck, 1 drake free for pick up. Must go together. Fully mature black with white spots. Duck lays good eggs.... Tel: 7273894180 | 34691 | FL | 02/15/2021  | More Information

NETHERLAND DWARFS Available on March 20th! $50... Tel:  | 32008 | FL | 02/15/2021  | More Information

ADORABLE TOY AUSSIE PUPPIES AVAILABLE FOR SALE CHEAP They are exceptional toy shepherd puppies. These will be large dogs so if you want a small Aussie, these are for you. Pups have tails docked, dew removed and vet exam. Will come with vaccinations and ... Tel: (512) 521-7365 | 33040 | FL | 02/13/2021  | More Information

FREE Adult Miniature Pigs... Tel: 352-288-1971 | 32179 | FL | 02/06/2021  | More Information

HOLLAND LOPS Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry is small home based specializing on purebreed pedigreed Holland Lops rabbits whether show quality or as family pet . Beautiful pedigrees full of grand champions .... Tel:  | 33067 | FL | 01/30/2021  | More Information

4 DUCKS CHICKENS AND 3 GUINEA Do to having to get a second job. I do not have the time to take care of them.... Tel: 3525021428 | 34479 | FL | 01/30/2021  | More Information

WANTED : PEKIN FEMALE (S) I am looking for 2, maybe 3, free female pekin ducks to keep my 11 month old drake company. Poor guy lost his mate a couple days ago and he looks so sad out there 😞... Tel: 3522102562 | 32648 | FL | 01/28/2021  | More Information

WATERFOWL FOR SALE These beautiful swans make a great addition to any pond. The Swans spend most of their time floating on the water, grazing on underwater vegetation in shallow waters. we have the following species o... Tel:  | 3128 | FL | 01/06/2021  | More Information

BERKSHIRE PIGS PUREBRED. HEALTHY. SIRE AND DAM ON SITE. RAISED ON SMALL FARM. VERY HAPPY PIGS.... Tel: 813-756-9216 | 33549 | FL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

QUALITY MILKY MINI JERSEY COWS FOR SALE Then maybe it is time to invest in the Family Milk Cow! If you are looking for a high quality milk cow to build your homestead around, and to fall in love with, please contact us about more informati... Tel: (240) 284-6413 | 32004 | FL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

***TEXAS LACY FEMALE*** She is almost two years ok and has never been bred she is registered. She's a great dog I just don't have much time for her anymore... Tel: 9044559404 | 32043 | FL | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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