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Colorado Mountain Dog Puppies - Family Friendly Livestock Guard Dogs ( Dogs )

Posted: 06/22/2019

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We have a new litter of our wonderful Colorado Mountain Dogs at Yellow Pine Ranch. They are a carefully crafted mix of 75% Great Pyrenees from the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain and 25% Anatolian Shepherd from the country of Turkey , both have been excellent livestock guard dogs for centuries but this particular mix brings out the best traits of both breeds while also eliminating some of the negative health issues of the Pyrenees. If you search on the keywords Colorado Mountain Dog you will see a wealth of information about the origin of the breed and what people use them for and how good they are as family companions and livestock guards besides being knock out gorgeous. Our male dog named "Harley" is the son of Caspian who was the foundation male for the breed in Colorado and our females were imported from Texas to provide more genetic diversity in our puppies.

The puppies were born on March 31st and they are well socialized and taught good manners by mom and are ready to go to their new forever homes and go to work for you. Here is a YouTube video ( )

The price is $500 which is comparable to most rescue or re-homing fees and includes their first shots and worming and they are all examined by a vet to identify any congenital defects or potential health problems, but thankfully , we haven't had any so far. We also "Micro-chip" each puppy and register the chip in your name.

We have females and males so you will be able to pick out the one you like and we use a soft, safe, colored velcro break away collar to mark and identify the puppy as yours once you pick the one you like.

We give each owner a health certificate and a little puppy diary with all of their information already recorded up to that time and room for you to track their progress and keep their health records up to date. You also get one weeks supply of the specific puppy food we are currently feeding them so you have time to transition them slowly to whatever kind of food you decide to feed them and to avoid any upset tummies from a sudden change in diet. We also offer discount Vet services including Spay, Neutering at our daughter's clinic in Aurora.

Here is a YouTube video of my grand-kids playing with puppies from a previous litter that will give you and idea of what they look like and I'll update it as soon as I can.

If you would like to see the puppies and their parents, please let us know.

Here are a few comments from happy owners about the puppies and the incredible dogs they become.

"The pups are wonderful! None of the four up here have had any health problems and, as far as I know, no aggression issues either. We open feed our dogs and there has never been a problem over food (of course, Karma is only six months old, so who knows).

The only thing that is an issue is that none of them come reliably when they are far away and off leash. Karma will come if she's inside or within 100 feet. If she's farther away, she'll think about it first and maybe come and maybe not. I find that, if I growl at her, she will run on over even if she's at a distance. I don't think I'd trust her off leash at this point. I'm still working on her though! The other three pups are the same way. I wouldn't trade her for a better comer though. Her personality is beyond compare!

My husband's aunt was visiting in November and she's raised Rodesian Ridgebacks for over 20 years. She told us that Karma convinced her that this breed is amazing and she would convert, if she didn't live in such a hot climate. They are great ambassadors of the breed!

I told my boys about the two you sold for police dogs and they were tickled pink and started running around the room pretending to be robbers so that Karma could catch them. " :)


Hi Bill,

It's been a week and Gracie is doing great! Mostly potty trained, learned stairs within 4 days, cute as a button and SUPER sweet. OMG we love this girl so much!!!!! Thank you for allowing our family to have one of your pups!

Hi Bill and Iris,

We had a Colorado Mountain Dog get together in Nederland this morning. Thought you'd like to see a picture of them all together. The two yearlings (Kiowa and Luna) are from Maddy's litter last year and the little ones (Karma and Gracie) are Hannah's.

We all love our puppies! Thank you!

Here is a quick update on Naga. We go hiking and take walks everyday. Hes so sweet lays his head on me belly scratches, and all the above. Hes great off leash stays very close and loves to smell and bark at the coyotes that run through base. He was with my friend playing with their Maltese and they swear by Naga saving their pup from coyotes. Hes so great and such a fast learner! He is all caught up on shots and is loving chewing on a rams horn.

Posted by: BILL KENDALL    State: CO   Zip: 80117   Phone: 303-697-3129Guard

Posted in COLORADO>>    Category DOGS>>   Posted 06/22/2019

Colorado Mountain Dog Puppies  -    Family Friendly Livestock Guard D

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