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MYOTONIC DOELINGS AND BUCKLINGS 2 registered purebred, larger Texas/Tennessee style, type 6 fainter bucks, both are fawn and white, one has blue eyes other has brown. Father is approx 150 lbs and mother 100 lbs. Father is from show ... Tel: 5742023184 | 46528 | IN | 07/29/2021  | More Information

NUBIAN GOATS AND BUCK 1 bonded pair, 1 purebred registered blue papered Nubian 2 year old black and white spotted, 1 grade Nubian red and white spotted 2 years old. Both were exposed to a purebred registered buck for Decem... Tel: 5742024370 | 46528 | IN | 07/29/2021  | More Information

PPC COMPANY IN CHANDIGARH The best PPC management companies exhibit several characteristics. Numerous companies are claiming to be the best, but few are actually for real. Then Gratis Soft Solutions is the company you should ... Tel: 07087400802 | 140603 | IN | 07/29/2021  | More Information

GOLDEN COMETS FOR SALE Four female golden comets for sale. I do not have time to take care of them anymore. I would like to sell the chicken coop with the chickens but if you are not interested in the coop, I will sell chic... Tel: 7656678254 | 46936 | IN | 07/16/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE NEW ZEALAND RABBITS 9 week old baby rabbits very friendly I have 2 females and one male from different litter can be used as breeding trio or just pets very calm and easy to car for... Tel: 317-701-6295 | 46241 | IN | 07/16/2021  | More Information

BEST INVESTMENT COMPANIES IN HYDERABAD Best investment company in Hyderabad- flexible plans, highest returns are for start-ups and other businesses. Your future is secured with our top investment plans.... Tel: 8348696969 | 500008 | IN | 07/15/2021  | More Information

4 FREE BABY CHICKENS These are so cute and loving and need a home. We have 4 dogs and realised this is not the best environment.... Tel: 8477440619 | 46360 | IN | 07/11/2021  | More Information

FOUR KATAHDIN EWES BORN FEB 2021 FOR SALE. Ewes are weaned and on pasture. Breed this Fall for Spring lambs.... Tel: 7657445355 | 47340-9581 | IN | 06/25/2021  | More Information

REFRIGERATOR SERVICE IN LUDHIANA - DUTY GUY If you are looking for refrigerator repair services in Ludhiana then you are right place. you can book an online service for Refrigerator Repair & Maintenance.... Tel: 07419674196 | 141013 | IN | 06/24/2021  | More Information

HEREFORD BULL Hereford bull born May 2020. $1200 or best offer. Located near Monterey, IN... Tel: 5742251545 | 46960 | IN | 06/24/2021  | More Information

ENHANCE PRODUCTIVITY OF HARVESTING OPERATIONS WITH AFTERMARKET COMBINE PARTS While dealing with the aftermarket combine parts suppliers, you can stay fully rest assured that you are dealing with reliable, trustworthy, and extremely efficient professionals. Being a globalized l... Tel: 877-248-4844 | IN 46041 | IN | 06/24/2021  | More Information

ADGA AMERICAN ALPINES 4 ADGA American Alpines goats available. 2 bucks and 2 does. All between 1-2 years of age. Does have been exposed to buck, so may be bred.... Tel: 8123930745 | 47550 | IN | 06/10/2021  | More Information

GUINEA KEETS 2 week old guinea keets for sale. 17 available, mixed colors. Most are pearl, but have some pied, white, and slate as well.... Tel: 8123930745 | 47550 | IN | 06/10/2021  | More Information

GRASS HAY FOR SALE 5.22 acres grass hay; you cut an cost is $100... Tel: 3174989778 | 47240 | IN | 06/09/2021  | More Information

BONSMARA CALVES FOR SALE Healthy bonsmara bull , Heifer at discount prices We supply live Cattle, Cows, (Bulls, Heifers, calves) live sheep & Live Goats, for the best price you can find!We are Exporters of various types ... Tel:  | 47923 | IN | 06/07/2021  | More Information

BRED MERINO EWES FOR SALE 80 head of 5-7 year old Merino Ewes for sale. Bred to Rambouillet and Suffolk Rams.... Tel: (726) 333-9766 | 46204 | IN | 06/04/2021  | More Information

2008 NEW HOLLAND T1510 4WD TRACTOR $1800 30HP, diesel in excellent overall condition. It also comes with a heavy duty bucket and the loader. Needs nothing and works flawlessly.... Tel: 463-200-1753 | 46203 | IN | 05/29/2021  | More Information

KNOW ABOUT THE COMBINE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONING If the farmer does all the tasks manually, it will become time taking and tiring process. Earlier, when the header and combine parts were not so popular or affordable, the farmers used to do reaping a... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/27/2021  | More Information

A GUIDE TO COMBINE HARVESTER PARTS AND HOW THEY WORK A farmer can hope to increase yield and yield quality thereby earning more money. It is important that farmers understand about the various combine harvester parts and also about how the combine works... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/27/2021  | More Information

THE IMPORTANCE OF HARVEST CONCAVES IN MODERN FARMING The grains and the stalk are separated here due to the high-speed movement of the drum. The chaff, hay, and other materials are moved to the back of the harvester. The harvest concaves have sieves or ... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/27/2021  | More Information

JOHN DEERE 9500 COMBINE CORN SETTINGS: A POPULAR COMBINE HARVESTER Today, the harvester has simplified this work. Using the right John Deere 9500 combine corn settings allows farmers to automate or combine three harvesting processes, namely reaping, winnowing, and th... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/27/2021  | More Information

JOHN DEERE COMBINE CONCAVES BY ESTES PERFORMANCE Combine concaves John Deere harvester can be used with OEM parts that are original equipment parts made by the company. Using the concave ensures greater efficiency. The problem with OEM parts is that... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/21/2021  | More Information

WHY USE THE BEST CONCAVES FROM THE TOP COMBINE CONCAVE MANUFACTURERS? The XPR2 concave system made by one of the best combine concave manufacturers enhances the functioning of the combine harvester. The XPR concave system has been in use for many years and has helped th... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/21/2021  | More Information

BRIEF HISTORY AND BENEFITS OF ROTARY COMBINES The biggest benefit of rotary combines is its simplicity. Fewer moving parts means less to break down and maintain. Due to this, rotary combines have a greater capacity with a smaller footprint. If yo... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/21/2021  | More Information

TOP 10 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT JOHN DEERE COMBINE PARTS The combine harvester combines three key operations of harvesting, namely reaping, winnowing, and threshing. The harvester is highly useful during this harvesting season. It is important to ensure the... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/21/2021  | More Information

STAFFING COMPANIES IN HYDERABAD Sciens Technologies is the best IT Staffing Company providing staffing services in Hyderabad. We can provide a Project Team of IT professionals with the precise collection of skills, experience, and p... Tel: 08919599541 | 500045 | IN | 05/18/2021  | More Information

GLOW AND BRIGHTENING LOTION Do you want to glow? Do you want skin that is healthy, flawless, and radiates beauty? Do you want to get rid of the most stubborn tan and pigmentation that is giving you sleepless nights? Audora is... Tel:  | 566066 | IN | 05/18/2021  | More Information

NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS IN INDIA Healthy skin is the happiest and it gives you the confidence to face the world. The skin which radiates charisma is actually reflecting the nourishment from within. And to get the nourishment you need... Tel:  | 566066 | IN | 05/18/2021  | More Information

DO YOU NEED INFORMATION ABOUT BEST INTERNATIONAL IMPORTERS? If your answer is yes, then Importer Data would be a great solution for you. Apart from offering the list of leading importers in the world, it also provides some important details such as product HS ... Tel: 09990837766 | 110044 | IN | 05/18/2021  | More Information

A FREE SAMPLE REPORT OF KENYA EXPORT DATA Kenya Export Data is the greatest system to reach the biggest success level in business. If you want to join the exportation business of Kenya, it is a basic need. Before providing real data, we first... Tel: 09999439844 | 110044 | IN | 05/17/2021  | More Information

ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT COMBINE CONCAVE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE During the harvesting season when it needs to be used continuously until harvesting is complete. Any breakdown during this time will call for repair, which can take a lot of time. Combine concave repa... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/14/2021  | More Information

WHAT IS A COMBINE HARVESTER CONCAVE SYSTEM? The combine harvester concave system is a part of the combine that helps in the threshing process and helps to enhance the overall effectiveness of the harvesting process. A farmer can buy the system ... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/14/2021  | More Information

THE USE OF COMBINE CONCAVE FILLER PLATES IN THE HARVESTING PROCESS Combine concave filler plates are one of the important parts used in the combine harvester. For farmers, harvesting is the most important process. It is the process where the end-result of the farming... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/14/2021  | More Information

A GUIDE TO AFTERMARKET COMBINE CONCAVES Combine concaves can be obtained from the manufacturer, in which case they are known as OEM parts made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. These parts would be very expensive and many farmers may ... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/14/2021  | More Information

HARVEST CONCAVES: MINIMIZE HARVEST LOSS AND MAXIMIZE YIELD You are aware of the challenges involved in boosting the yield of crops, especially those related to the harvest. Thanks to technological advancements made in recent decades, all-crop harvest concaves... Tel: 877-248-4844 | 46041 | IN | 05/14/2021  | More Information

ANGUS CROSS FEEDER CALVES 10 -12 wks old angus/Holstein cross heifers. Vaccinated and ready for new pastures. Younger calf is halter trained. 350-400.00... Tel:  | 46360 | IN | 05/14/2021  | More Information

HOLSTEIN FEEDER STEERS Vaccinated, banded, ready to be finished. 2@350.00 2@400.00 1@450.00... Tel:  | 46360 | IN | 05/14/2021  | More Information

BABY DUCK We rescued him from hawks and now need to re-home him... Tel: 3173794084 | 46060 | IN | 05/13/2021  | More Information

ROSE AND RABBIT | CREAMY FACIAL WASH Subscribe now to get 15% Off Creamy Facial Wash with cleansing micro beads exfoliate to brighten skin derived from aroma of rose and nurtured by rabbit itself. Tel: 09925028258 | 0 | IN | 05/12/2021  | More Information

ROSE AND RABBIT Subscribe now to get 15% Off Creamy Facial Wash with cleansing micro beads exfoliate to brighten skin derived from aroma of rose and nurtured by rabbit itself.... Tel: 09925028258 | 380015 | IN | 05/12/2021  | More Information

MALLARD DUCKLINGS HATCHING SOON Hello! I have taken it upon myself to incubate some mallard eggs when the mother left them. They are due to hatch any day and I would like them to go to a good farm or home. I built a brooding box for... Tel: 3177664120 | 46241 | IN | 05/08/2021  | More Information

FREE 2 DUCKLING AND 4 CHICKENS Free ducks and chicks about 6 weeks old-must pick up... Tel: 3174462135 | 46151 | IN | 05/02/2021  | More Information

MALE FAINTING (MYOTONIC) GOAT FOR SALE. Excellent breeding Myotonic goat. His name is Mercury and he will be 5 years old in September. Asking $250.00. He sired 3 sets of twins for us. Call Steve at 260-502-1281 if interested. Pickup only.... Tel: 12605021281 | 46784 | IN | 04/30/2021  | More Information

CHICAGO GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS. BIG. IMPRESSIVE. Gorgeous German Shepherd Pups. Shots/Worming UTD. Family raised. Price: $2000.00. NO Shipping!!! You must pickup puppy. Prespoiled and well socialized. Perfect for Family LOVING and PROTECTION. Plea... Tel: 7082992850 | 46324 | IN | 04/24/2021  | More Information

2 FREE DUCKLINGS Just wanted them to have the best life. Both are so sweet and cuddly. Includes cage, food, and travel container. Message 3173162526 ask for James... Tel: 3173162526 | 46032 | IN | 04/22/2021  | More Information

FANTASTIC 8 YO FRIESIA GELDING HORSE AVAILABLE He's is a good looking and very special Friesian gelding with beautiful long mane and tail. This gelding is 100% safe and bombproof to ride by all kind of riders. He is used for hacking, trail riding ... Tel: 406-948-1057 | 46204 | IN | 04/19/2021  | More Information

CHICKEN HOUSE'S/FARM FOR SALE 2 Tyson egg layer house's, on a farm in Washington Co. Indiana. Several acres available, & possible 5 bedroom, 1 full, & 2 half bath home.... Tel: 8128441103 | 47167 | IN | 04/17/2021  | More Information

325 GALLON WATER TANK FOR PICK UP TRUCK Used to haul water for our pool no leaks. Fits in bed of pick up truck. $300.00... Tel: 8125921460 | 47265 | IN | 04/11/2021  | More Information

MINIATURE MULE FREE Miniature mule, female. Not sure of age. Due to fact that I don’t have horses can’t get anyone to come to my farm to trim hooves and I don’t have a horse trailer. Would like to give to goo... Tel: 574-253-2187 | 46982 | IN | 04/10/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE: HOWEY 214A CHRISTMAS TREE BALER Recently Retired: Small choose & cut farm. Howey Christmas Tree Baler. Excellent condition. Honda 8 hp engine. $3,400.00... Tel: 8122195780 | 47401-8835 | IN | 03/30/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE: HOWEY 150A CHRISTMAS TREE SHAKER Recently Retired: Small choose & cut Christmas tree farm. Howey Christmas Tree Shaker. Honda 3.5 hp engine. $1,600.00... Tel: 8122195780 | 47401-8835 | IN | 03/30/2021  | More Information

PEDIGREED SILVER FOX RABBITS I have purebred, pedigreed, silver fox rabbits for sale. they have many awards such as the ARBA Grand Champion B.O.B 2017 and the Kentucky State B.O.B 2017. There is a waiting list for these rabbits s... Tel: 8126791890 | 47408 | IN | 03/23/2021  | More Information

DUCKS Looking to rehome 2 cayuga ducks. We have more drakes than a females now. They are black with a greenish hue. Few free free.... Tel: 2602432836 | 46786 | IN | 02/26/2021  | More Information

PET RABBITS FOR SALE I have a few pet rabbits for sale. I have a mini lop doe and two mini rex does. They are sweet and would love a new home! I have more pictures available upon request.... Tel:  | 46574 | IN | 02/25/2021  | More Information

BIODEGRADABLE BAGS Cosmos Eco Friends has best biodegradable bags manufacturers in India. We make a compostable & biodegradable bags made from pure eco-friendly Sources. Cosmos Eco Friends is continuously developing... Tel: 9990074443 | 122004 | IN | 02/18/2021  | More Information

DAIRY GOAT AND MEAT GOATS AVAILABLE Dairy goat and meat goats available,No CAE, CL, and JOHNES DISEASE .we currently have goats which are milking currently, kids which are ready to breed and meat goats as well.Our goats have excellent m... Tel: (512)714-4291 | 46208 | IN | 02/05/2021  | More Information

BUY PERSONALIZED COFFEE MUGS- LATEST CUSTOMIZED COFFEE MUGS AT BEST PRICE Shop for latest personalized coffee mugs at best price online in India at Smileyo for your loved ones. Smileyo has made a wide range of customized printed coffee mugs exclusively for our customers. Yo... Tel: 09454346236 | 208017 | IN | 01/31/2021  | More Information

FEEDER PIGS Feeder pigs from our outdoor herd. Mix of Spot and Hampshire crosses bred for good growth and meat quality. Pigs weigh 50 lbs and 19 are available... Tel: 3179085035 | 46160 | IN | 01/27/2021  | More Information

MINI REX JR. DOE AVAILABLE Lulu B’s Betty is currently looking for a new home. She was born on 9/4/20 and is a beautiful Red Jr. Doe. Betty will come with a pedigree as well as a small bag of transition feed. She has been wel... Tel: 574-780-3665 | 46783 | IN | 01/27/2021  | More Information

MINI REX RABBITS AVAILABLE Lulu B’s Rabbitry currently has 6 Red Mini Rex kits who are looking for their new homes. They were born on 12/18/20 and will be available on 2/12/21 at 8 weeks old. Each rabbit will come with a pedi... Tel: 574-780-3665 | 46783 | IN | 01/27/2021  | More Information

LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN/FAMILY PUPPIES Great pyrenees/ anatolian cross Mother and Father are on site. 3 males 5 females 6 weeks old has 1st shot and wormed. Raised with Chickens horses and kids. These pups have all been sold. Because we ha... Tel: 812-891-0242 | 47561 | IN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

REGISTERED TAMWORTH FEEDER PIGS AND BREEDING STOCK July and august born tamworth barrows, gilts and boars to breed or butcher. also a december tamworth boar. class winner at the state fair the other day. possible deliver . $500 for the December boar. ... Tel: 1-765-964-7261 | 47390 | IN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

180 CHICKEN EGG INCUBATOR 180 egg, Dickey cabinet incubator with wafer thermostat. It was used 1 season. No hatching tray. Paid $625. Asking $550.... Tel: 765-585-9017 | 47933 | IN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

NEW GSI. GRAIN BINS (YEAR END SALE) 27% OFF UNTIL 12-30-13 SOME UNDER $1 @ BUSHEL. 2% FINANCING AVAILABLE. MIDWEST GRAIN EQUIPMENT CO.... Tel: 262-763-4373 | 53105 | IN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

MINIATURE JERSEY HEIFER Miniature Jersey Heifer born SEPT 15, 2018. Very nice, asking $2500. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 260-701-0338. Please ask for Vernon!... Tel: 260-701-0338 | 46733 | IN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

2014 PEACHICKS AVAILABLE I have solid white, spalding, and india blue 50.00 each... Tel: 219-869-5023 | 46392 | IN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

BLACK LEICESTER LONGWOOL RAM SHEEP FOR SALE Yearling black Leicester Longwool ram sheep for sale for this breeding season. He comes from registered parents, but is not registered himself. He was born 4-1-2017, and was a twin. He carries the ... Tel:  | 47638 | IN | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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