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Dairy Goat Bucks For Sale! Dams Milking 3800-5000 Lbs! ( Goats )

Posted: 05/10/2019

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Saanen and Alpine bucks for sale. Pictures and more info available. Our herd is on official DHIA test. These bucklings are from a herd of 250, 100 of which are yearlings. When we tested our herd in April this year they were averaging 12 lbs. In 2018 our herd of 220 (50 yearling) had an 11-11.5 lb bulk tank average from April through August 2018 with a 10 and 10.5 lb bulk tank average in March and September.

Alpine Bucks For Sale
1 buck- L226 (DELIGHT X TUFFSTUFF) DOB: 2-10-19 $700
Delight’s Records: 1-301-2808, 2-305-3918, 3-305-3733 1st test 2019: 13.9 LBS

1 buck- L227 (LJ X CASANOVA) DOB: 2-19-19 $400
LJ is a first freshener. Last year her dam Lakia milked 4,462 lbs in 305 days and Lakia started this year with a 20 lb test.

1 buck- L229 (GHOST X BACHELOR) DOB: 2-20-19 $700
Ghost’s Records: 1-294-3038, 2-251-3506 (14 lbs average) Ghost aborted in 2018 with no milk, but we started milking her anyway and she ended up with a lactation of 3-305-3766. 1st test 2019 was 17.4 lbs

1 buck- L230 (RAINBOW X TUFF STUFF) DOB: 2-20-19 $600
Rainbow’s Records: 1-284-2073, 2-304-3036, 3-305-3646, 4-281-3575. 1st test 2019: 16.4 lbs

1 bucks- L232 (DOUBLES X BACHELOR) DOB: 2-20-19 $1800
Doubles’ Records: 1-284-3001, 2-305-4859, 3-305-5080 (​#4 ADGA Top Ten 2017)​. During her 4th lactation Doubles got bad mastitis and now milks on only part of her udder. She still milked with a lactation of 4-277-3995.

1 buck- L235 (BLUEBERRY X BACHELOR) DOB: 2-20-19 $600
Blueberry’s Records: 1-297-2875, last year Blueberry averaged 15.4 lbs over 5 months then her teat got injured and we had to dry her up early. This year her first test was 15.1 lbs.

1 buck- L240 (SALTINE X BACHELOR) DOB: 2-21-19 $800 Saltine’s Records: 1-291-2307, 2-305-3957, 3-305-3893. 1st test 2019: 22.5 lbs

1 buck- L241 (Little Bit x Bachelor) DOB: 2-22-19 $800
Little Bit’s Records: 1-282-2250, 2-305-3595, 3-254-3233 (13 lb av), 4-305-4290 1st test 2019: 17.6 lbs

1 buck- L243 (DREAMER X BACHELOR) DOB: 2-22-19 $500
Dreamer as a yearling milked 10.5,10.3,10.2 then her udder got stepped on so we had to dry her up early. Dreamer is Doubles’ daughter who milked 1-284-3001, 2-305-4859, 3-305-5080.

1 buck- L244 (FRESA X TUFF STUFF) DOB: 2-22-19 $700
Fresa’s Records: 1-285-2198, 2-299-3203, 3-305-4057, 4-305-3820 1st test 2019: 15.1 lbs

1 bucks- L249 (SAMOA X BACHELOR) DOB: 2-22-19 $800
Samoa’s Records: 1-305-3650. 1st test 2019: 17.6 lbs

1 buck- L250 (MIDNIGHT X BACHELOR) DOB: 2-23-19 $800
Midnight’s Records: 1-283-2836, 2-305-3996 1st test 2019: 15.5 lbs

1 buck-L255 DOB: 2-28-19 (SWEET TART X TUFF STUFF) $600
Sweet Tart’s Records: 1-297-2727 1st test 2019: 14.7 lbs

1 buck- L260 (LEAH X THOR) DOB: 3-15-19 $300
Leah is a yearling. Her dam Lakota milked 3700 lbs as a 4 year old and 3850 lbs as a 5 year old.

1 buck- L264 (LIV X COOPER) DOB:3-30-19 $400
Liv is a yearling. Her dam Lucy milked 4800 lbs as a 3 years old and 4500 lbs as a 4 year old.

Saanen Bucks For Sale

GRADE 2 bucks- L239 (ASIA X LEO) DOB: 2-21-19 $1600
Asia’s Records: 1-294-2257, 2-305-3365, 3-305-4735, 4-305-5147 1st test 2019: 14.3 lbs

GRADE 1 buck- L252 (KENDALL X LEO) DOB:2-24-19 $900
Kendall’s Records: 1-294-2519, 2-299-3358, 3-305-4588, 4-305-4149 1st test 2019: 15.1

GRADE 1 buck- L254 (KYIA X LEO) DOB: 2-25-19 $700
Kyia’s Records: 1-305-2846, 2-305-3789 1st test 2019: 16.4 lbs

1 buck- L262 (KAYLEE X LEO) DOB: 3-19-19 $300
Kaylee is a yearling. Her dam Kuzco milked 3300 lbs as a yearling last year and started this year with a test of 14 lbs.

Posted by: MICHELLE ELLINGHUYSEN    State: MN   Zip: 55962   Phone: 5074294888

Posted in MINNESOTA>>    Category GOATS>>   Posted 05/10/2019

Dairy Goat Bucks For Sale! Dams Milking 3800-5000 Lbs! ( Goats )

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