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Classified Ads For Farm Items For Sale Or Wanted In Kansas Farm Classifieds

BT-150N UNIVERSAL TOOL GRINDER FEATURES BT-150N universal tool grinder features 1. The universal tool grinder adopts a fully enclosed structure, no external device, built-in cutting fluid cooling circulation device and oil mist recovery de... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 04/30/2019  | More Information

THE USE CHARACTERISTICS OF CORN STALK SILAGE CUTTING MACHINE The Corn Stalk Silage Cutting Machine is easy to operate and has its unique advantages in use. It has always been loved by farmers. What are the characteristics of the Silage Cutting Machine? Let's in... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 04/23/2019  | More Information

INTRODUCTION OF RICE AND WHEAT CORN THRESHER PARAMETERS The use of rice and wheat corn threshers not only improves the production efficiency of corn threshing but also brings more convenience to users. Aike is a professional manufacturer of rice and wheat ... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 04/17/2019  | More Information

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CORN, SORGHUM, SOYBEAN, GRAIN THRESHER/SHELLER ADVANTAGES The multi-functional peanut shelling machine is professional equipment for shelling peanuts. The machine combines peanut shelling and shell kernel separation. It has the characteristics of simple stru... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 04/15/2019  | More Information

SELF-PROPELLED FACTORY WHOLESALE MULTI-FUNCTION CROP HARVESTER REAPER BINDER In recent years, crop harvesters have been favored by farmers and friends because of their full functions, low price, and easy operation. As we all know, mechanical equipment, its long service life, f... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 04/10/2019  | More Information

YEARLING EWES 250 Western Yearling Ewes to start lambing May 1 $300 Please call or text for more information. Do not email.... Tel: 785-754-8305 | 67752 | KS | 04/09/2019  | More Information

AKBASH GUARD DOG PUPPIES Akbash Guard Dog Puppies Raised with sheep. Born Dec 24,2018 Please call or text. No email.... Tel: 785-754-8305 | 67752 | KS | 04/09/2019  | More Information

SELF-PROPELLED FACTORY WHOLESALE MULTI-FUNCTION CROP HARVESTER REAPER BINDER USE Self-propelled Factory Wholesale Multi-function Crop Harvester Reaper Binder is a newly developed production equipment for harvesting various crops. Our equipment has been welcomed by many users and i... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 04/08/2019  | More Information

WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF PEANUT PICKER MACHINE PRICE? Peanut pickers are an important mechanical device in our agricultural production and processing. Their use has greatly reduced our labor input and shortened our working time. So what do peanut pickers... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 04/01/2019  | More Information

PEANUT/GROUNDNUT THRESHER WITH DUST REMOVAL SHELLER FACTORY TELLS HOW THE EQUIPM Many people are lamenting that life is getting better and better. Nowadays, even in rural areas, there are some modern devices that are affecting their lives. Peanut/peanut thresher and dusting and pe... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/25/2019  | More Information

FEEDER LAMBS 200+ head of medium/large frame lambs 50-70lbs all worked and vaccinated... Tel: 7856571039 | 67740 | KS | 03/22/2019  | More Information

NEWLY DESIGNED MODEL 125 LARGE RICE AND WHEAT THRESHER MAINTENANCE After using the Newly Designed Model 125 Large Rice and Wheat Thresher for a period of time, if it is no longer used, it is necessary to maintain and maintain the equipment. What are the problems you ... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/22/2019  | More Information

DRIVEN BY TRACTOR MULTI-FUNCTION REAPER BINDER USE MAINTENANCE How to maintain the Driven by Tractor Multi-function Reaper Binder use? The function of the multi-purpose harvester adhesive is undeniable, which can provide more convenience for the users and create ... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/20/2019  | More Information

TRACTOR INSTALLATION MULTI-PURPOSE HARVESTER ADHESIVE MANUFACTURER BRINGS US CON The use of multi-purpose harvester adhesives for tractor installations has brought us a lot of conveniences. The use of this equipment has made crop production easier now. Today, Tractor installation ... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/19/2019  | More Information

RACK CONSTRUCTION OF AN ELECTRIC MOTOR OR DIESEL ENGINE MOUNTED PEANUT PICKER 40 A Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker 400 or a diesel engine, and a peanut picking the machine with an automatic collecting function according to the present invention, including a r... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/12/2019  | More Information

FEATURES AND MAINTENANCE OF HIGH-EFFICIENCY PEANUT PICKER MACHINE 8000/6000 EQUI High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000 equipment is a device that many users will use now. How much do you know about the features and technical maintenance of this equipment? Let's analyze i... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/12/2019  | More Information

INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF CHINA ANIMAL SILAGE FODDER CUTTER CROP STRAW China Animal Silage Fodder Cutter Crop Straw Crusher structure and working principle: 1. The machine consists of an upper shell, a lower shell, a discharge port, feeding hopper, angle steel shelf, ha... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/07/2019  | More Information

PROFESSIONAL EXPORT MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CORN SOYBEAN GRAIN THRESHER/SHELLER BUSINES Aike specializes in the Export Multi-Functional Corn Soybean Grain Thresher/Sheller. We specialize in the production of corn and soybean grain thresher/huller. The equipment we produce is not only of ... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/05/2019  | More Information

PEANUT/GROUNDNUT THRESHER WITH DUST REMOVAL SHELLER FOR SALE PRODUCTION PROCESS The peanut/peanut thresher and the dusting and shelling machine suspension shell are unshelled, the wind is preliminarily selected, and the specific gravity is separated and selected twice. The select... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/04/2019  | More Information

DIRECT MULTI-FUNCTION MINI CORN HARVESTER DIESEL CORN HARVESTER HAND PUSH CORN H Direct multi-function mini corn harvester diesel corn harvester hand push corn harvester product advantages: 1. One machine is versatile, light and flexible, not restricted by planting distance, no n... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 03/01/2019  | More Information

MULTI-FUNCTION PEANUT POTATO HARVESTER FOR SALE INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING When the Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester for Sale, the remaining mulch film in the soil is extracted, which does not affect the growth of the crop in the next quarter. Adopt international adva... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 02/27/2019  | More Information

MEDIUM DRY AND WET PEANUT PICKING MACHINE EXPORTER TELLS NOTES Medium dry and wet peanut picking machines should pay attention to some matters when using them. So what are these matters? Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine exporter tell you something about ... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 02/27/2019  | More Information

THE PRECAUTIONS FOR USING LOW-COST WALKING TRACTOR MOUNTED MULTI-FUNCTION REAPER What should pay attention to what matters when installing Low-cost Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper. Let us introduce them today. The ground is going to cut the corner of the road, and t... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 02/20/2019  | More Information

STAINLESS STEEL METER HOUSING/PARTS FOR JOHN DEERE & MORRIS Luma Mfg builds & sells custom STAINLESS STEEL meter bodies for John Deere 1910 Air Carts and Morris 6000/7000 Series Air Carts. We also sell a large selection of 100% stainless steel meter ... Tel: 5196822404 | 67530 | KS | 02/20/2019  | More Information

DOES MEDIUM DRY AND WET PEANUT PICKING MACHINE EXPORTER TALK ABOUT THE USE OF EQ The Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine exporter today will introduce you to the use of peanut pickers and some knowledge of curing. Use and maintenance 1. The operation should be carried out ... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 02/18/2019  | More Information

SKID STEER BUNK SWEEPER DOUGLAS WELDING & MACHINE 116 W MAIN, KIPP KS 67401 WEB: SALES: Regan (785)536-4902 EMAIL: Tel: (785)536-4902 | 67401 | KS | 02/18/2019  | More Information

SWEET CORN/SOYBEAN PLANTER FOR SALE USE CHARACTERISTICS? Sweet Corn/Soybean Planter for sale are now widely used in agricultural production, so do you know about some of the uses and features of the equipment? Let's talk about it today. (1) Use: The machi... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 02/18/2019  | More Information

THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ELECTRIC MOTOR OR DIESEL ENGINE MOUNTED PEANUT PICKER The Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker 400 is now widely used, so what are the features of the device? The peanut picker 400 directly carries the harvested peanut stalks carrying t... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 02/15/2019  | More Information

T41 GREEN CUTTING DISC SIZE DEVELOPMENT? Nowadays, in the rapidly developing abrasives industry, market research has found that the abrasive materials of the cutting discs in the abrasives industry are becoming more and more strict. Because ... Tel: 13838356439 | 450000 | KS | 02/14/2019  | More Information

We have fat hogs weighing 240 - 280lbs. Dirt lot raised.... Tel: 7856264182 | 67744 | KS | 02/04/2019  | More Information

FOR SALE: REGISTERED BOER GOATS, PROVEN MOTHERS. Nice Boer does in SE KS. Fullblood, purebreds and percentage Boer does. Adults and kids available. Most have papers. Both traditional and colored, even some spots. Also have a few buck kids. Too many ... Tel:  | 66733 | KS | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

HARVESTING TRUCK AND TRAILER FOR SALE $65000 2007 International 8600 and 2012 Hitchcock chain floor trailer... Tel: 6202144192 | 67835 | KS | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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