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Classified Ads For Farm Items For Sale Or Wanted In Georgia Farm Classifieds

BABY NIGERIAN-PYGMY TWIN GOATS + MOMMA Twin Nigerian-Pygmy, one doe and one buck, born on 2-15-21. They have blue eyes, have been disbudded humanely by a veterinarian and have received their tetanus shot. They are weaned. We would like to ... Tel: 702-328-6297 | 30534 | GA | 04/10/2021  | More Information

2 DUCKS FOR SALE- BOY AND GIRL THEY HATCH EGGS my grandmother can no longer take care of these ducks and are urgently looking for a home. they hatch eggs that we eat for breakfast sometimes and they’re home ducks so they are always outside... Tel: 7709402584 | 30004 | GA | 04/08/2021  | More Information

DORPER CROSS SHEEP FOR SALE We have a great flock of Dorper Ewes and Rams available for sale and delivery within US and worldwide. Whatsapp 331-888-2470... Tel:  | 30328 | GA | 04/04/2021  | More Information

KHAKI CAMBELL AND PEKIN BABY DUCKS - $7 Great assortment of Khaki Cambell and Pekin Baby. Both the Pekin and the Khaki Cambell are great meat ducks and eggcellent layers perfect for any of your needs or wants. They are $7 each, be fast beca... Tel: 9126779451 | 31406 | GA | 03/23/2021  | More Information

MANGALITSA PIGS Gilts, Barrows and boars available all sizes. These are red meat pigs with marbling in the meat. Kolby beef of pork. Several pigs to choose from. $300.00... Tel:  | 31025 | GA | 03/18/2021  | More Information

RED STAR CHICKS Red Star chicks, new hatching (Rooster- Rhode Island Red, Hen- Red Star)... Tel: 7065773549 | 31811 | GA | 03/14/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE-RABBITS/BUNNIES, NEW ZEALAND/STANDARD REX, MINI REX Rabbits/Bunnies for sale! Some are Standard Rex/New Zealand mixes-great dual purpose rabbits Some are mini rexes Mixes-$40 Mini rexes-$50... Tel: 3348034299 | 30093 | GA | 03/09/2021  | More Information

GALLSTONES(OX-COW) IN GREAT QUANTITY FOR SALE. Gallstones(ox-cow) in great quantity for sale. We do video calls to show our available ox-cow gallstones, Buyers are free to visit our plant and buy directly. We are a family own business who does sa... Tel: +237663728386 | 30159 | GA | 02/16/2021  | More Information

ONE YEAR OLD MUSCOVY DRAKE - PROVEN STUD - KINGSLAND, GA - $30 One year old Muscovy drake - proven stud - Kingsland, GA - $30... Tel:  | 31548 | GA | 02/12/2021  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND BUNNY’S We have more colors available. Serious inquires only!... Tel: 9124326892 | 31313 | GA | 02/10/2021  | More Information

LOOKING FOR FEMALE DUCKS. Need three female ducks for our make Drake's. Nice pond they can swim in. Nice area to live for them.... Tel: 9124091341 | 30415 | GA | 02/10/2021  | More Information

“FOR SALE”NEW ZEALAND BABY BUNNIES Contact me for more information. Serious inquires only. Contact me and ask for pictures.... Tel: 9124326892 | 31313 | GA | 02/09/2021  | More Information

LIVE BOER GOATS AVAILABLE IN BULK Fat tail Awassi sheep now available for sale. We have Ewes , Rams and lambs for sale. We have breed ewes and lambs for sale and we also have commercial sheep for sale. All our breed sheep are regis... Tel: 9042742403 | 30301 | GA | 01/30/2021  | More Information

PURE ABGA DAPPLED/BOER GOATS AVAILABLE Maria Livestock breeding we are number one in producing quality alive animals for dairy, beef and leather purpose,We are a world wide distributor of live Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle, Sheep, Cattl... Tel: 805-222-6772 | 30303 | GA | 01/29/2021  | More Information

LIONHEAD AND LIONLOP BUCKS FOR SALE IN TIFTON GEORGIA I have 3 bucks up for discussion, I am located in Tifton Georgia, All are handled daily 2 lionlops and 1 DM lionhead, the lionlops are have VM marking s blue eyes.... Tel: 2292567471 | 31794 | GA | 01/25/2021  | More Information

FINGER MARMOSET PAIR Finger Marmoset pair on shots , Tamed and friendly message if interested (781) 524-0932... Tel: 7815240932 | 31302 | GA | 01/21/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE: NEUTERED MALE PEDIGREE CONTINENTAL GIANT 1 year old pedigree neutered male continental giant rabbit. Litter trained.... Tel:  | 31064 | GA | 01/21/2021  | More Information

FREE DUCK We had a good amount of ducks but ended up selling most. We kept three, but unfortunately had a fox come in to their yard and kill two. We have one lone survive and we just don't want to add anymore... Tel: 4044537979 | 30656 | GA | 01/19/2021  | More Information

3-DAY OLD TURKEY POULTS 2-Day Old Turkey Poults Naturally incubated outside and brought into brooder 12 hours after hatching! Very strong and alert poults! Both young parents are on sight! The genetics are as follows- Tom- ... Tel: 4785504879 | 31216 | GA | 01/19/2021  | More Information

MINI REX RABBITS, BUNNIES Mini Rex Rabbits, Bunnies Available Weigh about 3.5-4.5 lbs once fully grown. Velvety soft fur that requires no grooming!... Tel: 3348034299 | 30093 | GA | 01/16/2021  | More Information

NEW ZEALAND MALE BUNNY-$40 Male Bunny 5 weeks old-Adorable and sweet. Buck and Doe on site.... Tel:  | 30093 | GA | 01/05/2021  | More Information

FOR SALE 650 john deere nice little tractor... Tel: 2295486347 | 31632 | GA | 01/02/2021  | More Information

WANTED PYRENEES/ANATOLIAN LGD Needed to protect cows and chickens.... Tel: 4048258473 | 30233 | GA | 12/30/2020  | More Information

NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK Intact Nigerian dwarf buck. Born 1/07/20 He's friendly and looking for his own herd.... Tel: 912-240-0512 | 31557 | GA | 12/26/2020  | More Information

FOR SALE-BUNNIES, NEW ZEALAND/REX, FULL REX, MINI REX We breed for both breed standard traits like weight, fur coloring and texture, and structure as well as temperament and overall health. We spend a lot of time with each of the rabbits and their bunnie... Tel: 3348034299 | 30093-2440 | GA | 12/19/2020  | More Information

BILLYS FOR SALE Male Goats for sale, various ages, not sure what kind. Friendly, love to be petted and given treats. $100.00 each There are about 10 to choose from, Willing to consider Female sales as well. Dow... Tel: 2292060544 | 31791 | GA | 12/10/2020  | More Information

LIVE DAIRY COWS AND PREGNANT HOLSTEIN HEIFERS COWS Livestock breeding we are number in producing quality alive animals for dairy, beef and leather purpose. We are a world wide distributor of live Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle, Sheep, Cattle, ... Tel: 4705753570 | 30076 | GA | 12/08/2020  | More Information

HOLSTEIN HEIFERS COWS FOR SALE PRICE $550 RODUCT SPECIFICATION FOR ADULT DAIRY CATTLE: Holstein Friesian/Jersey Cattle Age 24 to 30 month Milking Capacity : 30+litres per day Pregnancy 6, 8 month Weight 400kg to 650kg Can be male or fem... Tel: 4705753570 | 30076 | GA | 12/08/2020  | More Information

BASSET HOUND PUPPIES Paradise Valley Farm, located in Cleveland GA has some adorable Basset Hound Puppies available. We currently have males and females. Prices range from $975-$1100. These puppies were all born on 11/12/... Tel: 706-348-7279 | 30528 | GA | 12/02/2020  | More Information

BABY BUNNIES I have 2 baby bunnies there 6 weeks old. There really friendly and sweet. They don't bite. They are playful. I want them to have a good home. There $40 each You can text me at 754-317-6018... Tel: 7543176018 | 31217 | GA | 11/30/2020  | More Information

GREENPRO LOCKSMITH GreenPro Locksmith is a registered and licensed locksmith company located in Atlanta that offers 24-hour emergency locksmith, lockout, and lock change, high-security lock installation commercial, and ... Tel: 4046091773 | 30341 | GA | 11/23/2020  | More Information

MINI REX RABBITS Paradise Valley located in Cleveland, GA has 2 Mini Rex Rabbits available for $40 each or 2 for $75. These guys are known for the velveteen like fur. They are a little larger then the lionheads and Ho... Tel: 706-348-7279 | 30528 | GA | 11/19/2020  | More Information

CAYUGA AND PEKIN FEMALE DUCKS. TO A GOOD HOME We have 3 Pekin and 3 Cayuga ducks. Looking to send to a good home. They are great layers with dozens of eggs each week. They are 9 months old and in great health. Located in Newnan, GA Ryan 47... Tel: 4706869648 | 30277 | GA | 11/13/2020  | More Information

2 MALE GREAT PYRENEES DOGS 2 Males DOB 11/21/19 $750 for both These puppies just started training. These were placed in a great farm but due to family health issues they can no longer keep and downsizing their farm. Been with ... Tel: 706-348-7279 | 30528 | GA | 11/10/2020  | More Information

GREAT PYRENEES PUPPIES! Paradise Valley Farm located in Cleveland, GA has some adorable Great Pyrenees Puppies available and looking for a loving home! We currently have 2 females and 4 males. These puppies were all born on ... Tel: 706-348-7279 | 30528 | GA | 11/09/2020  | More Information

AMBA MEISHANS AMBA registered Meishan piglets available. We offer breeding pairs also. Meishans are a very docile, highly prolific breed that provide a highly marbleized red pork. They are a rare heritage breed and... Tel: 864-634-5182 | 30413 | GA | 11/02/2020  | More Information

FOR SALE-REX BUNNIES, 6 WEEKS, $40 EACH OR 2 FOR $60 Rex bunnies for sale-$40 Parents on site. Playful and healthy Norcross, Ga but can meet in the metro Atlanta area... Tel: 3348034299 | 30093 | GA | 10/29/2020  | More Information

GET YOUR OWN RV AT THE BEST RV DEALS Have you ever considered what’s thus nice about RVing? The reality is it provides you with freedom and adaptability to measure your life as you want. It means if you are travelling to one particular... Tel:  | 30179 | GA | 10/17/2020  | More Information

2 YORKSHIRE PIGLETS IN NEED OF A NEW HOME One boar uncut 1 gal. Both 70 days old. Looking for another homestead or farm to live out their lives. We are socailizes with humans too. Due to covid19 I can't keep them nomote. Reside in midville ga... Tel: 706.526.7045 | 30441 | GA | 10/16/2020  | More Information

2 MALE MINI PIGS-SALE $100 OFF! Paradise Valley Farm, located in Cleveland, GA has some adorable mini piglets looking for a loving home! We currently have 2 males priced at $450 each ($100 off the original price fo $550). These pigg... Tel: 706-348-7279 | 30528 | GA | 10/12/2020  | More Information

MUSCOVY DRAKES Raised some beautiful, healthy drakes but they outnumber my hens. Would like to rehome Nutmeg (brown) and Smoky (gray and blue/green). We are 20 miles from Athens.... Tel: 706-797-3501 | 30627 | GA | 10/11/2020  | More Information

BLUE EYED PONY Paradise Valley Farm located in Cleveland, Ga has a Male pony looking for a loving home. He is priced at $850, born 4/5/20, Blue eyes & spotted. Mom is one of our pony ride ponies, super gentle 11... Tel: 706-348-7279 | 30528 | GA | 10/06/2020  | More Information

DUCKLINGS FOR SALE 6 pekin ducklings for sale(min 2), they’re less than a week old now if anyone is interested, I’m selling them for 6$ each... Tel: 4042634260 | 30157 | GA | 10/02/2020  | More Information

REGISTERED MINIATURE JERSEY HEIFER Luna is a beautiful 9 month old miniature jersey heifer who is registered with the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry and Association. Her dam is 39 inches tall and her sire is 42 inches t... Tel: 706-416-6313 | 30230 | GA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

MINIATURE COW JERSEYDEXTER 17 month old 78 jersey, 18 dexter 37" bull. Will lead on halter, very friendly, likes treats and back scratches. Dam is a great mini milker. Sired by Conan, reg mini jersey. Healthy and sound. $1... Tel: 404 925 2369 | 30680 | GA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

CANARIES $75 Spanish timbrados and american singers we are a family owned avairy that breed canaries for a while nowhave some closed banded and open banded birds for sale these are great singers we also ship anyw... Tel: 404/384/6311 | 30094 | GA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

DEXTER COWS, HEIFERS, COW/CALF PAIRS Young Dexter cows, heifers, and cow/calf pairs for sale. There are 9 cows ($1000 each) that have been exposed to our registered miniature jersey bull for the past couple months, 7 cow/calf pairs, 5 wi... Tel: 7064166313 | 30230 | GA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information


NEW ZEALAND RED RABBITS Show quality new zeland reds from the best bloodlines in the usa these are rare very rare coloring you don't get this deep red any more $75 each or 3 for $200 price is firm these are pedigreed full ... Tel: 404/384/6311 | 30094 | GA | 11/30/-0001  | More Information

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